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I also recommend this website for a good collection of blogs entries daily. http://www.planetrubyonrails.com/

Good list. There's a few sites I haven't been to yet. Not a fan of bit.ly links though. I like knowing exactly where the links are going to

Yea, I realize that know. I think I'm going to add the urls next to the links so people know where they are going.

Why use shortened links at all if no users have to type them? You've added the complete links now, but they're not clickable.

Indeed. This is really bizarre behaviour. The full links are shown in non-clickble text beside the links. But the links actually point to shortened bit.ly links. What's the point of using shortened links here at all?

from the comments on the blog:

-- quote --

Hey Matt,

Thanks, glad you find it useful. My reasoning for the bit.ly links is so that I can see what types of resources readers of the EY blog find interesting so that I can cater future posts and tutorials with that in mind. I know that google analytics does the same thing, but I myself do not have access to that and all I need to know is what links were clicked on not everything else.

I did not expect people to find the bit.ly links annoying. Is there something about them I am missing? I wouldn't have done it if I thought people would find it to be an annoyance.

-- end quote --

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