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Makes me wonder that don't they have kernel APIs for process schedulers and I/O schedulers by now? The scheduler tweaks have been going on for ages.

Instead of compiling a single new kernel module (or downloading it prebuilt from an apt repo or a PPA) and kicking it in with modprobe, we now need to obtain the sources for the whole kernel, apply the patches, configure, build, and deploy. Sure Debian/Ubuntu has that partially automatized but it's still a pain.

At least I'll wait for stock 2.6.38 on Ubuntu and cross my fingers they put this patch in.

Pluggable schedulers have been proposed, implemented, and shot down by Linus several times in the past. IANAKH, but Linus's argument seems to basically boil down to this: for a monolithic kernel, delegating something as central as task scheduling to pluggable modules is a pretty big hit in terms of latency and complexity vs. just putting the best, most tightly-tuned scheduler you can smack dab in the heart of the beast.

: I Am Not A Kernel Hacker

Linus intentionally will not allow the scheduler to be modularized to force people to develop the One True Scheduler rather than a bunch of workload-specific ones.

All this patch does is add a smarter default for just such an API: cgroups.

Obviously, any change to the default behavior is going to require building a new kernel.

There may be good reasons for completely plugable schedulers, but this is not one of them.

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