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You do realize that reddit owns Notabug, Inc, yeah?

notabug.io isn't owned by Reddit.

I'm aware of that, I'm just saying they own the corporation with the same name, which they got when they acquired Aaron's company.

They own Notabug Inc, not notabug.io

There's also a namespace collision on Freenode IRC. The #notabug channel is definitely not for notabug.io it's for the free code hosting group https://notabug.org

The UI is based on some open source repo by Reddit.

Yeah, it's based on the old open source reddit.

Using Gun and Blockchain to mirror content on other servers to prevent data loss.

Notabug.io is a P2P tech using the old Reddit UI.

http://k666.kr5ddit.com/ Is a free and open source version of http://kr5ddit.com made to look like the old Scoop and function like Reddit.

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