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> How to fight the surveillance economy (medium.com)

Step 0: publish on your own platform without trackers, not on medium.

From TFA:

Install Privacy Badger by EFF that uncovers and blocks scripts on websites that track you; this Medium page has 2 active trackers that would have been blocked if you did - Google Analytics and Parse.ly

That is the wrong attitude. Yes, I know how to shield myself; nobody else in my family does.

There's nothing wrong pushing links to the article to platforms like HN, Reddit, etc, but the source shouldn't be medium. If you write a piece like this, it deserves to go on a platform without trackers; otherwise it's a bit hard to take it seriously.

I'm aware that medium.com might bring in a broader audience and that it's simple to "publish without starting a blog", but so is doing an HTML export from a text editor these days. It's also similar to adding "why quit Facebook" on Facebook itself - it doesn't work.

The article itself is decent though.

> otherwise it's a bit hard to take it seriously.

This is the wrong attitude. You should realize that you may not be able to do all possible or necessary measures to protections all at once. That doesn't mean you should avoid doing some of them, and the article talks about that.

So, in other words, if you didn't do step 0, let it not stop you from doing other steps.

> Yes, I know how to shield myself; nobody else in my family does.

Another thing is that we should both educate those who don't know how to shield themselves - and make it easier to be protected. The latter is related to network protocols and processes and to client (and server) software.

Can we simplify Internet?

I think think in the future the lightning network will be great for subsidising cost for hosting open source, non profit internet infrastructure. We already have projects like Tor and FreeNet, but without micropayments they are not scalable solutions. Lightning network still needs about 10 years to become practical for every day use though.

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