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Among the FAANGs (btw I think Microsoft deserves to be included there now) I find Google to be at the bottom in terms of vision. It's morphed into the conservative, big co they were once fighting. It's kind of sad.

Come on, Facebook's vision is Frindster but 15 years later and Netflix is literally putting TV on the Internet, a Silicon Valley (I mean the show) worthy description.

I'm pretty sure the only reason Netflix is in FAANG is to keep the acronym appropriate. (I'm not the first to make this observation either.)

Facebook is near the bottom with Google IMO. Netflix has totally flipped Hollywood and airing really interesting original content. That is something.

Google has totally flipped the internet. Or do you still know of a personal website that maintains a list of interesting links ordered by the topic?

They flipped it 20 years ago...talking about where these companies rank as far as current vision and innovation goes today in 2019.

They flipped it at least as early as 15 years ago in 2004 with with gmail, their acquisition of google maps, and in 2006 with their acquisition of youtube.

Actually I think you're basically right.

> They flipped it at least as early as 15 years ago in 2004 with with gmail, their acquisition of google maps, and in 2006 with their acquisition of youtube.

The only innovation among these was whatever youtube did to be allowed to host all the pirated content, as opposed to everyone else who tried it.

Android? Chrome?

Okay, fair points. 2007 and 2008 respectively. I'm not sure that changes much.

Facebook somehow has turned social into a giant. Forced real names and gave your grandmother a reason to be on the internet. Facebook will be the global free television network will push vr and start introducing telepatic phone services.

Netflix will probably split into two with one company showing new movies with different pricing models. The second service will have all of the original content they made throughout the years for a low price but lack studio productions. Not sure it will be as appealing unless they can find a way to strench a production budgets while keeping quality.

I think the OP's point was less what the companies have done in their lifetime than what they're doing now. Both Google and Facebook revolutionised the internet, but I'm really struggling to think of much that they've done recently. Google at least has the Android platform, and I suppose Google Home? Facebook just seems to have a trail of failed hardware projects and has bought success through billion dollar acquisitions

Instagram was not bought success. It was incredible execution and foresight on FB’s part. Remember that IG was only 10 people at the time, had less than 50mm users, and $0 in revenue when FB bought it.

Credit where credit is due. I don’t think IG would be where it is today without FB.

What they are missing is a marketing department and customer service division. Without those they are forced to operate like a bizaar and offer commodity style products/prices.

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