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> But when i say better content, better is defined as more engaging, shareable, linkable, clickable. that sort of stuff. This isn't our cup of tea here at HN, but maybe that's what most people go for. Maybe.

Are you kidding? Look at the articles posted on HN. MANY are pure marketing or self-promotion pieces designed to be shared on social media like HN, get clicks, and start discussion.

It’s funny how HN commenters only call it seo, clickbait, and marketing if they don’t like it lol.

The articles here aren't that great. that's true.

But would you say the same about the comments ?

But also, we come here mostly for entertainment. And even in our entertainment we prefer a high-quality discussion.

But Google isn't a tool for entertainment. And people here do complain about shitty Google results.

And to be fair, they also complain about the declining quality of HN. But still, it's better than the alternative communities, probably.

No, for the most part I don’t think the comments here are particularly good.

Plenty of people who think because they’re paid a lot of money to be computer programmers that they can instantly have genius insights into completely unrelated fields. A good amount of “well actually” when any social issue is discussed. Surprising volume of apologizing for discrimination/racism/sexism/etc. under the guise of “free speech”.

Maybe you're right about discussions about social issues.

But for me, that's not the reason i come here. I'm more interested in discussion about entrepreneurship and businesses, and some of the commentors are quite good.

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