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Hi HN! I'm one of the creators of Flatfile. At the core, it's a simple drop-in, browser-based component (React) that focuses on making the process of uploading CSV / XLS files into any web app nearly effortless. Has a column matching and error resolution experience, and a backend dashboard for supporting customers through import issues.

You can basically just drop this into your app, and with a little configuration get 100% valid and structured JSON data instead of messy, weirdly encoded, and difficult to parse CSV and XLS files.

This is my first time posting a Show HN - But don't go easy. I'd love to hear your thoughts / answer any questions! I wrote a blog post yesterday about my experience launching this as a side project the last couple years https://medium.com/flatfile-io/flatfile-io-the-new-standard-...

Also, there's a developer playground + some docs here: https://flatfile.io/developers

Next step, make it so that the data can be seen on the website with another widget. I work with some do it yourself web building tools and some of them do not support tabular data. This would fit perfectly if it let you show the data as well.

cool product.

Thanks! Yeah, we pitch and expect another system to catch. I would probably think of something like https://www.npmjs.com/package/tableify for converting the output into a table

Awesome product. I’ve had to implement one of these and it’s a real PITA to even do half as well. I’d love to see more drop in components for complex UI/UX problems along these lines.

Well done.

Thanks man, and I absolutely agree. Hopefully this can help serve as some inspiration for other things!

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