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I'm less interested in the Drupal aspect of this and much more interested in the tool used to generate these diagrams!

Hey, what's up, I'm the developer of ilograph (so WildGreenLeave is correct). Glad you find it interesting! It's still in early stages, so I'm definitely interested in feedback to make it better. Also, if there's something you'd like to see modeled next, let me know! I haven't decided on the next demo subject yet.

It looks badass. I spend my life trying to diagram AWS topologies from different perspectives (SGs, HTTP flows, etc.) and this looks _exactly_ what I need.

Super happy to help you user test if you need people. Drop me a message if you do!

I'm really excited for ilograph! It looks great and seems like a modern alternative to graphviz!

Awesome! Be sure to sign up for the beta if you haven't already :)

I think Ilograph[0] is what you are looking for, they even have this exact demo on their homepage.

Not affiliated with them in any way. :)

[0]: https://www.ilograph.com/

Edit: only after posting this I noticed the domain of the submission, I'm pretty sure it's them :-)

thank you; the library is awesome.

I'm more interested in the language/DSL behind the diagrams. It can look really nice, but if there is no easy/trivial way to model everything it you might as well just throw stuff together in HTML/CSS.

Hey, dev here. It's a json document of resources and perspectives that reference them... not trivial per se but you don't have to do any manual layout. If you check the source you can find this example (though it is minified).

I hope to have in-line editing for the beta, but that's a little ways away.

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