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Aula Education | Remote (GMT+/- 6h) | Full-time, permanent | https://aula.education/

We’re a remote-first team of 30 mission-driven people (14 nationalities!) building a ‘Slack for education’: a university's digital campus that brings together students, staff, and educators.

Open roles:

-Our first Product Manager. 5+ years of experience building excellent consumer products. http://bit.ly/ProductManageratAula

-Senior Full-stack engineer (React/node.js). 5+ years of experience. http://bit.ly/FullstackEngineeratAula

-DevOps engineer (AWS/Docker/Terraform). 3+ years of experience. http://bit.ly/DevOpsatAula

Our engineering interview process is mostly async (and a bit quirky): http://bit.ly/AulaAsyncHiring

Tech stack: React, react-native, redux, microservices in node.js, docker, AWS, Terraform, mongo. Read more here: http://bit.ly/AulaTechStack

Company culture: no-ego builder mentality, collaboration and support, focus on personal growth.

Please apply directly on the job descriptions. Email rune@aula.education (COO) with any questions :-)

Hey! I'm Martí and I've been working at Aula for a total of over 2 years now as a software engineer. I joined Aula as an intern in my first week of university and since then I've loved every single minute of being part of such an amazing group of talented and friendly individuals. If you're looking for an exciting and fulfilling job with a learning and collaborating atmosphere, Aula is the right place for you!

Hey, I'm Oliver, CTO at Aula.

If you're curious to hear more about our tech stack and the infrastructure I've described in this article http://bit.ly/AulaTechStack, let me know. If you're passionate about node, react and the interesting challenges of a micro-service architecture, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Hey everyone,

I’m Rune and I’m COO at Aula.

We’re pretty focused on community in digital space. That’s what our product does and it’s how we make remote work work.

I just wanted to share that most applicants leave the interview process with new friends - have a look from the candidate slack group: https://cl.ly/ef2b105e6159

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Rune,

Very interesting product I must say.

For the product management role, do you need relevant experience with consumer product companies. How about small scale startup experience in edTech as founder/product guy?

Also, are you open to fully remote folks?



Thanks for reaching out :-)

We are definitely open to fully remote folks!

We are mostly looking for people with experience in the 'craft' of product management at the moment - or for people who understand educators and their workflows very well.

However, if you send across your LinkedIn to rune@aula.education I can quickly check in with Adrian, our CPO, to see if he thinks its worth starting a conversation.

Does that make sense?


Hey everyone! I'm Brice, full-stack engineer at Aula since April!

I must say it's quite an exciting company to work with and I'd be glad to answer any question you might have :-)

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