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So I'm on my phone and I'm looking at this GitHub repo. It has an animated screenshot that I can't quite make out, and it doesn't let me pinch zoom to see it better.

I try tapping on the image in the hope that it will give me a standalone image I can zoom in on.

Instead, it takes me to a page that asks me, "Do You Live In San Jose And Like Asian Women?" And "Meet The Best Type Of Girls Who'll Do Anything For You."

And I still can't zoom in on the screenshot.

Tip to open source authors: don't host your screenshots on postimg.cc.

I am sorry about that, I will move gif to the repository. Since Imgur is blocked in my country I went to first alternative and didn’t know it is way it is.

Github let's you host images in issues. So what you can do is make an issue with all your images in it, and immediately close it.

Github let you host images. In repo. cf => https://github.com/lucasverra/partnerImages/blob/master/fake...

free hosting by MS. we should all use it :)

wow, that's neat! thank you.

Excellent! There is always some detail like that, isn't there? :-)

Thanks for creating this. Keep up the good work!

Extra tip: place the screenshot in the Git repository itself and link to it from the README.

I just wanted to keep repository size small, but I think it will be better to keep it on repository anyway.

You can create a branch called gh-pages (which you can branch off from the initial commit and keep separate from your main repo) and link the image from your generated github.io page as well - see https://help.github.com/articles/configuring-a-publishing-so.... That won't make the repository itself small, but it will keep the master branch clean. Alternatively you could create a separate docs or Github Pages repository under the same organization.

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