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Discover Taiji | Mexico City --or-- Remote | discovertaiji.com |

Discover Taiji (often spelled "TaiChi") is the most popular online course for learning the art of Taiji. Interested in martial arts and meditation? We've been growing this course to great avail for over 4 years - and now its time to grow & improve out platform! We will also be launching the most extensive online meditation course to date via our upcoming platform. You might learn more about meditation or the niche martial art of Taiji than you ever thought existed on the topics - during your work with us. If you're curious, then please shoot me an email with more information about yourself.

We are looking to completely rewrite our platform from the ground up - so there is certainly some choice and creative control when it comes to the technologies and engineering decisions in play. Remote work is fine, but ideally you'll visit Mexico City to co-work during this re-write. If you're wondering about work/life balance, then we know of no better way of balancing physically static and mentally taxing computer work than the methods you'll no doubt come in contact with during your time with us. The start date for this position is as soon as possible!

Hiring for: -- UX / Front-end developer -- Full stack web developer (APIs, Bootstrap, databases... Next platform's stack is up to you)

Please contact: james@discovertaiji.com for more information & applications.

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