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Ask HN: Should I take an "Entrepreneur in Residence" position at a small VC?
14 points by grantjgordon 2500 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite
I'm a religious hacker news reader, but I don't participate in conversations as much as I should. Still, I find myself in need of all of your wisdom and experience, so I'd definitely appreciate your opinions.

After my last company sold, I had the good fortune of meeting the folks at a relatively small VC firm based out of Salt Lake City, UT. They seem to have a good reputation, and they've made some interesting investments.

After a few conversations they asked me if I'd be interested in their EIR position. I would split my time 60/30 between working with their portfolio companies and working on my own ideas, and I would be compensated for my time.

My question: is taking this sort of position at a small VC good or bad for your career? Would you take it?

Any input is much appreciated!

Are they a VC firm you would like to work with? It is as if you are taking investment money from them if you are an EIR. I would do the same due diligence you would do if you were taking capital from them.

Talk to some of the companies in their portfolio and see what they think of the VCs.

Good point emilam. I've reached out to a few of their portfolio companies and had a good conversation with one. That CEO gave a glowing review, but one doesn't constitute a pattern, so I'll definitely keep asking around.

I would personally love an opportunity like this and would not turn it down.

Thanks, brk!

While I'm in no position to provide any useful advice, I want to upvote simply for the reason that this isnt an anonymous post.

I think you should do it, because there is a lot you can learn from it. But once you're doing it, you should evaluate periodically whether you are still learning. If at some point you think you aren't, don't broadcast a public flamewar lambasting the VC, but leave amicably for "personal reasons" and move on.

That's a good way to think about it. Thanks weel!

In SV/SF, these jobs pay $150-$200K for very nebulous work, a lot of exposure to how VC works, and connections to loads of startups. I'm not sure about the SLC scene, but such a job is a no-brainer in California, especially if you are kind of in between major projects and undecided about what to do next.

Wow, I had no idea! I don't think the SLC scene is nearly as fantastic as that, but it's coming along. Do you think being an EIR at a small venture firm would help or hurt my image in the eyes of those kind of bay area VCs?

If you have fun doing it and it allows you to work on your ideas, then do it. Just be sure to read the agreement carefully, specially the IP ownership and non-compete parts.

I work in an angel investor network in a similar way (in Chile) and I'm starting a company as well.

Very good point. I'll make sure that's clearly delineated.

Sounds like an awesome opportunity to me..especially if it is a firm you respect and would want to work for/ with.

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