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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (February 2019)
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Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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United States Digital Service | Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, Senior Designers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://www.usds.gov/

The best of technology. The best of government. And we want you. We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government resume required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people there are, immigration, veterans service, students, health care, and more. We're especially looking for talented senior engineers to join us to help shift move government tech in the right direction.

See one of our Reports to Congress for examples of what you could be working on:


Apply here:


Just to add on, we ask that people be US citizens and that folks move to DC for the job.

If you have any questions about the job, just post here!

I'll mention something that our team just helped launch this past week. If you're seeking asylum in the US, previously you could check the status of your case by fax, phone, or in person, but you couldn't check online. Now, you can check the status of your asylum application online: https://twitter.com/USCIS/status/1090701308636684289

Things like that might not sound like rocket science--and it isn't--but improving services that lots of people rely on is deeply meaningful work. It's non-partisan stuff and our job is to help fix public-facing services that millions of people rely on.

Thank you for your service to our country!

This is awesome. My USCIS just not for asylum applications, but everything else. USCIS required 2 factor for login and that's awesome that you take account security for sensitive applications seriously.

Lombard, Illinois | On-Site | Full- or Part-Time

This may be the red-headed stepchild of HN job postings but we're looking for high school teachers to teach English, Biology, Math, Physics, and Computer Science at a private college preparatory school.

Responsibilities would include teaching as well as overseeing extracurricular activities and developing improvements to the curriculum.

Educational background/past experience is preferred but not absolutely required. If you have a passion for teaching and have a degree or real-world experience in these fields, just write and we'll see!

We want to break with the traditional mold of academics and show our kids what real world success looks like—and what it takes to get there.

Email me: mqudsi@cpsaonline.org

Discord | Software Engineer - Unannounced Project | San Francisco | Onsite | Fulltime

Hey HN! We're hiring engineers for a low-level systems programming/reverse engineering role. More deets here: https://discordapp.com/jobs/4200751002

Notably absent from the list of requirements is professional work experience or a college degree. If you're a self-taught programmer passionate about this kind of work, please apply! (Of course, that doesn't mean we're not looking for more senior people as well.) As someone who got their first "real" job from a Who's Hiring thread (this one, actually: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1958374) I'm super excited to be able to offer the same kind of opportunity to people who might be having a hard time getting through resume filters due to their unusual background.

Feel free to apply through the website (I personally look at every submission), but if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at cmFtc2V5QGRpc2NvcmRhcHAuY29t or on Discord at cmFtc2V5IzAwMDE=. Happy to give career advice or answer any questions you might have, even if you don't think you're a good fit for the role.

We're also hiring for a bunch of other stuff, but I'm not the hiring manager for those teams. If low-level/systems programming isn't your cup of tea, check out the rest of our openings here: https://discordapp.com/jobs

Are you willing to hire non-US citizens? Reverse engineering is fun and I might be a fit (e.g. having played around with IDA Pro to reverse binaries and Spectre and Meltdown, among other things).

We are! Definitely apply if you're interested.

> on Discord at cmFtc2V5IzAwMDE=

It seems I can't add you to talk to D: I don't have any mutual servers with you, and sending you a friend request doesn't work

Whoops! Should be fixed now. :) Please give it another shot!

Hello, I also tried adding you but did not work. Do you have the 4 digit tag associated with? Thanks!

The tag is #0001 -- notamy was able to add me, so it should work now. :)

hmm..tried cmFtc2V5IzAwMDE=#0001..says user not found =(

Oops! The username is obfuscated to weed out spam -- maybe check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary-to-text_encoding for some ideas.

good on you for giving the helping hint. the interview process needs more white knights like yourself.

Do you have any openings for Software Engineering Intern this Summer ?

Duffel | Software Engineers | London, UK / São Paulo, BR | Full-time, on-site | https://duffel.com

Duffel is building the next generation of software for the travel industry. You will join a small and experienced team, work alongside people who love their craft (coding!), and tackle some of the most interesting challenges in travel today. Product & Engineering is at the core of our company. We are looking for people who know the patience it takes and the tradeoffs you have to accept to ship great product.

We went through Y Combinator (S18) and raised our seed round from top VCs (Index Ventures, Blossom Capital and Kima Ventures).

Our stack: Elixir/Phoenix, Next.js/React, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, GCP.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at steve@duffel.com if you are interested or have any questions!

Stacker | React & Python Developers | REMOTE | FULL-TIME + PART-TIME | https://stacker.app

Stacker lets you build web apps, without code, in your browser.

And not just landing pages and splash sites either. We're talking full-on, pixel-perfect, I-cant-believe-its-not-code apps that can do complex stuff: communities, marketplaces, business systems, social networks. We think there's so much out there that could be built if we just gave people the tools to make it themselves.

We're letting non-developers build apps without code. Unsurprisingly, we need a lot of code to do that. Come and help us build it!

We're hiring:

- React Developers. This ain't your grandma's React app. Help us push React to its limits as we build a frontend builder in a frontend builder https://stacker.app/jobs/react

- Python Developers. We're building a backend that flexibly connects to any data-source (DB or API) and serves it up as if it were our own https://stacker.app/jobs/python

- Fortran Developers. We don't actually use fortran, but it sounds super cool. Keep it up!

We're fully remote (currently based in UK, Switzerland, South Africa, France, Spain + China), and flexible about working arrangements.

If this sounds like the sort of problem you'd like to work on, apply now: https://stacker.app/jobs.

Are you willing to post a name to whom applicants should address cover letters?

Microsoft Research, Immunomics | Seattle, WA | Full-Time, Onsite | https://aka.ms/immunomics

Position: Senior Software Engineer (Data)

Overview: The Immunomics team at Microsoft Research is working to decode the human immune system to better understand and diagnose disease. Our effort is called The Antigen Map Project and we're partnering with computational biologists and immunologists to combine best-in-breed biotech and machine learning techniques to tackle big problems.

We're a small team operating inside Microsoft Research as part of a larger healthcare innovation effort and we're looking for another software engineer who is excited by our mission, loves building software to make the rest of the team more productive, and is comfortable operating in a startup-like style.

What you'll do: One year into the project and our data volume is increasing rapidly. We're looking for someone to create and own the data pipelines. Beyond working with data, you will have opportunities to contribute to platform libraries, work on full-stack applications, and more. Bio/ML background not required - but interest in learning is a must.

Our tech stack at this point is primarily Spark, Scala, and Python running on Azure.

Apply directly via Engineering link at https://aka.ms/immunomics and/or contact gooley@microsoft.com if you have questions!

Contract Simply (YC S17) | Austin, TX | ONSITE, Full-time | Software Engineer, All Levels, Sr Product Manager, Sr Product Designer, QA Automation | https://contractsimply.com

Contract Simply uses machine learning to classify and parse documents and to structure information for faster preparation and review of construction loan documentation. We help real estate lenders and developers reduce administrative burden and make better decisions for their large construction loan portfolios.

We’re currently 15-ish employees, growing to 25-30 in 2019. The company is backed by a leading FinTech VC, a large strategic investor, and YC. You’ll be joining a company that values being purposeful, efficient, authentic, transparent, curious, and agile.

Here’s a list of some of the tech we work with: Elixir, Python, React, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, Redis, circleci, sklearn

If that sounds interesting to you, see our full list of open positions and apply: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/contractsimplycom. You can also reach out to me directly -- andrew@contractsimply.com -- with "HN Jobs" in the subject.

Pex | Multiple positions | Downtown, Los Angeles | US-ONLY REMOTE or ONSITE, FULL-TIME | $105,000 Minimum Salary + Equity | https://angel.co/pexeso/jobs

Pex built a suite of products with focus on analytics and rights management around audio-visual content targeted at content creators, marketers and rights holders.

We're looking for senior engineers for positions listed bellow:

  - front-end (React and Redux)  
  - signal processing (mostly R&D)  
  - DBA architect (Postgres [with Citus], FoundationDB, others)  
  - Go and Java for work on our backend systems  
  - C/C++, Rust to help us optimize our algorithms
Remote is only available for US based candidates. For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salary within US (no matter where you live you are paid as in LA)
  - 30 days of paid vacation
  - fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum) [70% coverage for your family]
  - 3 months paid parental leave
  - $300 monthly allowance for co-working or commuting
  - covering all costs of visiting conferences
If you want to learn more, reach out directly to me at r@pex.com


Paperwork wise, working with foreign contractors is much easier compared to US ones - they just send invoice PDF-s at the end of the months, and the company does the regular bank wire transfer. So what's the reason you are not open to this?

Well, a contractor is a very different thing. They don't have the same rights and we can't offer them the same benefits as we do to our employees. We don't want to have second class citizens on our team.

That said, we already do work with some contractors outside of US. But the above applies and we are trying to find a way to incorporate in their countries so we can equalize the compensations (salary, health benefits, stock options, ...).

Would we not care about our people, this would be a no brainer.

Well, you can just compensate those benefits in cash - even in US, that's what Netflix does compared to other BigCo's.

Netflix doesn't have remote workers. Yes, they compensate for every benefit in cash. Because they have abundance of it.

There is a reason why startups give equity and lower salaries. They can't afford to compete with incumbents. Plus we want all our employees to be and feel equal. That means to share all the upsides of the company through options grants, have great healthcare, time off, ...

options grants - you can give options to contractors.

great healthcare - you can reimburse the costs for insurance.

time off - you can just give them time off. :)


I think you can make your employees and contractors feel equal.

Option grants - they are not the same for employees and contractors. And there are huge differences between them for the receivers [0]

Healthcare - companies have different options than individuals. Different countries offer different quality. And many will opt-out from expensive plans that have great coverage in favor of extra cash [1]. However, when things happen, they don't have the proper coverage and end up in situations that are very hard to recover from (we been there).

Time off - this is again not the same thing. PTO has many important protections for employees and has built in rules in the law. Contractor has no right for any of it.

and etc.

Your suggestions are generally valid, but we prefer our employees to be at equal standing with the same rights and same benefits.

[0] https://buchwaldlaw.com/2016/10/stock-option-the-differences... [1] https://www.peoplekeep.com/blog/seventy-five-percent-of-empl...

Skool (https://skool.com) | Senior Backend & Frontend Engineers | Los Angeles (LA) | Full Time | Onsite | 155k-260k

  * Problem: Education systems are gatekept, expensive, slow, outdated, unpersonalized.
  * Mission: To democratize education, instill lifelong learning and collectively educate Earth.
  * Product: Social learning network that incentivizes intelligence and contribution, not fame.
  * Traction: Validated idea, early dev stage, CEO with $30m/y e-learning company, 6y exp.
  * Funding: $10M bootstrapped.
  * Stack: Golang backend, React frontend, various datastores.
  * Values: Student obsession, laser-focus, high standards, long-term thinking, stay lean, scientific reasoning,
    ALL in, full transparency, question everything, invent impossible.
Want to join a team of thinker-doer engineers with a hatred of bureaucracy and a bias for building, on a quest to educate Earth? We’re looking for Senior Frontend (React) and Backend (Go) Engineers to join our small self-organizing team.

Above market pay, ownership via RSU’s, superb benefits, relocation allowance, lots of sun.

Interested? Send us an email hackernews@skool.com

M U INC | Software Engineer | Austin, TX ONSITE or REMOTE | Full Time | $85K-$125K w/ EQUITY

We are an independent startup (non-VC) focused on managing, enriching and presenting large and complex Energy Data.

The CEO’s goal (a CS major) is to prove that being obsessed with aligning software development design with the company’s business strategy is extremely powerful. Our self-funded MVP has been extremely successful.

We are actively looking for someone ready to BUILD and TAKE CHARGE our next generation Data Platform. We are big devotees of Martin Kleppmann's "Building Data-Intensive Applications" book and the Kappa Architecture has become the data backbone of our business.

Our backend Stack:

  - Rust
  - Python
  - Apache Kafka
  - Kubernetes
You will report directly to the CEO and become a core member of our experienced team. Our success and your success will be super aligned as you will be making substantial contributions to our business (data is absolutely critical to us).

This is both ONSITE (Downtown Austin, TX) or REMOTE (America and Europe only). Let's talk! Email us at hello@m-u-inc.com

Coinbase (YC S12) | San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London | Onsite | https://www.coinbase.com

Digital currency will bring about more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity in the world by creating an open financial system. We can use this new technology to help good ideas spread faster, reduce the inefficiencies that legacy payment networks impose on the world, and provide access to financial services to several billion people in the developing world.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/coinbase

See All Open Roles at Coinbase here: https://grnh.se/8a8a01cf1

Tech Stack: Ruby, Rails, Go (Backend) React, Flow, styled-components, Mobx (Frontend), Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android)

If you're interested in chatting more, feel free to shoot me an email at jpollak@coinbase.com. Looking forward to talking!

DuckDuckGo - We are looking for candidates that are excited to join us in raising the standard of trust online (all positions remote and we do sponsor H-1Bs):

DuckDuckGo | Senior Mobile Application Developer (Cross-platform) | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Android Developer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Visual Designer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA


Sent them an inquiry last month and never heard anything. I think they're taking this privacy blackhole thing too far. Don't waste too much time on this one.

