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This is a great example of a successful landing page.

I like that there was no cliche "pricing" menu item, which is on every cookie cutter SAAS website and is kind of a turn off.

They instead go through the sales pitch, listing all the features and examples and have the pricing at the end, which I prefer.

What? There is a pricing link at the top. And why would you prefer to have information hidden from you until someone else chooses to show it to you? Maybe a product is prohibitively expensive? I personally like to be able to view the pricing before I bother going through the sales pitch.

It seems on mobile, there's no pricing menu item at the top.

I don't think they are trying to hide it, a landing page is basically a sales pitch. And I like to know the features and service I'm looking at before they ask for money from me.

Having the Pricing menu item at the top of a landing page that you have never seen, is like; "ignore the stuff below, just pay us!" which is a bit insulting to me.

Funny on my mobile phone I scanned for pricing and after not seeing it I bounced assuming it is either too new or not sustainable as a free product... I guess I should have kept scrolling...

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