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"Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky really changed how I see the media and everything related to the media.

Like many "radicals" (it's the same for libertarians), he has great observations about the way things are, but umconvincing ideas for solutions. Oh well.

You are at least somewhat misrepresenting Chomsky, as he is notable for constantly saying that he won't offer grand plans and possible solutions.

He's one of the few public intellectuals with the humility to step away from saying "do this", and constantly speak to the power of "countless small deeds of unknown people" in creating a better society.

I guess you're right, but at least when asked about a "solution", he will speak in favor of anarcho-syndicalism. Which has an okayish track record - it usually didn't last very long but it also didn't seem to kill or subjugate anyone in its name.

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