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How many times does the React community plan on skinning the same cat?

It's a mean cat. In the last few years I've ended up going through cycles of doing a react project, moving on for some months then another react project. Each time I've come back I've been impressed with the changes and they've often improved parts of react I'd previously found wanting.


Ha, total opposite, our small company has near 100% conversion from greenfield to ongoing maintenance contracts, some days this is a point of pride AND a cross to bear :)

It can take minutes to remember/read my wiki notes on a project if I haven't seen the code for months but the alternative would be to stop trying/learning new things on new projects.

sametmax 13 days ago [flagged]

Of course not. It's not a binary choice.

The nicer the code becomes, the easier these projects will be to support. Frankly the shitty old rails code is more of a thorn in the side of the current place of work. With TypeScript, refactoring is piss easy, too.

Typescript has overall been a godsend on larger frontend projects. I'm replying more to add to the public thought and support of it.

Do you really have to?

How dare people try new things. We should have stuck with COBOL. Or bashing rocks together to make fire.

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