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I rely on donations for about 30-40% of my total income, and Patreon makes up about 50% of that. But I've always been fearful of its inevitable decline for the very reasons laid out here, and I don't like putting my livelihood in the hands of a VC-backed company whose interests might not align with my own. To that end I diversified my donation-based income sources, by using LiberPay[0] and by building fosspay[1] myself, which together make up the other half of my donation income.

[0] https://liberapay.com/SirCmpwn

[1] https://github.com/ddevault/fosspay

Anyone who is in a similar boat should feel free to reach out to me and I'll happily provide free hosting for a fosspay instance. A model whose incentives align with the people who depend on it and the people who support them is crucial, and it probably isn't a business model. If necessary and useful, I'd be happy to build this into a general purpose service.

Have you made any efforts to transition your Patreon patrons to Liberapay?

No, because Liberapay is just another basket where I don't feel comfortable leaving all of my eggs. Even Liberapay has a history of problems.

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