Sorry! Something must have went wrong here, as our protocol is to respond to everyone. Please email me at yegg at duckduckgo and I can sort out what happened.

California here, applied for Senior Visual Designer. Thanks!

ABL Space Systems | Full-stack Software Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Full-time | Onsite

ABL Space Systems was founded in 2017 by SpaceX veterans to build the world's best small launch vehicle. Our first rocket, the RS1, will be a highly-capable, cost-effective vehicle for placing small satellites into orbit. We are looking for experienced software engineers to help us build out the information systems that serve as the technological foundation for critical operations across the company.

Our in-house software team currently has one member (that's me), so this is an opportunity to have a huge impact as the company works toward the first launch next year. We are builing a comprehensive set of tools that facilitate engineering design, factory build operations, test campaigns, inventory management, full part traceability, supply chain oversight, part procurement, and launch site procedures – to name a few. It's not every day that a web application helps launch stuff into space! I personally find it very rewarding to wake up each morning and contribute to this exciting mission and push humanity a tiny bit further out into the cosmos.

The backend is a python Flask app, and our frontend is written with React + Mobx. Experience in those technologies is not required, but we are looking for engineers comfortable across the stack and who proactively seek out and learn what is required to solve the problem at hand.

If this sounds interesting at all, please reach out. I would love to talk. My e-mail: waltrip@ablspacesystems.com


I don't get it, what's the joke?

TSM (Team SoloMid) & Blitz | Los Angeles | Onsite, relocation offered | Full-Time

We're hiring frontend (React, Electron) and backend (Elixir, Scala, Cassandra, Postgres) engineers to help build the future for gaming.

TSM is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports. We started out as a tech company by writing guides on our own website, then automating the process with probuilds.net. Later, we found success in Esports as one of the pioneers in the industry. We're looking to create software that helps push competitive gaming one step further. More specifically we're looking for 1-2 more engineers to join our engineering team in Los Angeles, where we're developing a desktop and mobile app that uses computer vision and data-driven insights to help gamers across all platforms to better their in-game performance. We plan to make this tool for every game - starting with the major ones as a benchmark: League of Legends, Fortnite, COD4, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Dota.

More details on the positions here:



If interested, please email kyle@solomid.net. For more questions you can reach out on Twitter as well @TSMLeaf.

Routific | Vancouver, BC | Full-Time, Onsite/Remote | https://routific.com We tackle the NP-hard route optimization problem for delivery businesses. We cut their fuel consumption by 20%~40%, with a tremendous green impact for the planet. We saved the equivalent of planting 100,000 trees last year alone! We also cover relocation expenses and sponsor work permits :)

Headquartered in beautiful Vancouver BC, with sweeping views of the ocean and mountains. To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/routific

Check out our open roles:

* Lead Software Engineer: https://angel.co/routific/jobs/376543-lead-software-engineer

* Sr. Front-end Engineer: https://angel.co/routific/jobs/454028-front-end-engineer

Tech Stack: Rust – Common Lisp – React – Angular – Typescript – Node.js – Postgres – MongoDB

Ritual.co | Backend (Java), Mobile, Web (React), Data Engineers, DevOps (GCP+Kubernetes) | Toronto, ON | ONSITE, FULL TIME

Ritual’s mission is to digitize local commerce. We are a two-sided marketplace connecting consumers to their local merchants to make the purchasing of goods and service more efficient. Our initial product focuses on creating a social food ordering experience that allows users to pre-order take-out at their local restaurants. We make it easy to place group orders and have a coworker deliver your lunch or coffee right to your desk. Our value-add for merchants is to increase their order volume and repeat business. Additionally we provide merchants with valuable insights into their local customer behaviour, allowing for highly targeted local marketing campaigns.

We recently announced our international expansion plans (https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/bu...) and are looking to double our Engineering team to support our growing business (from 50 to 100 engineers). We are mostly focusing on intermediate and senior talent. Come help us digitize local commerce!

Our glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.ca/Reviews/Ritual-Reviews-E1195050.htm

You can apply at https://ritual.co/careers or email cayley@ritual.co

Validere | React Developers | Toronto | Full-time | Onsite | https://validere.com/

At Validere (YC W16), we build software and IoT hardware that is empowering oil & gas organizations to optimize critical product quality, logistics, and trading decisions. We are working on a challenging problem and are looking for smart people that align with our vision to build amazing products and services for industries that have been largely ignored by technology so far.

We are looking for frontend React developers to join us in providing deeper intelligence and insights with sophisticated data analytics and machine learning. Our customer base is growing exponentially and we are quickly becoming a major player in a massive market with a unique product offering. If you love crafting unique user experiences and have ideas on how to surface insights within massive troves of data, we want to meet you!

Tech Stack (Platform) - Elixir, React, Postgres, Redis, Docker, Kafka, Terraform, AWS, Prometheus

Questions or interested in applying? Reach out directly via careers+hn@validere.com (include any relevant links to Github/LinkedIn, etc)

Betterment | https://betterment.com | New York, NY | Onsite (NYC or Philadelphia) or REMOTE (US based and for >= senior roles only at this time)

Our mission is to empower people to do what’s best for their money. We built Betterment, and are continuing to better it, because we want to help our customers live better and spend their time doing what makes them happy.

We’re here to disrupt finance in a big way. The people who already know how to do that don’t exist. We’re hiring for learners and adapters—people who can help us make financial services the way it ought to be.

We're a fiduciary, which means we act in your best interests. We're not incentivized to recommend certain funds, and we don't have our own investment products to sell. That means we'll do what we believe is right for you, always.

Recommended reading to have a good understanding of us as a company, what we do, how and what we value:



Looking to fill various roles:

- Staff Software Engineer - Front End

- Software Engineer - Backend, Full Stack

- Lead Mobile Software Engineer - Android, iOS

- Mobile Software Engineer - Android, iOS

- Software Engineer - Site Reliability

- Product Manager - Mobile Customer Experience

- Senior Product Manager - Customer Experience

We use Ruby on Rails, Java 8 (11 coming soon :), Scala, Python, Golang, AWS, Kubernetes and whatever else we deem fit for the problem we're solving. The engineering org deeply values mentorship, learning and cross team initiatives.

Please reach out to me directly at andre@betterment.com or apply directly at https://www.betterment.com/careers/current-openings/ (please mention HN Feb 2019).

Happy to answer any questions via email, I will respond to every one of you.

Cmd | Linux Automation Developer | Vancouver, BC | Onsite | Full Time

We're a Vancouver-based cybersecurity startup on a mission to transform the way enterprise businesses secure their cloud-first Linux environments. Our mission is to help companies reliably log, understand, predict, and control user behavior in their Linux environment (learn more at https://cmd.com/about/). We have an exciting year of growth ahead of us and are eager to add to our talented team.

You will own the automated suites designed to ensure customers can rely on our client-side agent to protect their critical infrastructure 24/7. Our team primarily works in C and Python, and our automated suites primarily use Python and Docker. Armed with your understanding of Linux internals (such as processes, threads, namespaces, virtualization, and IPC) you'll have the opportunity to drive and lead the automation side of our team which allows us to ship a reliable and performant agent.

If interested, please send your resume to nt [at] cmd.com and include a short message on why you would be a great fit for the role.

Southeast USA including: Virginia (Arlington and Dulles), Maryland (Annapolis Junction), South Carolina (Greenville), Alabama (Huntsville), Florida (beach east of Melbourne), Texas (Austin and San Antonio), Pennsylvania (State College) and possibly others, all ONSITE. Citizenship is a job requirement.

We do emulators, JIT, hypervisors, stuff similar to valgrind, debuggers, manual disassembly, binary static analysis, parsers, and assembly. We write our own low-level tools, frequently in C99 to run on Linux. We also use IDA Pro, qemu, Simics, JTAG debuggers, gdb, Coverity, KlocWork, LLVM, and so on. Easily transferable skills include those related to compilers, kernel drivers, embedded RTOSes, vectorizing, firmware, VxWorks BSP development, symbolic execution, boot loaders, software verification, concolic testing, abstract interpretation, satisfiability (SAT, SMT) solvers, and decompilers. We work with more than a dozen architectures including PowerPC/ppc, MIPS, ARM/Thumb/AArch64, x86/x64/Intel, DSPs, and microcontrollers. We hire from no-degree to PhD. Common degrees include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.

We don't normally work overtime, and we get paid more if we do. We're never expected to take work home or be on call. Because of the citizenship requirement, there is no chance that the work will be outsourced. Flex-time is fairly extreme; some do randomish hours.

Location hints: Pick Arlington for a car-free life, subway included. Pick Florida or Texas to live in a place with solid gun rights and no state income tax. Pick Florida for almost no traffic or commute, surfing, and houses that commonly go for $150,000 to $450,000.

You can email me at users.sf.net, with account name albert.

This sounds perfect. Except for the "citizenship is a job requirement" :-(

Oh my gosh. This would be a literal dream job for me, but I live in the UK and can only really work remote for the moment.

always love to see your posts man!

Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK; now also Downtown LA, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help setting up a brand new office too.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python, Erlang (being replaced with C++) and Javascript for React, relying heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Our entire production is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent in the following roles:

  * [Senior] Front-end Engineer - React; London & LA
  * Data Engineer; London
  * Infrastructure Engineer; London
  * Quantitative Developer; London
  * Low-Latency C++ Engineer; London
  * Generalist Software Engineer; London & LA
  * [Senior] Mobile Developer; LA
If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers .

Polarsteps (Travel startup) | Backend Developer (Python) | iOS Developer | UX Designer | Community and Support Specialist | Amsterdam | Onsite | VISA | Full time

Every day, our team is working on creating the best travel app in the world. From the historical center of Amsterdam we're building the place to go to for people that want to plan, track and remember their adventures around the globe. We've been featured in WWDC (twice) and Google created an awesome video about us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYcBqtOwLcg

We have just hit 1 million users and raised a $3.5 million Series A round, so the team is growing!

Some benefits we offer:

- Visa and Relocation if you don't live in Amsterdam yet

- 28 paid holiday days/year

- Office in the centre of Amsterdam + paid commute

- Flexible working hours

- Daily team lunch

- Free travel books

- A talented international team

- Once per year you’ll have the chance to use our Teleporter: with the push of a button, the Teleporter will go through all of the locations logged by our users and select a random one that is at least 1.000km away from Amsterdam. This is where your next adventure will take place! The flight is on us. You can try it here: https://www.polarsteps.com/teleporter

If I piqued your interested you can get in touch at max (at) polarsteps.com (I'm the CTO and co-founder), or apply here: https://careers.polarsteps.com/#vacancies

Love the teleporter, very unique. I somewhat expected Polarsteps to be involved with the booking process but I see it's more of a guidebook/journal. Very cool regardless.

Hi Alex! Actually, that's where we're heading to: with the series A investment we have just closed we aim to bring the inspiration and booking phases of travel into our app, to really turn it into an end-to-end platform. We already have prototypes ready, we just need to expand our team to start iterating on the initial versions of it :)

Transparent | Senior Backend Software Engineers & Applied Cryptographers | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

Are you upset with how money works? We’re moving past the old way of thinking and are creating a seamless universal platform to bring settlement up to the speed of the Internet. Competitive base salary, great benefits, early stage start-up, equity.

We’re looking for strong backend engineers and applied cryptographers to join us. We’re a fun, nimble, collaborative team and we trust our engineers to make smart decisions. We’re using Rust, Terraform and Docker, and looking for engineers who have experience designing and developing distributed systems with a passion for quality.

I'm the CTO - my personal email is in my profile if you'd like to speak directly.

If you want to have a huge impact on a team that’s truly doing something that hasn’t been done before, please reach out directly to careers@transparentinc.co or apply online: https://jobs.lever.co/transparentinc

Distru (https://www.distru.com) | Senior Software Engineer | Remote | Contract to Full-Time

We are a small engineering-focused team building logistics software for the cannabis industry. We've built the app from the ground up using Elixir & Phoenix and are excited about being apart of the Elixir ecosystem. On the front end, we use redux/react and are getting into some GraphQL.

Our software helps cannabis company's manage production of their cannabis products, deploy large scale sales team, invoice customers, fleet tracking, and more. We have over $300M in transactions per year passing through our platform and want to keep growing that number. We're looking for another engineer to join our passionate development team to take on critical feature development and help get us there!

If you're interested in learning more, please email careers@distru.com your resume/linkedin and mention Hacker News!

DIGIMONDO | Frontend/DevOps Engineer | Hamburg, Germany | ONSITE | https://www.digimondo.de/

DIGIMONDO is an IoT startup based in Hamburg. We are looking to fill several positions to help us build new and maintain our existing web applications and work on end-to-end solutions for our customers. Our stack: JavaScript (VueJS, NodeJS), Elixir (Phoenix), PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Docker.


- Frontend Engineer: https://www.digimondo.de/downloads/20190126_Web_Developer.pd...

- DevOps Engineer: https://www.digimondo.de/downloads/20190126_DevOps_Cloud_and...

