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You can even subscribe to the magazine in Stanze ebook reader for iPod/iPad by adding this address as a repo:


(from http://forums.pragprog.com/forums/134/topics/2905)

Edit: I just noticed that this address can be used in an RSS newsreader like a normal feed.

Thanks for that. I've been following them via RSS for a while now, but didn't even know that I could subscribe directly in stanza.

Slightly off-topic, but what other killer e-book/e-magazine (e-periodical?) content is out there for plugging into Stanza like this?

I've downloaded PDF versions of my bookshelf of tech/development books and piled them into GoodReader, and that became my iPad's killer app #1.

This Stanza feed thing looks like #2, if there's more stuff out there to plug into it.

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