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Speaking as someone who was the caregiver for both my parents as they aged, good lord would it have been wonderful if I could have been able to offload some of those tasks to a 'bot while I enjoyed the remaining time I had with my folks.

forgive me for asking, but why not hire a caretaker/nurse?

Those are expensive. And their presence compromises your family's privacy.

Exactly. We were already hemorrhaging money, and skilled nursing care for even a few hours a week is incredibly expensive. Not to mention you now have a stranger in your home, and without going in to details, we caught some very unsavory behavior via IP Camera with one of the caregivers we'd hired early on.

It's just an incredibly stressful time in a family's life, no matter how you cut it.

Robot butler != skilled nursing care, though.

Who made the claim otherwise?

A butler to handle taking out the trash, cleaning the house, cleaning after your parents while you did the other tasks is already s big help.

I'm afraid having Google's robot butlers around all the time wouldn't do wonders for privacy either.

Better than an actual person though, at least for now.

Is it? The privacy effects of a person are fairly localised, while the effects of having a spying, data collection machine are potentially unbounded.

Are we saying Google's robot butlers won't work without an internet connection? That would severely diminish their value.

Knowing Google, they probably will work, for some definition of work. However, you'll get a lot of extremely convenient online-only features around which an ecosystem will be built, such that ever more people start turning it on and it stops being controversial. They'll also instruct you to connect them to the internet during the initial setup procedure.

At first they'll promise they won't collect a lot of data and you'll always be able to opt out. However, increasingly more data will start getting collected, you'll start having a hard time finding the option to opt out and even if you manage to do it, the UI will progressively get more deceptive and annoying at trying to get you to turn it back on.

Next thing you know, almost everyone has them connected, you're a weirdo if you don't and Google is even more powerful than before.

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