To apply contact jobs@digimondo.de

PromptWorks | Multiple positions | Philadelphia PA | ONSITE https://promptworks.com/

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren't just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use lots of Ruby, Python, Elixir and JavaScript (mostly React and React-Native).

Open positions:

  • Director of Software Engineering
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Front End Engineer
  • Software Engineer

Peek | Backend Engineer, Principal Platform Engineer, Sr iOS Engineer, Web Team Lead | San Francisco & Seattle | ONSITE | Full-time

Peek makes the world's tours & activities easily bookable — anytime, anywhere. Our leading technology empowers operators to manage and grow their businesses.

We're looking for talented engineers to come work on our industry-leading SaaS for tours and activities operators in San Francisco and Seattle. We're well-funded and are growing quickly. We use Ruby, Elixir, Ember, React, Swift, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, Realm, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP. Join us!

See full job descriptions and apply here: > Backend Engineer: https://grnh.se/b048c8491 > Principal Platform Engineer: https://grnh.se/bc186d791 > Senior iOS Engineer: https://grnh.se/5cb706351 > Web Team Lead: https://grnh.se/25c80e8b1

Check out the rest of our stack: https://stackshare.io/peek/peek-stack

If you have any questions, feel free to email jacob AT peek DOT com.

DroneSeed | Seattle | Multiple Positions | Full-time | ONSITE, REMOTE

We at DroneSeed are working to address climate change by making reforestation scalable with drone swarms - surveying, planting trees, and spraying to protect them. We’re Techstars ‘16 alum, VC backed, and working with 3 of the 5 largest timber companies in the US.

We are looking for both hardware and software engineers that are deeply connected to our mission and capable of supporting our operations crews by designing, building, and maintaining state-of-the-art equipment, aircraft, and applications.

If you are someone with an engineering background and a bunch of hobby projects cluttering your home, drop us a line! We are especially interested in individuals with hands-on experience with unmanned aircraft, robotics, multi-agent path planning, remote sensing, and rapid prototyping.

But you don't necessarily need to be an expert in drones! We have are a ton of projects around asset management, project planning, distributed logs/metric collection/analysis, and human-centric design (the UX of the ground control software, for instance).

Our hiring process involves a short take-home work sample test, reviewing work you have done, and reviewing our stuff. We want creative, thoughtful, empathetic people with serious grit to join a team dedicated to inclusivity and an important mission.

HW Engineer: https://angel.co/droneseed/jobs/452504-hardware-engineer SW Engineer: https://angel.co/droneseed/jobs/308041-software-engineer

Or email at jobs@droneseed.com

Some media: https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/26/that-night-a-forest-flew-d...

Our site: https://www.droneseed.com

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer | REMOTE (us based) | Full time

Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members.

Current stack: Elixir + Phoenix, React + Redux, Lambda (Node), Postgres


* 5+ years in front end and back end web development

* Committed to building features you're proud of

* Strong understanding of SQL databases

* Strong understanding of functional programming

* Strong communication skills


* Prior Elixir experience

* Machine learning experience

* Experience working on a remote-first, distributed team

* Love of nachos

Send me an email me at jonathan at digitalonboarding dot com.

tCell/Rapid7 | Front/Backend Developers, Python Developer | San Francisco and Stockholm | Fulltime

tCell monitors and protects web applications from attacks and malicious activity. You'll be joining a nimble and team of engineers working on a new generation solution for defending applications where high-scale, and creativity are vital to success.

Agent Engineer - Knowledge in-depth of language and frameworks. Especially Python, Ruby, or Node.js. Experience (and/or interest) in Rust. Likes efficient code.

Frontend/Fullslack Engineer - React.js, Clojurescript. Likes intuitive data-centric UI, elegant APIs.

Backend Engineer - Scala, Clojure, Kafka, Druid, Flink, Spark, Cassandra, K8s. Likes analytics with reliability, and scale.

https://www.rapid7.com/careers/jobs/detail/?gh_jid=1526549 https://www.rapid7.com/careers/jobs/detail/?gh_jid=1474485


I'm interested in learning more about the opportunities you have available in regards to the Python Developer and Backend roles. Do you have a contact email to reach you? Thanks --K

reply at: jobs %^( at ^&% tcell !@# dot %$# io (ignore the special chars)

Ok thanks...I'll send you an email. Appreciate it.


Do you have any intern opportunities?

reply at: jobs %^( at ^&% tcell !@# dot %$# io (ignore the special chars)

Xstealth | Bengaluru | Engineers -> ML(1), Backend(1) & Frontend(1) | Full-time | Onsite | Equity 0.15% - 1% | ₹5L - ₹12L

We are a stealth technology startup which is ‘atleast’ 10x ahead than nearest funded competitor. Our demos have been delivering ‘WOWs’. We are angel funded by well known founders. And currently based out of UK & India (Bengaluru). Our product’s horizons have kept expanding since early POC. Hence, we are looking for true freaks in Node.js and Machine learning to join us and help build a platform which will power 'a million new solutions'.

  Backend Engineer :
  * You are a rockstar node.js backend engineer or have sufficient aspiration-and-promise to be one.
  * APIs, SQL, NoSQL.
  * Docker / Kubernetes.
  * Apache Kafka.
  * Serverless.

  Frontend Engineer :
  * You are a rockstar frontend engineer or have sufficient aspiration-and-promise to be one.
  * Vue.js (React considered) / HTML / CSS
  * Demonstrable skills / experience / portfolio.
  * Desired : Eye for UX and Electron experience

  Machine Learning Engineer :
  * Prior experience in Recurrent Neural Networks
  * Demonstrable skills / expertise in Machine Learning or
  * Relevant PhD 
  * This is fully a hands on role.

  If this spikes your interest email us at : admin@xstealth.space
  * With your resume and brief description about your interests.
  * And relevant links to your portfolio.

In Bangalore, India

edit: added location to make it searchable

What about if I'm more of a folk-rock mini-phenomena? Is this restricted only to rock musicians?

:) Idea here is all creative folks who also code.. hackers-and-painters as Paul Graham puts it

In Bangalore, India

Reddit | Multiple Position | Full-Time | New York

Reddit is hiring engineers in ads quality for our brand-new NYC office! We’re looking for machine learning and backend engineers, both junior and senior.

The ads quality team is responsible for all the machine learning that powers our ads backend, as well as the inference and ML serving infrastructure.

Our backend is in flux, but we’re using: Spark and Scala on AWS for machine learning, as well as BigQuery on GCP for analysis. Our ads serving stack is written in go and runs on AWS.

If you’re interested shoot us an email at jobs+hn@reddit.com

Are you sponsoring VISAs at this time?

GoEuro | Senior Data Engineer | Berlin, Germany | Full-Time | ONSITE | VISA & RELOCATION | https://www.goeuro.com/

GoEuro is one of Europe’s fastest growing travel startups backed by 20 million monthly users and the world’s leading tech investors. With GoEuro you can compare and book trains, buses and flights to anywhere in Europe with one simple search, on mobile, app or desktop. We recently got a new round of funding - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-23/goldman-b...

We are looking for a senior data engineer to join the Data Platform team. Our team is responsible for developing the engineering infrastructure and platform for analytics and data science at GoEuro. As a data engineer, you will help us build the next-generation data platform and ecosystem that supports the growing needs of the organization.

Tech Stack: Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Redshift, Apache Kudu, Apache Airflow, BigQuery, SQL, Python, Scala, Java

For more information, including how to apply, please visit our careers page for this position: http://goeuro.com/jobs?gh_jid=184730&gh_jid=184730

What's your salary range?

Legalstart | Paris, France | Full-time, Onsite, Visa, https://legalstart.fr Python/Django Rest Framework, React, Elm, Styled Components, Storybook, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, AWS

Based in Paris, Legalstart is a leader in the European legal-tech space that aims at profoundly simplifying legal services, starting with making access to justice greatly easier, especially for businesses creators. Our flagship product is simple incorporation in France.

Since the launch of the site at the beginning of 2014, Legalstart has experienced a very strong growth. In this context, we are looking for creative developers to help us extend our product base and grow internationally.

At Legalstart, we strive to improve our technical skills, that means challenging the status quo (we shipped a small blockchain-based product in production), continuously improving our practices (we started using Elm!), staying close to the local community (hosting meetups, conferences)… Also, Legalstart engineers develop a strong ownership of the product itself, and we commit their personal growth.

Apply there if you feel up to the experience!

* creative front-end developer: http://smrtr.io/4NUKgA

* Lead developer: http://smrtr.io/WTSz

* Python engineer junior-to-medium: http://smrtr.io/WTSz (you can apply in the same slot as Lead developer)

* UI/UX: http://smrtr.io/V4xy

AYLIEN | Tech Lead, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Research Scientist (NLP) | Dublin, Ireland | Full-time | Onsite | Visa | https://aylien.com

AYLIEN is a content intelligence company based in Dublin, Ireland. We empower companies all over the world to not only collect but truly understand large volumes of human-generated content. To create our products, we use AI-powered analytics technologies with web-scale aggregation of unstructured data and content. Our Text Analysis and News APIs enable developers and data scientists to build the next generation of intelligent apps and solutions with extreme ease.

Currently hiring for the following roles:

- Tech Lead: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/ayliencom/view/P_AAA...

- SRE: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/ayliencom/view/P_AAA...

- Research Scientist (NLP): https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/ayliencom/view/P_AAA...

DraughtLab | Software Engineers | Rochester, NY | REMOTE

DraughtLab provides software tools and services for businesses that perform human-sensory analyses on their products, i.e. tasting, smelling, feeling, etc. For example, brewers that need to ensure that their beer keeps coming out true to their brand, batch after batch.

We're looking for developers to help with all aspects of development and deployment, from native mobile to backend APIs, web frontend to devops. We are a small team making early hires, and our platform is evolving rapidly, so you can have a big influence on the direction of things! We work remotely but do all get together from time to time, so occasional travel may be required.

Our stack currently includes: Java/Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS), C# [1], Angular, MySQL, AWS [1] prepping a move .NET Core, considering using Docker/Kubernetes at that time, experience welcome

If you'd like to learn more visit us at https://www.draughtlab.com or send me an email at chad@draughtlab.com

Alpha | New York City/NYC SoHo | Fullstack Engineer, Machine Learning / NLP Engineer | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | $100 - $180k | https://alphahq.com We believe the path towards building better products involves more and faster experimentation. Alpha is an insights platform that enables teams to make data-driven decisions about products, users, and new markets. Users of our insights platform ask plain English questions and get back supporting data in hours or days, not weeks or months. We're currently looking for both full-stack software engineers and ML/NLP specialists.

Our stack: - Ruby - Node - Python - MongoDB - PostgreSQL - Redis - Vue.js - AWS - Heroku

For more info check out the official posting (be sure to mention HN!):

Machine Learning / NLP Engineer: https://alphahq.workable.com/jobs/779039

Full Stack Engineer: https://alphahq.workable.com/jobs/854089

You can also check out our careers page for more information on the company/mission/perks: https://alphahq.com/careers. Feel free to also direct questions about the roles to yair [ at ] alphahq.com

SoPost | Platform Engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE | £30-40K | https://jobs.sopost.com/programming-engineer SoPost is on a mission to build the world’s best product sampling platform, and we are hiring into our platform team. We are currently seeking engineers (design, operations and programmers) to expand the team to help with the growth of our business.

We’re looking for functional programmers to join our Platform team.

We have built our platform on functional languages (mostly Elixir), so you will need to be a confident programmer and ideally with some experience of functional programming. You do not have to know Elixir, but you should be able to demonstrate that you understand functional concepts in whatever language(s) you currently use.

You should be able to pick up new languages quickly as you will be expected to work in Elixir. We will provide you with suitable training experience during the first half of your probationary period to aid your transition from your current functional language to Elixir.

This role is on-site at our office in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. There is some potential for this position to be based in Edinburgh.

You can find out all the details and apply here: https://jobs.sopost.com/programming-engineer

Forestry.io (https://forestry.io) | Remote | Full-Time We are a small, engineering-focused team. Forestry.io is a content management system (CMS) for static websites that are built with tools like Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, etc. Developers around the world are leaving WordPress and Drupal for more secure, performant, static sites and Forestry allows their non-technical teams to manage content. Forestry takes a Git-centric approach to content management. When content is edited in Forestry, all updates committed back to the Git repo for that site.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

• Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

• Support/customer success: Requires knowledge of web development: HTML, Git, Static Site Generators, build tools, AWS, etc.

• User Experience (UX) Researcher: User-centric, CMS-loving, product geek. Your role is to assist our product team and help us build the best CMS on the planet.

• UI/UX Designer: User-centric, UI-obsessed designer.

• Developer evangelist: A developer who can help build our online community and spread the word about modern web development (JAMstack, serverless, Headless CMSs, etc) through writing, speaking at conferences, contributing to open source projects, etc.

All positions are open to remote or on-site candidates Please send a cover letter, resume, and code samples (where applicable) to jobs@forestry.io and mention this post in the subject.

still-unnamed startup in stealth mode> | REMOTE | 20-40h per week freelancers Sorry for the vague description but I can tell you more about the product we're building when you apply. Hopefully I can attract you in a sufficient way with our tech stack (see below) and some keywords (blockchain, DLT, bitcoin, ethereum, mimblewimble/grin, smart contracts, DAI, atomic swaps, etc).

