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Show HN: BackuPHP – Automatic cloud backup of all files on your webserver (backuphp.com)
3 points by l1am0 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

So honestly, the name... my immediate thought is "does it not back up my Dell?" I presume this isn't actually supposed to suggest it's for backing up Hewlett-Packard PCs, but that's my first go-to thought, and why as a potential customer, I might not even click through the link.

What does "HP" stand for in this context?

HP means HomePage in this context and also is a pun for backuPHP as the tool is written in PHP.

But I really do appreciate that feedback! Maybe different capitalization will help here? So always referring to it as BackuPHP ?

BackuPHP is definitely much more clear than BackupHP, as PHP instantly relates to "something for my website" in my mind.

I feel "home page" is a dated term that a lot of people wouldn't think of, particularly as an acronym, the last time I saw a blue underlined link titled "Home Page" may have been the late nineties. I think the term has been supplanted by having a "website", and that website having just a "home".

Some other side notes: ourselfs -> ourselves, safed -> saved, hundret time -> hundred times. Probably a couple more little grammar issues in the FAQ. The "see how it works" button doesn't work for me, but it's probably because I have Tracking Protection enabled on Firefox and the Privacy Badger extension.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help here! Yeah that button opens a inline vimeo player..PrivacyBadgers seems to block that.

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