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Show HN: React-Schemaorg: Strongly-Typed Schema.org JSON-LD for React (github.com)
16 points by Eyas 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I have a slightly longer post describing this work and the reasoning behind it on dev.to[1].

    [1]: https://dev.to/eyassh/react-schemaorg-strongly-typed-schemaorg-json-ld-for-react-4lhd


Is there a good way to generate JSONschema and thus forms from schema.org RDFS classes and (nested, repeatable) properties?

By JSONschema do you mean [this standard](https://json-schema.org/)? I don't know of a tool that does that yet, the JSON Schema is general enough with allOf/anyOf that it should express schema.org schema as well.

Depends on the purpose here. With this, my goal was to speed up the Write-Update-Debug development loop. Depends on the use case, simply using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool [1] might be a better way to verify schema than JSON-schema?

  [1]: https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool

There are a number of tools for generating forms and requisite client and serverside data validations from JSONschema; but I'm not aware of any for RDFS (and thus the schema.org schema [1]). A different use case, for certain.


Definitely a cool area for exploration. I'm not aware of JSON Schema generators from RDFS either.

It should be possible to model the basics (nested structure, repeated structure, defining the "domain" and "range" of a value).

Schema.org definitions however have no conception of "required" values[], however, so some of the cool form validation we see in some of these tools might not apply here.

  [*] _Consumers_ of Schema.org JSON-LD or microdata, however, might define their own data requirements. E.g. Google has some concept of required fields, which you can see when using the Structured Data Testing Tool.

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