Job positions:

- Build engineer: you are a Linux-er who has some past experience building deb or rpm packages, are excited about reproducible builds, and are willing to learn (if you don't already know) new things such as snap or flatpak. gitlabCI and/or AzureDevOps is a plus. (Might do some DevOps work after we come out of stealth mode as well.)

- Xamarin developer: C# experience as a minimum, F# desirable (we can also mentor you on the transition from C# to F#), interested/knowledgeable in Rust is another plus.

- Rust/blockchain developer: experience in Rust, or smart contracts (especially EVM or Ivy) is a must. Desirable to have experience writing bindings or zkSNARKs.

Important perk for all positions: all the code/scripts you'll write will be opensource, at least for the first 6months.

Write me at andrew.forsure@gmail.com

PS: Abstain from applying if you have/expect a managerial/lead role. We need manpower, not decision makers. (That doesn't mean you won't make decisions, just that we won't pay you to solely make decisions.)

Rokt (www.rokt.com) | Software Engineer (Clojure) | Sydney, Australia | Full-time, ONSITE

Rokt is hiring thoughtful, talented functional programmers to expand our Clojure team in Sydney. Ideally we're looking for mid- to senior-level engineers, but get in touch even if that doesn't describe you: above all, we're looking for great people, not "X years in the job already".

Rokt is a successful startup (150+ employees, profitable for several years now) with a transaction marketing platform used by some of the world's largest ecommerce sites. Our Sydney-based engineering team supports a business that is growing rapidly around the world. We have a small handful of applications and services in Clojure, including some of our most critical work.

If you have professional Clojure experience, great. What we're really looking for, though, is developers comfortable with a simple, functional style of writing code -- we'll happily bring you up to speed on Clojure if you're not there already. If you have a Java background and you're looking to move in a more FP direction, we'd love to talk to you. If you're a Lisper or Haskeller, or have a background in another FP language, we'd love to talk to you.

Contact me at sam@rokt.com

Please note that unfortunately at this point we can only consider applicants who already have a legal right to work in Australia.

Salesforce | SF, Seattle \ ONSITE / Authorization to work in the US required RELOCATION from US locations available for SR+ positions:

The HBase team builds and manages one of the critical building blocks of Salesforce's data infrastructure. HBase is a NoSQL database that stores customer data with use cases ranging from low latency real-time queries to high throughput bulk queries for analytics processing. At Salesforce, we have deployed HBase at massive scale with mind boggling numbers - ~4Billion (80TB) write requests per day and 600 million (500GB) read requests per day! https://salesforce.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/External_Career_Sit... Please email Nate @ nashbrook@salesforce.com


Salesforce | SF, Seattle, Herndon, Indianapolis, Boston ONSITE / Authorization to work in the US required RELOCATION from US locations available for SR+ positions

Information Security Engineers WANTED. We look for a combination of 3-4 skills from the below list. Please do not assume that all of these are required.

Penetration Testing \ Threat Modeling \ Architecture Reviews Cloud \ Code Development \ Vulnerability Management \ Reverse Engineering \ Automation \ Cryptography

Please email Rebecca @ rfouts@salesforce.com

HotelTonight | San Francisco | Backend, Frontend, Devops, Security & Managers | Onsite, Full-time | https://www.hoteltonight.com/about/careers

HotelTonight is a mobile-first hotel booking app. We started last minute and native app only but have expanded to 100 days and a full web client as well—the goal is to be the only hotel booking app you need.

We are profitable, growing fast, and need to fill a lot of engineering roles to fuel our growth. In general we are looking for senior engineering folks of all types with end-to-end thinking and a keen sense of UX and business impact.

Our backend is mostly Ruby, Rails, Scala, Kafka, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Postgres, and Redis. Hosted on AWS in a modern VPC setup, managed with Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Docker, Jenkins.

If you are experienced, especially in a startup environment, love building and shipping great products and/or teams, and have a hunger to move fast, hit me up directly at gabe@ the company domain (I am one of three engineering directors).

Specific roles are less important than a good fit on skills, style and aspirations, but you can review what we have open at https://www.hoteltonight.com/about/careers/

ClearBrain (YC W18) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://clearbrain.com

ClearBrain (YC W18) is a startup building the first self-serve predictive analytics platform. We help companies automatically predict, analyze, and retarget users when they are most likely to convert or purchase. Think a supercharged Google Analytics, based on internal tools used at Google, Netflix, and Uber. Fortune 1000 companies use ClearBrain to deliver billions of user-predictions every week and drive double-digit lift in their digital campaigns.

We're a deeply technical team (we were the first engineers on Google Ads and Optimizely), and are backed by early investors in Dropbox and AdMob. We're hiring across the board from generalist to frontend to machine learning engineers. We work in Go, Python, Node, Scala, Spark in the backend and React, Javascript, Firebase in the frontend.

To learn more about who we are and our engineering culture, check out: https://www.keyvalues.com/clearbrain

For all our open roles: https://angel.co/clearbrain/jobs

If interested, please reach out to grant [at] clearbrain.com - we look forward to hearing from you!

Maersk Digital | Software Engineer | https://maerskdigital.io | Copenhagen, Denmark VISA provided | Backend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer

Who We Are: We work together, we workout together (in our onsite gym). We meet in our newly renovated office, we meet for walks along the water. We discuss world affairs over breakfast and lunch in our canteen, or in our collaboration lounges. We wear what makes us feel comfortable and we wear ourselves out finding solutions to problems that affect millions of people every day. We are Maersk Digital.

We are looking for Software Engineers to be based in Copenhagen. You will be responsible for Designing, implementing, deploying, and maintenance of customer-facing analytics products. Have a look at some of the cool stuff we have built: https://maerskdigital.io

Current tech stack: Sketch / Go / React / Kubernetes /Python

Benefits: • Company contributed Pension • Insurance – Health, Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Accident • Performance related bonus • Breakfast and Lunch • Facilities in the building like gym, squash court, physiotherapy • Other benefits in Denmark like Supermarket rebates, discounts in restaurants etc • Possibilities to attend conferences, workshops and meetups • Fruits and Danish cookies.. EVERY DAY.

Apply here: https://jobsearch.maersk.com/jobposting/index.html?id=ML-195... or reach out to me farhana.mohammed@maersk.com

Top Hat | Software Engineers | Toronto, ON, Canada | ONSITE Full-time

We are hiring for a variety of development roles including: DevOps Engineer, Sr Platform Developer, Sr Android, and Full-stack Web (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js/Flux, AWS, Ansible; recently we’ve been practicing Continuous Deployment on Lambda). Salary range based on experience from $80K to $120K. Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful engagement tools, inside and outside the classroom. Recently, Top Hat has been building out interactive textbooks and creating a way for professors to collaborate on authoring new content and sharing it through our marketplace.

We have a great dev culture and some really cool problems to work on! Check out our ongoing projects here: https://sites.google.com/tophatmonocle.com/engineeringattoph...

Apply here! https://tophat.com/company/work-with-us/

MOKA Analytics | Software Engineer (Multiple Roles) | New York, NY | Full-time | $100-180K | 0-1% Equity | ONSITE

At MOKA, we believe every company should be equipped to make the best strategic decisions for their customers, employees, and shareholders. That's why we've set out to replace costly strategy consultants with intelligent software. Founded by McKinsey and Bridgwater alumni, we're assembling a diverse team to push the boundaries of data warehousing, explainable AI, and intuitive UX.

Our product, the Winning Model, is an integrated platform for decision support and long-term strategic planning. In less than two years, we've deployed the Winning Model in 5 countries and it's become the preferred strategy tool at one of the world's largest CPG companies

If you're excited about solving technical and HCI challenges in a business context, email me at todd@moka.nyc. We're hiring front-end, full stack, and data/analytics engine engineers.

Full job descriptions at: https://angel.co/moka-analytics/jobs. Follow our engineering blog at: https://medium.com/moka-analytics-engineering


I see that you have multiple openings which include for a full stack engineer I have your company in particular for someone who has skills in Python and Django. I wanted to know is this opening for a junior or mid-level developer?

Are you sponsoring VISAs at this time?

One Codex (YC S14) | San Francisco (Mission) | Software + Scientist Roles | Full-time (ONSITE) | https://www.onecodex.com

One Codex is a platform for microbial genomics. We are a technical, experienced (and profitable!) team working on meaningful problems that range from infectious disease diagnostics to outbreak epidemiology to improving our understanding of the microbiome. We work with top researchers, medical institutions, and biotechs, and have processed samples from all seven continents (and space!).

We're currently looking for engineers across multiple positions, including both those who are backend- and frontend-leaning. Our stack includes Python, Rust, and Javascript/Typescript (React), and we write everything from D3 visualizations to low-level bioinformatics algorithms. We are also hiring for a microbial genomics scientist position.

Challenges include: (1) developing novel algorithms for analyzing complex microbial communities; (2) working with terabytes of genomic data; (3) building scientifically reproducible analyses suitable for both research and the clinic; and (4) supporting scientists and developers building on our platform with extensible APIs.

We are based in San Francisco and offer a competitive salary and meaningful above-market equity. Benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage, a flexible vacation policy and relocation assistance if moving to the Bay Area.

Please apply here: https://jobs.onecodex.com/

Voom | Seattle, WA | Onsite | https://www.voom.flights

Voom is a long-term bet on urban air mobility in the world’s most congested cities. We’re building the world’s first truly on-demand helicopter booking platform while preparing for the next generation of electric vehicles. Voom operates like an autonomous startup, but with the big-company stability and benefits of Airbus, the world’s largest airplane and helicopter manufacturer. Our mission is to make Urban Air Travel more affordable and accessible.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/voom

Here are our open roles:

- Full Stack Engineer: https://grnh.se/ba1fd7e92

- Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://grnh.se/c279ceca2

- Software Engineering Manager: https://grnh.se/7365f3d92

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React, React Native (iOS & Android), Postgres, Sidekiq … and lots of testing and CI tools!

R2C | San Francisco | Backend, Frontend, Fullstack, Static Analysis Engineers | Onsite, Full-time | https://returntocorp.com

Does the unearthly size of your node_modules folder keep you awake thinking of rewriting your whole project without any frameworks or third party code at all? Are you terrified of how much C code is on running on your machine right now and randomly possessed with sudden urges to rewrite it all in new programming languages like Rust?

We're a Series A funded startup comprised mostly of recent MIT and Stanford alums who enjoy working on software to motivate developers to write better code. We're focusing on building a platform to analyze and rank all open source code - starting with npm JS - to call out insecure systems and practices. With our diverse backgrounds in security research, developer tooling, and consumer products, we’re uniquely positioned to change how developers think about writing secure code.

We're looking for Static Analysis, Backend, Frontend, and Fullstack engineers who are excited to work on a platform to analyze and measure code at unprecedented scale. Help us create a movement to change the way developers write software so that we can measure the security properties of code as it proliferates into our society in places like robots, voting machines, and self-driving cars.

Tech stack: TypeScript, React.js, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker

To find out more about R2C, please email minnie@returntocorp.com. Please include a copy of your resume. R2C is an equal opportunity employer.

Scribd | Android + iOS | Full time | ONSITE (REMOTE possible for more senior candidates in certain US states) | San Francisco, Toronto

Scribd offers all you can read ebooks and audiobooks for $8.99 a month and our apps get a ton of usage. We strive to build a great product, whilst considering ourselves primarily a technology company. We love to address technical debt, do things right the first time, encourage refactoring & trust engineers to know what is important.

The job right now involves primarily Kotlin and Swift interfacing with a Ruby on Rails backend.

Our interview process involves only directly relevant programming tasks, on your own hardware (if thats possible), with no whiteboard coding.

We’ve hired a bunch of people from these “Who is Hiring?” HN threads, including myself!

Please apply directly via the links below and I’ll know it is from here.

Android: https://jobs.lever.co/scribd/4fa6b064-48fe-46fa-aab4-6fba243...

iOS: https://jobs.lever.co/scribd/6d283383-27ed-49f9-992c-11c287e...

If you have questions you can reach me at joe at scribd.com (I’m the head of mobile engineering and happy to answer any question related to this role).

@recruiters & agencies - please do not contact me

TechEmpower | Full stack developer | Los Angeles area, California (near LAX) | ONSITE

Please apply at https://jobs.techempower.com/hn

TechEmpower is a custom software company. We help our clients understand their needs, plan solutions for them, and build software -- on time and on target. We're looking for good programmers interested in web development. If you're smart, motivated, and you want to work in a supportive environment, then let's talk.


- We're small, with 30 employees working in teams of 1-6. - We're friendly. Our office is professional and collegiate, like a computer lab staffed by adults. - We're the authority on web framework performance (https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/)


We don't expect new hires to have experience with all of these, but you'll learn about them every day.

- Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, Ruby, PHP - Web: Jersey, .NET Core, React, Django, Node.js, Go, Servlets, jQuery - Mobile: iOS, Android, PhoneGap - Data Persistence: ORM (Hibernate, etc.), Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, NoSQL.


