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Looking at some of the comments here, I'm surprised at the hubris on display, discounting experience. Of course, 20 years of experience will look like 20x 1 year of experience if all you look for is ability to whiteboard algorithms, or crank out lines of code in language/framework X. But that indicates more of a flaw in being unable to evaluate experience.

I wouldn't be surprised if it takes someone with N++ experience to reasonably evaluate the value brought by someone with N experience (cue: Blub paradox). So, yeah, a bunch of people without experience can easily be blind to the value being brought to the table by experience.

I would expect experienced folk to better understand people, have figured out how to work effectively in a team, strategically prioritize what needs to be done, nudge meetings/conversations in the right direction, and mentor younger team members and help them out with advice in tricky situations. If your mental model does not value that, of course you would not value experience. You need a critical mass of experience in an organization to do this effectively -- it can't just fall on the shoulders of one person in middle management with a few years of technical experience and an MBA.

If you step back and defocus, the above qualities look a lot like leadership pixie dust sprinkled liberally throughout the organization -- the lack of which correlates with several repeated failure modes one might see in young Silicon Valley companies today.

Addendum: I'm not fond of the headline as it stands; it robs the dignity off age/experience.

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