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SumUp | BERLIN, Germany | ONSITE, Full-time | VISA SPONSORSHIP | https://sumup.com/careers/

We are the leading FintTech company in Europe with major offices in Berlin, Sofia, and São Paulo comprising more than 1500+ people. We started out six years ago and created a unique device to accept card payments anywhere. Beyond our original hardware, mobile and web apps, we have gone on to develop a suite of APIs and SDKs for integrating SumUp payments into other apps and services. Today, hundreds of thousands of small businesses in 32 countries around the world rely on SumUp to get paid. Join Us!

We're hiring for:

* Embedded Software Engineer (Hardware, Berlin): C, Embedded Linux, BLE, WIFI, SPI, I2C - https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumup/jobs/4113869002

* Senior Data Engineer - Python, Hadoop, Airflow, Redshift, Kafka - https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumup/jobs/4113186002

* Data Warehouse Developer - Python, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Redshift - https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumup/jobs/4113868002

* Technical Product Owner for Hardware team, Register/POS - https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumup/jobs/4110426002

* Erlang/Elixir Software Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumup/jobs/4142067002

You can apply via links or feel free to reach out to me directly at julia.matsai@sumup.com

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