- Flexible Schedules - Food trucks on Tuesday/Thursday - Lounge with two large TVs and a game collection

Arbor | Software Engineer - Python | Cambridge, MA | Full-time Onsite

At Arbor, we're unlocking nature’s genetic diversity to create transformative products in human health and sustainability. We've built a discovery platform that integrates large scale computational search with high-throughput experiments to enable rapid protein characterization.

We've published some of our discoveries in Science (http://science.sciencemag.org/content/363/6422/88) and Molecular Cell (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molcel.2018.02.028).

As an early software engineer in this venture-backed startup, you will have considerable latitude to innovate new methods for processing and extracting signal from massive amounts of (sequence) data. We make heavy use of Python and Google Cloud, among other technologies. You will be expected to work closely with our incredible team of scientists as we push the boundaries of discovery together.

More details: https://arbor.bio/careers

MyFitnessPal | Engineering | Full Time | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness

MyFitnessPal and Under Armour have teamed up to create Under Armour Connected Fitness, a business unit dedicated to providing the technology needed to train, perform and improve. Aimed at transforming fitness and performance, we're committed to leveraging new and emerging digital technologies to create unmatched consumer and member experiences.

We are currently looking for:

* Lead SWE (Ruby on Rails, Scala, Microservices) https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness/jobs/882011

* Senior iOS Engineer (Swift) https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness/jobs/1395992

* Senior Android Engineer (Android, Java) https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness/jobs/1396070

email michelle.pal@underarmour.com for questions

Board Intelligence | London, UK | Senior or Lead Software Engineer, DevOps, Full Stack | Full time | Onsite or Remote

The company:

We deliver Software as a Service for decision makers and boards. We’ve been helping boards to make better decisions for 14 years and we’ve been turning that knowledge into software for 6 years. We’re 50 people today and growing fast. As we grow, we’re fiercely protective of our friendly, high performing culture. We’re owner managed and remain in control of our own decision making and destiny.


The stack:

We’re looking for people who know how to learn and how to think, we don’t require experience with any particular part of our stack. Our stack is also evolving. We’re early adopters of any technology that can help us deliver our product and we’re not afraid to change and to up-skill the entire team in a new area. Currently we use:

- Front-end: React

- Back-end & services: Ruby on Rails, Clojure, Go, Kafka, RabbitMQ

- Infrastructure, Devops and CI: Docker, Kubernetes, bare metal, Gitlab CI, Google Cloud.

We know there are a lot of great opportunities out there, so we don’t hang about. Our selection process takes less than a week.

Email me at: ahmad.hammad@boardintelligence.com

Do you consider remote applies,ie:from Argentina?

Portchain | Copenhagen, Denmark | Full time | REMOTE | Front-end and full stack Software Engineers

We're hiring two full stack or front-end developers (NodeJS, ReactJS, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Python) to join our team of 4 remote developers (incl. the engineering manager onsite in Copenhagen).

Experience working remotely. Minimum 4 years of professional software engineering experience.

90% of all goods are transported in containers. The largest container vessels can take on 20,000 containers at a time. The industry is struggling like never before, and is fundamentally inefficient: 50% of all container vessels globally are delayed coming into port, most communication is conducted through phone and even fax, paper is still used in abundance, there can be over 15 process handovers moving a container, and there are large regional differences in performance among players.

We want to change that, and bring the industry into the digital age. Portchain (www.portchain.com) is a Danish startup founded by 3 McKinsey alums in February 2017 that aims to significantly reduce operational cost and complexity for all players while providing industry leading customer experience.

We have paying customers and starting to get traction through pilot projects, therefore looking for 2 new members to join our team.

Email jobs@portchain.com

Skip (YC W18) | Android Engineers, iOS Engineers, Backend Serverless TypeScript Engineers, Designers | Full-time | San Francisco (Mission) | On-site | $120 - $170k + equity

Come work with me at Skip in the sunny Mission in San Francisco! We’re the only e-scooter company that:

  - cares about unit economics
  - cares about cities
  - has never gotten a cease and desist
  - is developing the most advanced vehicles
Here’s some recent love TechCrunch gave us on the kickass new scooters we’re building: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/18/skip-unveils-scooters-with...

Now hiring across the board for engineers, product and design. ESPECIALLY engineering + designers. Are you one of these people or do you know anyone who’s got crazy good skillz? Email me at afik+jobs[at]skipscooters{dot}com, message me or comment below! ️

Android-specific details:

  - minSdkVersion = 21
  - 100% Kotlin
  - 100% M-V-VM
  - Dagger, Retrofit, Rx, all the good stuff
  - PLUS exciting opportunities to develop Google Cloud IoT and Android Things stuff for our embedded hardware in the scooters that’s also running Android!
Benefits / Office:

  - Medical/dental/vision coverage
  - Snacks & stocked fridge and pantry
  - Choose your own Apple equipment
  - Flexible vacation policy; take time when you need it
Email me at afik+jobs[at]skipscooters{dot}com, message me or comment below! ️

Instructure | Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Budapest, REMOTE (USA only) | https://instructure.com/ Help us build open-source software for education: https://code.instructure.com/

We're hiring for a range of engineering roles. See here for the list of open positions: https://jobs.lever.co/instructure?lever-via=IQ-V_FRhae&team=...

Our main stack is Ruby on Rails + React, but we also work with Go, Clojure, Scala, Node and other technologies. We have plenty of hard engineering problems for you to sink your teeth into, and many opportunities to learn!

Our culture is engineering-driven and work-from-home-friendly. Great benefits and competitive salary.

Feel free to email me at okhan(at)instructure(dot)com if you have any questions (I am an engineer not a recruiter - to apply you'll have to go through the lever job board). Note that jobs are onsite unless specifically listed as remote. Remote jobs are only open to candidates in the USA.

Doctype | Software engineer with reverse engineering skills / Anti-cheat engineer | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE, VISA or REMOTE (worldwide) | Full-time / part-time | https://www.doctype.se/

We're a small digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently around 15 people. We have an office in the heart of Stockholm, but our employees are free to work from wherever they feel most productive. We've built https://lemondogs.com/, https://www.gothiaecup.com/, https://beta.esportal.se/, amongst other websites. Our largest clients are within the eSports segment.

We’re currently looking for a software engineer with reverse engineering skills to work with us on client-sided anti-cheat technology. Our current tech stack is mainly Go, MariaDB and React, but the project you would be working on is a standalone client built in C/C++ and Assembly.


* Good understanding of C and x86-64 assembly

* Good understanding of the x86 architecture

* Basic understanding of the Windows NT kernel

* Eager to learn

Nice to have:

* Experience with reverse engineering malware/cheats

* Experience with reverse engineering the Windows NT kernel

* Experience with binary instrumentation

* Experience with hardware-assisted virtualization (such as VT-x and AMD-V)

* Experience with SLAT (Second Level Address Translation)

* Understanding cryptography primitives

The role we’re looking to fill is initially part-time, but may eventually grow into a full-time role. You’ll be working together with another anti-cheat engineer to combat cheaters in video games. If you’re looking for a full-time role, we may be able to offer that depending on your breadth of knowledge. We can offer relocation to Sweden and assist with housing. I’m one of the co-founders and currently hold the role as CTO. Feel free to mail me at mark@doctype.se if this sounds interesting to you!

OmniSci | San Francisco, CA | Backend Developer, Frontend Developer | ONSITE/REMOTE

OmniSci (https://www.omnisci.com) is a venture funded Series C startup company that builds a software platform for interactive analytics of big data. Our product features a lightning-fast open source GPU-accelerated database and visual analytics platform that leverages the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We can run queries against big data sets orders of magnitude faster than other systems, and since the results are on the GPUs, we can efficiently visualize the result sets with the native GPU rendering pipeline. Check out our 350-million-record Tweetmap demo (http://www.omnisci.com/demos/tweetmap) or our 11.6-billion-record ships demo (https://www.omnisci.com/demos/ships) for an idea of what the system can do.

We’re looking for:

- Backend Developer: Engineers with strong experience in C++ and database/systems programming. Knowledge of CUDA/OpenCL, LLVM, X64 Optimization, and/or OpenGL are a major plus.

- Frontend Developer: Engineers with strong experience in JavaScript and React/Redux. Ideal candidate has good design sense and a data visualization background.

Compensation, equity, and benefits are competitive. Apply at https://www.omnisci.com/company/careers/

Indeed | Java, Python or RoR engineer | Onsite or remote | Austin TX | Full time We are looking for Sr level Java OR Ruby on Rails OR ReactJS engineers to join our team full-time. Our Assessments team has a simple mission: help candidates get the right job. We let people build a profile to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities using job assessments… we’re trying to make the resume a thing of the past. Our team is highly distributed geographically so this position is open to remote candidates anywhere in the US or Canada as well as in our offices in Austin and San Francisco.Our team is nimble and scrappy. We ship new capabilities often and quickly by explicitly asking ourselves the 80/20 question a.k.a. the Pareto Principle.

You will: Build the core functionality of our assessments platform and own design and execution Develop our API and integrations with external applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse and Jobvite Scale to serve 100M+ job seekers

Please apply here:



Indeed provides a variety of benefits that help us focus on our mission of helping people get jobs. View our bounty of perks: http://indeedhi.re/IndeedBenefits

Mueller Water Products | https://www.muellercompany.com | Atlanta, GA or Toronto, ON | Multiple Roles | Full-time | ONSITE

At Mueller, we are building the next generation of smart water infrastructure for cities and municipalities all over the world. The Mueller business has been around for over 150 years and is the leading manufacturer of hydrants, valves, and other water products. Our technology teams are integrating custom built smart devices to provide IoT capabilities all over towns and cities. We are working on a lot of different problems: Leak Detection, Pressure Monitoring, and Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI Networks). We have over a million IoT devices in the field and are really pushing the boundaries of what is possible for a smart water infrastructure.

Our current stack includes: Angular, Typescript, C# (.NET Core), C++, C, MSSQL, AWS Services (ECS, RDS, API Gateway, Cognito, Lambda, etc)

Roles we have open:

   * Senior Full-stack Engineers
   * Senior Front-end Engineers
   * Data Engineers / Architects
   * Firmware Engineers
   * Hardware Engineers
If interested, send me an email at ealfonso+hn@muellerwp.com

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Visas for Toronto?

It's definitely possible for the right candidate.

Aula Education | Remote (GMT+/- 6h) | Full-time, permanent | https://aula.education/

We’re a remote-first team of 30 mission-driven people (14 nationalities!) building a ‘Slack for education’: a university's digital campus that brings together students, staff, and educators.

Open roles:

-Our first Product Manager. 5+ years of experience building excellent consumer products. http://bit.ly/ProductManageratAula

-Senior Full-stack engineer (React/node.js). 5+ years of experience. http://bit.ly/FullstackEngineeratAula

-DevOps engineer (AWS/Docker/Terraform). 3+ years of experience. http://bit.ly/DevOpsatAula

Our engineering interview process is mostly async (and a bit quirky): http://bit.ly/AulaAsyncHiring

Tech stack: React, react-native, redux, microservices in node.js, docker, AWS, Terraform, mongo. Read more here: http://bit.ly/AulaTechStack

Company culture: no-ego builder mentality, collaboration and support, focus on personal growth.

Please apply directly on the job descriptions. Email rune@aula.education (COO) with any questions :-)

Hey! I'm Martí and I've been working at Aula for a total of over 2 years now as a software engineer. I joined Aula as an intern in my first week of university and since then I've loved every single minute of being part of such an amazing group of talented and friendly individuals. If you're looking for an exciting and fulfilling job with a learning and collaborating atmosphere, Aula is the right place for you!

Hey, I'm Oliver, CTO at Aula.

If you're curious to hear more about our tech stack and the infrastructure I've described in this article http://bit.ly/AulaTechStack, let me know. If you're passionate about node, react and the interesting challenges of a micro-service architecture, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Hey everyone,

I’m Rune and I’m COO at Aula.

We’re pretty focused on community in digital space. That’s what our product does and it’s how we make remote work work.

I just wanted to share that most applicants leave the interview process with new friends - have a look from the candidate slack group: https://cl.ly/ef2b105e6159

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Rune,

Very interesting product I must say.

For the product management role, do you need relevant experience with consumer product companies. How about small scale startup experience in edTech as founder/product guy?

Also, are you open to fully remote folks?



Thanks for reaching out :-)

We are definitely open to fully remote folks!

We are mostly looking for people with experience in the 'craft' of product management at the moment - or for people who understand educators and their workflows very well.

However, if you send across your LinkedIn to rune@aula.education I can quickly check in with Adrian, our CPO, to see if he thinks its worth starting a conversation.

Does that make sense?


Hey everyone! I'm Brice, full-stack engineer at Aula since April!

I must say it's quite an exciting company to work with and I'd be glad to answer any question you might have :-)

Carbon Five | San Francisco, New York, Santa Monica, Chattanooga, Seattle | Full-Time, Onsite | https://www.carbonfive.com

Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy. We partner with our clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams. We work with numerous startups in addition to companies and organizations like Coinbase, StitchFix, WeWork, Protocol Labs/Filecoin/IPFS, Compass, Everlane, WeWork, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/carbon-five

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Product Designer: https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/designer/?ref=keyvalues

- Senior Developer (5+ years): https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/senior-developer/?ref=key...

- Developer (2-5 years): https://www.carbonfive.com/careers/web-developer/?ref=keyval...

Tech Stack: The majority of our work is in Rails, Node, and Java, but almost everything is up for grabs. The only tech we don’t work in is .NET and PHP.

Unnamed Yet | CTO & Co-Founder | Germany, Hamburg or Berlin | Full-Time | ONSITE

Use your chance to design a product from scratch. I am searching for someone experienced in the app development and mobile area. We are building an App trying to change the restaurant industry. Think of a combination of Groupon and Open Table. We already have more than 200 restaurants as partner. You can start on technical green grass. You would... * Have the chance to build a product from day one * Be responsible for building the app (whether we outsource parts or build everything in house, I rely on your expertise) and securing the quality of the app * Assess and develop new features and manage third party integrations * Hire your own tech team, take responsibility for your team and the product * get a great amount of equity in the company

Interview process: virtual session(s) with CEO; on-site beer and pizza with CEO; work out your own contract as you will be the first person you will hire for your tech team;) Contact me: whoishiringyc@gmail.com (if you are german, application in german is absolutely fine) Avoid the confidence gap and reach out to me without bullshit-speak. I am interested in… a brief introduction of you as a person. what projects did you work on in the past? References are really appreciated. what experiences do you have in the app industry? what companies did you work for? why do you think you are the right person to build a tech team/app from scratch? which programming languages are you capable of?

Take the chance. Apply.

Gower St Analytics | Senior Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Development Co-Ordinator | London, UK | REMOTE (UK Applicants only)

Gower Street Analytics is a well-funded growing startup doing predictive analytics and data science in the movie business. We have contracts with major movie studios that are household names, and we’ve just closed a Series A level funding round.

Our stack includes: Clojure, ClojureScript, Python, R, JavaScript, Postgres, CouchDB, Docker, RabbitMQ, AWS, Terraform

These are 100% remote positions based anywhere in the UK, but you’re welcome to work from the London office part of the time should you choose to. We spend a lot of time pairing remotely using tmux, and are big on coaching and collaboration in general.

In return you'll get:

- Over London market salaries for on-site roles, even though we’re fully remote. We also contribute 2% of your salary to a pension.

- Knowledge about exactly how your salary is calculated through our transparent compensation ladder, and what you need to do to progress.

- Choose your own working environment - you aren’t forced to work in a noisy open plan office.

- Go to one “big” and one “small” technical conference each year. There will also be opportunities to go to film industry conferences from time to time, in places like Barcelona, Las Vegas, Miami and Hong Kong.

- Get Wednesday afternoons to work on self-directed projects, individually or in groups, with the aim of personal improvement and innovation of new products.

For full job descriptions check out :




Or to apply send your CV and a cover letter to techjobs+hn@gower.st

Vanta (YC W18) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite and remote | https://vanta.com

Hi! Vanta founder here.

Vanta is security-in-a-box for technology companies, covering everything from laptops to infrastructure, and using a suite of simple, effective, and easy-to-deploy tools. We're in closed beta, onboard a new team every week, and work with software companies you'd recognize.

Help us secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe!

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/vanta

Here are our open roles:

- Generalist Software Engineer (onsite only): https://vanta.com/jobs?ref=keyvalues

- Support Engineer (remote okay): https://vanta.com/jobs/support

You can apply by emailing us! founders@vanta.com

Tech Stack: Node.js, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Docker, Terraform, Go, AWS

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona ONSITE | Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Devops Engineer, Product Design, Technical PM

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch

* We're a ~30-person team (SF, Barcelona, and remote) on a mission to help companies build better software faster

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team-oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're currently hiring for:

- Engineering (frontend, backend, ops/devops)

- Product Design Director

- Technical Product Manager

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

Sown To Grow | Data Scientist | San Francisco Bay Area | Full-Time | ONSITE

Sown To Grow is an early-stage EdTech startup that develops products that help students become better learners. Using our products, students set learning goals, enter and track their own performance on activities, and record reflections on the strategies they’re using to drive their own learning forward. The company has received seed funding from highly selective, innovative funds including Imagine K-12 (now Y-Combinator EdTech), Impact Assets, Jane VC, and others.

We are a small, nimble team that is inspired to make a difference in the world while building a successful business. Before starting Sown To Grow, our founding team spent several years working in both the private sector and schools/districts. We care deeply about building a product that positively impacts student outcomes and makes teachers’ lives easier.

We're looking to build out a new core area of our business and we're hiring for a full-time Data Scientist role - check out our listing and let me know if you're interested in chatting more!

+ Apply: https://angel.co/sown-to-grow/jobs/466361-data-scientist

Are you guys looking for Interns?

Boston Consulting Group Gamma | Senior Software Engineer | Paris or London | Full-Time | ONSITE

You will be responsible for advanced software solutions to support BCG Gamma’s analytics platform and clients. Your strong analytical skills and ability to develop innovative problem solving solutions will support mission critical decision analytics for our clients. Additional responsibilities will include developing feature enhancements to our platform, developing industry-leading analytics software solutions and methodologies and provide talks and papers in industry leading conferences on behalf of BCG Gamma. We are looking for talented individuals with a serious commitment to software development, data science, large data analytics and transforming organizations into analytics led innovative companies.

Programming: Python, GO, C++, Java, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Terraform, unix-based command line Full stack development: GraphQL, React Data: SQL, Spark, Hadoop Data Science and machine learning (Pandas, Scikit learn) Deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras etc.) Cloud: AWS/Azure/Google

To apply: https://talent.bcg.com/apply/SearchJobsGamma

Springshare | Intermediate/Senior Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote / NY / FL | Full Time

We're a well established (since 2007) SaaS provider to libraries (academic/public/special) and education (colleges/k-12) - https://springshare.com.

Requirements: 5+ years experience with PHP or/and Angular. Experience in OOP/MVC concepts. AWS DevOps experience a plus. The code you write will be deployed to production regularly, w/ millions of educators and students using it daily.

We offer: Remote workplace with competitive salary & benefits. A small team environment where your work will have a measurable impact. A great feeling that your work matters because it is improving the worlds’ libraries and schools.

You must be highly productive working remotely. We’d prefer if you live in one of these states - NY, CA, FL, PA, MA, or KY. If you’re international the working hours must overlap significantly with US working hours. Send resume to jobs@springshare.com or contact me personally (I’m the founder/owner) at slaven@

Dashdoc | Paris, France | Full-time | ONSITE | REMOTE | dashdoc.eu

We're building the future of tools for the transportation industry. In the past 3 years we built Truckfly, an app and community of more than 200k truck drivers in Europe that was acquired by Michelin in 2018. We're now working on improving communication in the trucking industry with a SaaS app that we sell to carriers and shippers, making the whole delivery process more transparent.

Right now we are 6 people, 4 based in Paris and 2 in Toulouse. Bonus points if you speak French but not mandatory!

Our stack is Python, Django with Django Rest Framework on the backend, using Postgres and hosted on Google Cloud. On the front-end, React / React-Native TypeScript apps.

We're currently looking for an experienced backend developer to help us scale our API while keeping things stable over the next year. (50-70k€)

We're also looking for a strong generalist to keep improving all parts of our software, from the mobile app to the web front-end to the back office (40-60k€)

If you want to work remotely, UTC-3 to UTC+4 would be easier.

Contact me at corentin at dashdoc dot eu

Geoblink | Software Engineer| Madrid, Spain | mostly onsite|

We’re a fast growing startup that has already raised close to $8 million in investment. You would join the POI-Acquisition team as a Software Engineer, working with the Data Scientists to acquire and process hundreds of POIs on a daily basis (and more as we keep growing!). This will involve tasks to develop the back end (Node.js and Python) of different applications (back end services and internal web apps) to read data from databases or CSV files and process it in different steps, creating automated pipelines when possible.

Salary: 32K-45K Euros plus stock options, and personal development budget. We also offer other great benefits.

Email: jobs@geoblink.com or apply here: https://www.geoblink.com/work-with-us/

45K tops and you decided to setup in the center of Madrid. That's either condemning the worker to a long commute or a low salary.

It is neither condemning our workers to a long commute nor a low salary. Everyone at Geoblink has flexible working so can pick the days and hours they work. Moreover we all can work from home whenever we want so commuting is never an issue. In terms of salary it is actually a competitive offer since the cost of living etc in Madrid is much lower than in places like London XD.

That being said, if anyone is interested but they think the salary is too low to live in Madrid please do email me so that I can update our research and make sure we stay competitive.

We'd love to hear from you!

Microsoft Visual C++| Compiler Engineer, Runtimes Engineer | Redmond, WA | ONSITE, Full-time

Microsoft C++ team is looking for experienced and aspiring compiler engineers for multiple openings. Roles cover bring up of novel cloud hardware in both LLVM and MSVC compiler tool chains in addition to ongoing improvements in all MSVC production targets to support cloud workloads and the Microsoft ecosystem. There are also openings on sister teams covering libraries and runtimes (think CoreCLR). This is a chance to work with dynamic teams empowering a big ecosystem – your work will matter to a lot of people – on system level innovation. If you’re an experienced compiler engineer, or just a strong C++ developer looking to expand their skills in this space, this is a great opportunity to have an impact.

Job link for more info on the Microsoft career site: https://aka.ms/vcjobs

or email rhadley@microsoft.com

Hinge Health | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-Time | Design, Software Engineering, Engineering Ops (DevOps)

Hinge Health is breaking new ground by re-defining what best practice means for musculoskeletal (MSK) health. We have incredible traction in the market, a clear hockey-stick growth curve, and a profound mission that (really!) changes lives on a daily basis.

With our current trajectory we're basically hiring across the board and currently building out our foundations of senior talent. (New grads are not good a fit for us just yet, but we plan to get there soon.)

This is not just a call for passionate software engineers, but also designers who understand that design goes far beyond just "visual design" or "UI". If you get both design and code we definitely will want to talk!

Technologies we use at Hinge include: Rails, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Docker, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, and currently evaluating use-cases for Elixir.

Our design tools include: AfterEffects, Sketch, Abstract, and Invision.

Send me an email if you want to start a career in next-gen healthcare: julian at hingehealth dot com

Healthify | 3 Positions (see below) } | NYC, New York | Remote

Healthify's mission is to build a world where no one's Health is hindered by their need. We pursue that by building software to empower social workers and their highest need patients. Read more about us here: https://www.healthify.us/

We're a mission-driven, empathetic, and passionate company of 45 and engineering team of 10 growing very rapidly. Come join us!

1. Director of Engineering: https://healthify.workable.com/jobs/924840

2. Software Engineer (DevOps): https://healthify.workable.com/jobs/779733

3. Product Manager, Platform Squad (Integrations, Data, Reporting, DevOps): https://healthify.workable.com/jobs/925331

(Please apply via the above links!)

Siemens | Belgium | Research / Compiler Engineer | Full-time | Onsite

Siemens Industry Software is the leading partner in test and mechatronic simulation in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Our team, the aerospace competence center, located in Leuven, Belgium is looking for a researcher with compiler development interests.

Together with the research team, you will work on a new programming language for developing safety critical software for use on for example self driving cars or autonomous aircraft.

You will work on the compiler internals to implement code generation that targets LLVM intermediate representation, which is converted by LLVM to machine code. You will work on the translation of high level programming concepts to lower level LLVM concepts. Furthermore you will work on methods for cross compilation and deployment of programs to Arm boards.

More info: https://jobs.siemens-info.com/jobs/70396?lang=en-gb

You can always contact me personally for questions or more information. See profile for email.

That page says: " 404 The page you are looking for no longer exists.

We’re sorry, but it looks like this job may be no longer available or does not exist. Please click here to perform a new job search."

Ubisoft Massive | Site Reliability Engineer (Infrastructure Engineer) | Malmo, SE | Onsite, Relocation/VISA offered | http://www.massive.se

My team is looking for an automation focused individual to help us release AAA games with the highest possible reliability, while supporting the needs of the adjacent programming squad. Our team is comprised of classicly trained sysadmins who have always had a brush with automation, we work very closely with C++ programmers so experience or willingness is helpful.

Our stack is primarily comprised of Saltstack/Python/terraform running on google cloud and bare metal.

To give you an indication of an ideal candidate: they would have enough Python experience to be able to investigate and fix bugs with us (in projects like saltstack; and contribute them back upstream) and would enjoy doing so.

We make heavy use of Windows and FreeBSD, but knowledge in those things specifically is not paramount, typically we look for expertise in practical use of systems and infrastructure, concepts that go beyond the implementation of a single OS. A full Jobspec is here: https://www.massive.se/job/online-infrastructure-site-reliab...

We have _many_ other open positions for C++ programmers, Animators, Data Managers: https://www.massive.se/career/ each offers a relocation package and an additional VISA if required.

We move very quickly, have interesting challenges and enjoy a great work/life balance, despite our industry.

SpikeGadgets | C++ Software Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE | Full-time

SpikeGadgets is trying something new. Our hybrid approach is to design and sell powerful hardware that interfaces with an open-source software platform supported by a large community of scientists and developers. Our goal is to support the efforts of the open-source community in a commercially sustainable way.

We strive to make hardware and software with ease of use in mind, but with minimal compromises in performance or flexibility. We are looking for a Qt/C++ Software Engineer at the earliest possible date. The position is full-time remote.



- experience in C/C++ and CMake

- experience developing Qt-based software

- comfortable working with git

- bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or a related engineering field


You should answer the following questions in your email(or cover letter):

- Have you ever contributed to any open source project? If so, what's your GitHub/GitLab/etc profile?

- What do we need to know about you?

- What qualifications do you have?

- What kind of salary do you expect?

If you are interested, please, send your CV and cover letter ASAP to magnus.w.karlsson@hotmail.com

LoanStreet | Senior Fullstack Engineer | NYC Series A Startup | 100K - $150K | Equity | https://www.loan-street.com


LoanStreet offers the first fully-integrated online platform that streamlines the process of sharing, managing, and originating loans. LoanStreet not only benefits lenders and their borrowers, but also brings transparency and stability to the lending industry.

Please contact careers@loan-street.com to apply.


Senior Fullstack Engineer:

We are seeking to grow a team of engineers with the vision to build a powerful platform and the talent to do it the right way. Currently, we're a small team of 8 full-time engineers, and as one of the early members you will have a significant voice in both engineering and the company as a whole.

This type of platform is sophisticated with technical requirements spanning a broad variety of disciplines. There are already hundreds of millions of dollars flowing across the platform, with billions anticipated. It’s an exciting time to join and we are looking for brilliant people to share that excitement with us!

Key Technologies: Python, React, GraphQL, Flow, Django, Docker, AWS

  * Preferably 6 or more years web development experience
  * 3 or more years of Python experience 
  * Experience with service-oriented architecture or microservices 
  * Place great value in testing and writing readable, maintainable code  
  * Understand the complexities of developing and maintaining production software 
  * Strong disposition towards collaboration and communication 

  * Experience or interest in Event Sourcing or Domain Driven Design

Prospect | Customer Support, Software Developer | Full Time | Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada | Onsite, Remote | https://tryprospect.com

We're a startup based out of Waterloo, Canada building a smart, curious, and driven team that's passionate about making software that helps sales reps sell better. Prospect is a lead generation platform that intelligently sources contact data right inside of your web browser in real-time.

The best sales teams from the top tech companies in the world use Prospect to crush their sales targets.

We are profitable and self-funded (no VCs or investors). We did this because we want to do what's best for our team and customers (not investors). We have sane working hours; we don't work weekends, take ample time off, and work ~8 hours a day.

## Open Positions ##

We are currently looking for a:

* Customer Support Representative: https://secure.collage.co/jobs/prospect/8415

* Software Developer (React / JavaScript): https://secure.collage.co/jobs/prospect/9442

## Perks ##

* Work remotely or from our office in Waterloo -- your choice

* Benefits (Health, Dental, etc) through our company HSA

* Catered lunches every day and snacks at the office

* Vacation travel spending allowance

* Laptop of your choice

## How to Apply ##

Contact aamir@tryprospect.com or apply at the links above

Upflow | Paris or Remote (CET -2 / +2) | Full-time | https://upflow.io

We're building the reference payment platform for B2B businesses in Europe.

Getting paid on time remains a significant problem for B2B businesses. We're on a mission to revolutionise how companies manage their outstanding payments. To do this, we're building a fully fledged payment platform from scratch - think Stripe but for traditional (non-tech) businesses.

It's an extremely complex and multi-faceted problem which affects almost 500,000 businesses across Europe.

We run on React / GraphQL / Node / Express / Postgres We're still really small (3 developers) and are looking for great hackers to work across the stack on problems ranging from payments, security, product and data.


SE at Upflow here ! I've been working there since the very beginning, and it's been absolutely fantastic. We have already changed the way a bunch of companies get paid, and helped them get huge sums of money back to run their business, and that feels great.

As for the work atmosphere, it strikes a great balance between the exhilarating ride of launching a startup and the calm and self-care required to be in it for the long run :)

I've been working at Upflow for a few months now, and it's been a pleasure building a product with this team. I love how we listen to the customers, try to understand their pains and needs, and solve them in the best way possible. Also, it's refreshing to work with this technical stack, especially with GraphQL. I feel like we're going in the right direction, and it feels great to be apart of that.

CompilerWorks | San Francisco Bay Area | Full-time, remote | $95k-$250k driven by what you bring to the company.


If you love solving tough programming challenges and avoiding organizational politics this might be the place for you.

CompilerWorks is a bespoke compiler company, with our core product centered around compiling one dialect of SQL to another - e.g. would you like to run Oracle PL/SQL on a PostgreSQL database? You can with CompilerWorks. We have three of the five goliath US tech companies as customers - we have not approached the others yet.

We are driven to solve interesting engineering problems, for this reason we take on challenges where compilers are useful. Our current product focus IS disruptive to the database market.

We are looking for EXPERIENCED developers (our least experienced developer has more than 10 years of experience). Our core development language is Java. We are currently a team of ten in 7 countries.

Let us know if you are interested info {at} compilerworks.com

Hi there, do you have any Junior/mid level positions for those who work with python? Or are you looking for Java developer specifically?

Most humiliating interview of my 20 year career. Thanks guys.

I am sorry - but we do have very high standards. Your preliminary interview was fine (if you are who I think you are), but the quality of your code and depth of you thought process as exhibited in the "trial" code review process did not match with our team.

Good luck finding what you are looking for.


Artory | Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany | Full Time | ONSITE, VISA | https://www.artory.com/

Artory is the Registry for the art world and wants you to be a part of it!

We are looking for a software engineer with a focus on cryptography to join our team in Berlin. You will join our development team, who are currently working in the following areas:

* The Registry, a system that records artwork transactions transparently on the blockchain

* A client to record data on multiple blockchains and create timestamp proofs

* An application for art collectors, providing secure key storage in a user-friendly way

* A secure messaging platform

Tech Stack: Python, Django, TypeScript, React, Docker, AWS

Some of our perks:

* Competitive salary, life-/family-friendly and flexible working hours, 25 days of paid leave

* Nice, spacious office environment in Kreuzberg, Berlin

* Hardware you want for your work and allowance for books you need

* Budget to visit conferences

* Flexible to remote work/working from home

For more information and to apply, please see:


looks like an interesting approach. are you using a private or public ledger for this?

Artory relies only on public blockchains for transparency.

Edinburgh Genome Foundry | Senior Software Engineer - Synthetic Biology and Automation | Edinburgh, UK | ONSITE | Full-time

We are looking for a computational software engineer or computational biologist to join one of the largest automated platforms for synthetic biology globally.

The Foundry is a unique facility at the University of Edinburgh specialized in large-scale genetic engineering projects for academic and industrial research. We are automating the assembly of genetic constructs up to chromosome size, with an ambition to deliver custom DNA seven days a week with minimal human intervention from order to shipping.

You will help us develop the services that orchestrate our platform, making it smarter, faster and more reliable. This is a great opportunity to contribute to exciting research projects (e.g. in gene and cell therapy, metabolic engineering) while developing expertise in Laboratory Information Management Systems, software architecture for automation, computer-aided DNA design and manufacturing, and web development.

Your work will be mainly open-source and have visibility in the Synthetic Biology and Laboratory Automation communities, enabling biological projects at an unprecedented scale!

Duration: Until Nov. 2020 in the first instance.

Full job description and application: https://www.vacancies.ed.ac.uk/pls/corehrrecruit/erq_jobspec...

EGF website: https://genomefoundry.org

EGF Software Projects: https://edinburgh-genome-foundry.github.io

E-accent | Ruby on Rails Mid-level Developer | Australia | REMOTE | Full-time | USD $60,000 (approx. AUD $76,000 plus superannuation)


E-accent is a long-running Ruby on Rails team with people in five countries, aiming to bring light in the darkness of corporate software. Our projects tend to be large, complex and interesting. Our core team works in Australia, the Netherlands and China.

We’re looking for a mid-level Ruby on Rails developer in Australia willing to work remotely. You should have a good working knowledge of rails, including writing automated tests. You'll be collaborating with a small team of developers online.

We offer:

- Ruby on Rails projects - Occasional front-end work, typically React - Remote work - A small, friendly, supportive team - An actual 40-hour work week - No pair programming, and few meetings (just the ones we need) - MacBook Pro and any other software/hardware you need - Australian full-time working conditions: 4 weeks of paid vacation, a few extra personal days to use at your discretion, and the standard national holidays every year - Yearly CPI salary increases

Our stack: Ruby, Rails, React, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu/Mac, Ansible, GoCD, Github, Rspec, Cypress

Read more about us at our careers page: https://www.e-accent.com/careers

Please send your cover letter, resume and/or Github link to jobs@e-accent.com.

Root | Columbus, OH | Full-time | Onsite | $80k-$150k |https://joinroot.com

Root is a car insurance carrier, like GEICO and Progressive. We use data science and technology to identify and insure good drivers, reducing insurance premiums for good drivers as a result. Our core product is a mobile application that we sell insurance our insurance through. We utilize sensors within the phone to track driving performance and then offer a quote priced based off of that driving performance.

We're focused on becoming a national insurance carrier and are now live in 22 states.

We raised a $180M in VC with our most recent round carrying a $1B valuation with it. We're looking to hire more engineers to join us in building Root

Tech stack involves Ruby / Rails and Javascript / React Native.

Email us at chris.evans@joinroot.com to apply and we'll respond to you promptly.

WalmartLabs | Software Engineer, All Levels | $60-$200k base, 10%-20% annual target bonus, $0-$60k annual RSUs | Portland, Oregon | Onsite | Full Time, Contract to Hire

We're hiring:

Web developers: Node.js, React, Typescript

Mobile developers: iOS, Android

Our Portland office is looking to grow our services, mobile, and full-stack engineering teams. NCGs, juniors, mid-level, senior, and above are all welcome to apply. We're in the center of downtown and have a positive and diverse community. We have some big initiatives in this year's pipe--get in on the fun! We're looking for folks to be on site, but some periodic remote work is just fine.

Over 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store. Over 140 million people shop in 4500+ Walmart stores every week. As such, no one else is better positioned to deliver the best, most seamless shopping experience, in-store and online, and that's exactly what our team is set up to deliver.

Interested? Questions? Reach out to me directly at christopher.dieringer@walmartlabs.com with "hackernews" in the subject line.

Remind | Backend, Fullstack, or Android | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE

Remind is building a communications platform for education, to help every student succeed.

We are a mission-driven startup with lots of passion, lots of integrity, and lots of users — 31M MAU!

As a team of 30 engineers serving those millions of users (the whole company is about 85 people), each of us makes a huge impact on the business — and on the lives of the teachers, students, and parents using our platform!

Do you:

- like to move fast (but try not to break things)?

- want to drive engineering quality and rigor?

- thrive in the complexity, ambiguity, and rapid change of a startup environment?

- collaborate cross-functionally to get stuff done?

- want to regularly see heartwarming messages from teachers about the difference your product is making in the lives of kids?

Please consider applying:

Backend: https://boards.greenhouse.io/remind/jobs/496462?gh_jid=49646...

Fullstack: https://boards.greenhouse.io/remind/jobs/44809?gh_jid=44809

Android: https://boards.greenhouse.io/remind/jobs/1408512?gh_jid=1408...

Remote work is fine, within 3 hours of Pacific Time.

If you have questions, feel free to drop me a line personally: estlin {at} remind {dot} com.

Reliable Robotics | Senior Software Engineer / Flight Software Engineer | Full Time / Interns | Onsite in Mountain View, CA

- We are building the system to make airplanes into fully autonomous airplanes, from taxiing, through takeoff and flight, to landing, and believe in the future that autonomous flight will make travel and transport cheaper, easier, safer, and more available to everyone.

The team here is made up of brilliant minds with backgrounds at places like SpaceX, Google(X), Tesla, Apple, HoneyBee Robotics, Virgin Orbit, NASA, etc and we work with autonomy, creativity, and freedom to get things done.

If you think self flying planes sound amazing, and look for hard challenges that you, yourself have the freedom to solve, this is the place for you.

Requirements: - C++/C Development (Python nice to have) - Mission Critical Software Dev - Interest in Robotics, Autonomy, Aviation

Email me @ mattw@reliable.co OR check out our Jobs Page: http://www.reliable.co/#jobs

ClearVoice | Backend Software Engineer | Phoenix, Seattle or REMOTE (USA) | https://www.clearvoice.com | Full Time

ClearVoice is a Content Marketing Platform and Marketplace. We make creating great content easy for everyone. We have indexed over 100M online articles and have identified and ranked 300k+ authors. We use this index to power our transparent talent network. We supply all engineers with 15" Macbook Pros and quality tools. Competitive pay, fantastic weather and low cost of living in Phoenix (or wherever you live)!


- React - Frontend

- Ruby/Rails - Platform API

- Python - Crawling, Search Index, ML

- Terraform+AWS - Infrastructure

Currently looking to hire:

* Backend Software Engineer ($90k-$135k)

* https://clearvoice.workable.com/j/B2A0B579A0

Mandatory Requirements:

* 3+ years experience as a fullstack or backend developer on a SaaS product

PS: Phoenix has neighborhoods with Cox Gigablast - full duplex gigabit internet access :)

Interested in another role not posted?

E-mail jeff __4t__ clearvoice.com

Hello, I would be interested in this role or any role of that may suit my skills as far as Python or Django goes.

Is the email address that you provided the best method of contact? Just asking wasn't sure if it is typed as shown because I don't see the @ symbol. :)

KnowInk (knowink.com) | iOS Engineer | St. Louis | Onsite | Fulltime | Relocation stipend | (Remote a possibility for exceptional candidates inside the US.)

KnowInk is seeking an iOS developer to work closely with a small team of engineers on an election checkin app (Poll book) for iPad that is currently being used or piloted by 25 states and 3 countries. Our app allows same day registrations in multiple jurisdictions and allows people to get in their polling place to vote more quickly and efficiently. (We do not record votes.)

Technical Skills

- 2+ years experience writing Swift

Experience dividing and crafting logic in MVC, MVVM, or VIPER paradigms

- Experience working with third-party libraries in Swift such as RxSwift and PromiseKit

- Experience working with Git and Github Pull Requests

Experience working with Bitrise or other Continuous Integration Providers such as Jenkins or CircleCI.

- Experience working with a package management system such as Carthage or CocoaPods

- Experience working with Core Data

- Experience formulating unit tests as appropriate for complicated models

- Experience working in a highly dynamic, multi-threaded environment

Nice to Haves

- Experience reading or writing Ruby on Rails APIs

- Experience designing security and encryption regimes


- Choice of health, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, AD&D

- Other optional benefits such as legal plan, pet insurance, etc.

- 401k Matching

- Flexible PTO time

- Ability to work from home when needed

- Annual bonus depending on company performance

To apply send your resume to mark.schisler@knowink.com

Hunter2 (YC18) | front-end UI/UX specialist | San Francisco, CA | REMOTE | hunter2.com

Hunter2 teaches secure coding through interactive web apps that developers exploit and patch. Take a look at a demo lab to see the platform in action: https://demo.hunter2.com/demo

If this looks like an interesting problem to work on, reach out! We're a small remote team, looking for someone who can help out with a focus on the front end.

Our primary platform is NodeJS-based, with plans to introduce React soon.

About you:

  - technical enough to follow the demo lab
  - user-focused enough to have thought up a dozen UI/UX improvements along the way
  - ideally comfortable contributing front-end code beyond visual prototypes
  - actually enjoy CSS?
Remote-friendly, part-time or full-time. Cannot sponsor visas.

For a response, please include "H2" in your subject line :)

Email me (Fletcher) at our site (hunter2.com)

What's your company called? I just see * * * * * * *

I'm sorry, I'm sure you heard it a million times, but I just wanted to say I'm very impressed by the name, and it seems you provide an interesting service as well.

Shogun (YC W18) | Backend Engineer | REMOTE | https://getshogun.com | $80-$120k + 0.25%

Shogun is a storefront builder for eCommerce stores. We have one of the most popular apps on Shopify (https://apps.shopify.com/shogun) and BigCommerce. We bootstrapped the business to profitability and we're growing fast. The team of 22 is distributed around the world and we're looking for more engineers to join us.

On the backend, we use Rails, Graphql, Postgres, MongoDB, Fastly, BigQuery, and have some newer services in Go.

On the frontend, we use React and Apollo.

We have big plans for the future and we're just getting started!

If you are interested to learn more, email jobs@getshogun.com with your resume and any questions you may have!

Front-end Developer | TutorMundi | Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, SP - Brazil | Onsite, Full-time

// Company

TutorMundi helps students get into the universities of their dreams. They are tutored through our app by the brightest students from the best universities of the country.

We're a small startup (6 people) that just found product market fit last year and closed a round of funding recently.

The company was founded in Silicon Valley and the team recently moved into a beautiful office in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo.

// Role

Front end developer. Know your CSS and JS. If you have some design skills, even better. You may help out on the JS back end occasionally. You'll be actively involved in crucial product and growth decisions too.

Required languages:

- Portuguese

- English


- JavaScript

More information in Portuguese: https://github.com/frontendbr/vagas/issues/1742

// To apply

To apply email contact@tutormundi.com or any questions to bart@tutormundi.com

Senior Javascript Developer (React/NodeJs) Montreal, Canada (Quebec)

ONSITE - Sponsoring Work Permits


Reach out directly at bryan@opslock.com

We're looking for someone who lives and breathes Javascript. This person will be joining a small team of passionate problem-solving developers building scalable web applications in React, React-Native, and NodeJS.

We have funding, great architecture, and are looking for someone who can hit the ground running and join us for this crazy ride. Stock Options available in addition to compensation.

Dog-friendly office in the Mile End, we offer a flexible schedule, tons of autonomy and ownership, gym membership, and a ton of other great benefits.

Fuze | Senior Front End Developer | Ottawa, ON, Canada | ONSITE Full-time

Fuze is a global, cloud-based unified communications platform that empowers productivity and delivers insights across the enterprise by enabling simplified business voice communications, flexible video conferencing and always-on collaboration. Fuze allows the modern, mobile workforce to seamlessly communicate anytime, anywhere, across any device.

You will help to lead a team of front end developers transforming the administrative experience. We are currently migrating from AngularJS to React. Note that an in-depth knowledge of React is not a pre-requisite. We are willing to train a strong candidate on the React library and its ecosystem.

For more information, including how to apply, please visit: https://www.fuze.com/careers#!/job/1416409

HAProxy Technologies | Software & Systems Engineers, UI/UX, Dev. Advocate | Waltham, MA | Paris, France | REMOTE

HAProxy Technologies is the company behind the world's fastest and most widely used open-source software load balancer.

We're looking for developers stretching across many spectrums: C, Golang, UI/UX designer, developer evangelist. We're also seeking Senior Systems Engineers (Linux).

Developer Advocate:

Looking for a developer advocate who can represent us at meetups, conferences, and anything else that aids in making developers aware of new products, features, and changes. This role would also assist with content creation. Ideal candidates are outgoing, up-to-date with industry trends, and come from a development background.


We are looking to reinforce the development team of HAProxy and are looking for developers who have solid skills in Shell, C, HTTP, TCP/IP and uses Git. Knowledge of cloud environment is a plus. We are looking for people who are not afraid of patching the Linux Kernel and who can quickly become autonomous.


We are looking for Go developers with 2+ years of experience in Kubernetes and Cloud environments, as well as load balancing. A Bachelors or higher degree in IT is desirable. If you want to contribute to the software enabling performance and reliability of some of the largest websites on the internet.


We are looking for UI/UX designer who has experience with designing high-quality intuitive user interfaces to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Senior Systems Engineer:

We are seeking Senior Systems Engineers (Linux) to work out of our Waltham, MA office or remotely in the EST/CST/MST/PST timezones. Knowledge of HAProxy is a plus.

Please send cover letter and resume to careers@haproxy.com

Are you still hiring for the Developer Advocate position? I checked the website and it wasn't listed under careers.

Housecall Pro | Senior iOS Engineer, Senior Android Engineer, Junior/Senior DevOps Engineer | San Diego, CA | Onsite | Full time | https://housecallpro.com

We are the operating system for home services labor across the US and Canada. Funded by top tier VCs, we are focused on making the lives of service professionals better with technology.

Our Engineering team is extraordinary. We’re a hardworking and focused team driven to deliver industry-leading tech to our service pro customers. Our success is their success. Our team of entrepreneurial, client-focused team members are the "engine room" of Housecall Pro.

See full job descriptions and apply here: https://www.housecallpro.com/careers

Symaps.io | Full stack | Paris, France | Full Time | Onsite | Compensation based on profile | VISA Symaps.io is a fast-growing tech startup located in Paris, Station F : it's an AI application that finds the best location for your business (restaurants, stores, etc.), based on profitability. It's currently used by clients in the EU, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan, incl. Tesla and Décathlon. We just closed a 700K seed round and several clients contracts, and are urgently looking for passionated peoples to strengthen our team of 6 peoples (incl. 3 full time engineers).

Esp. we're hiring 2 full stack engineers. Our stack : Python, React, Scikit-learn, Kubernetes, Elastic, PostgreSQL / PostGIS.

More details here :


Replicated | Backend Engineer - All Levels | $90k - $160k + equity | Los Angeles ONSITE | https://www.replicated.com

At Replicated we are building modern deployment frameworks that make it simple for SaaS vendors to deliver to enterprise customers. We are looking for hackers and engineers with a passion for crafting developer tools and solving challenging technical problems. At Replicated you will be working with a talented and experienced team, writing code in Go & Typescript, and contributing to the growing Docker & Kubernetes ecosystem. These roles will be exclusively onsite in Los Angeles.

If you are interested please email austin (at) replicated (dot) com

Those interested in technical customer success, quality assurance, or support roles are invited to get in touch as well.

Sr. (and above) Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer | Netskope Inc | San Francisco Bay Area | Onsite | Visa | Full Time

We’re changing the way enterprises think about Security. Our goal is to be the leading cloud security and analytics platform globally. Netskope (series F funded) is the leader in cloud security. We believe that people and companies should be able to collaborate without limits, working safely across the cloud, web, devices, and locations. Fortune Magazine as one of the top 100 cloud companies in the world.

We have multiple openings for Sr (and above) Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer position in our San Francisco Bay Area HQ.

If you are tired of feeling like a cog in the wheel and want to work on interesting and technical challenges then reach out to me on atoshniwal@netskope.com and let's chat!

Pacifica Labs Inc. | Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Engineering Manager | San Francisco, CA, Madison, WI | | Onsite or Remote | Full-time | https://thinkpacifica.com/

Pacifica is the one of the largest mental health platforms in the world. Having launched in January 2015, over 2.6 million people have now signed up to improve their health and wellbeing through our mobile applications. Come help us change the way people think about mental health. We also have some big announcements we will be making soon and are looking to expand the team quickly.

Skills: Front-end: HMTL, javascript, CSS, Angluar JS. Back-end: Java, Jetty, Postgresql, Redis, AWS

Please reach out to dale [at] thinkpacifica.com and include "HN" in the subject.

Reaktor | Senior Software Engineers | NYC | Full-time

Reaktor is a strategy, design, and engineering company based in NYC, Helsinki, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Our New York office is growing fast and we're always on the look-out for the most talented software engineers to make sure our teams are filled with best in class individuals. We might all have climbed far up the career ladder in our past lives, but here we leave our titles at the door and work together to get shit done with clients like HBO, Michael Kors, Nasdaq, Samsung, Supercell, and Finnair.

You can find more information on the role here: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/senior-software-engineer/?ut...

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union | Several Roles | East Lansing, MI | ONSITE | https://www.msufcu.org/

MSUFCU is the largest University-Based Credit Union, and in the top 50 credit unions in the US with over $4 billion in assets. We have a large IT group compared to our peers, and do a lot of in house development and on-prem hosting.

Network Engineer: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/MIC1007/JobBoard/24c0bd68-a7f...

Information Security Manager: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/MIC1007/JobBoard/24c0bd68-a7f...

Director of Project Management: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/MIC1007/JobBoard/24c0bd68-a7f...

Information Security Intern: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/MIC1007/JobBoard/24c0bd68-a7f...

User Experience Intern: https://recruiting.ultipro.com/MIC1007/JobBoard/24c0bd68-a7f...

Komodo Health | Data Science & Eng Managers, Sr. Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Managers | NYC & SF | Full-time, Onsite

Komodo Health builds data-science and AI-powered products improve decision making in healthcare. Our mission is to reduce the global burden of disease through big data analytics. Our "healthcare map" is where we process data and stitch together information about patients (have 295M US lives), doctors, hospitals, payers, etc.

We are a data-first & eng-driven company and growing fast. We have significant traction and revenue.

Career Page: https://grnh.se/5ccd0c0d2

Data Science:

* Data Science Manager

* Data Scientist

* Sr. Data Scientist


* Engineering Manager - Data Engineering

* Staff Software Engineer

* Sr. Software or Data Engineer

* Sr. DevOps Engineer

Product / Design:

* Sr. Product Manager

Stack: Spark, Airflow, Python, React, Scala, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, Flask, Django

Salt Lake City, UT, Senior Lighting Electrical Engineer, Full time; Contact email : pchaubey@control4.com

Control4 is looking for a Senior Lighting Electrical Engineer. The Senior Lighting Electrical Engineer will be responsible for developing next generation Control4 Lighting products as well as supporting existing product lines. He/She will define requirements, detail specifications, develop lighting hardware with system level/holistic approach to optimize performance and cost, from input to output. Position requires teamwork with existing lighting team and designing to high performance standards

Responsibilities Create, control and release design documents (Technical Requirements Document, schematic, layout, gerber, test procedure, bill of material, etc.) Tune and optimize the performance of analog and digital circuit designs for home lighting control systems including stand-alone dimmers, switches, and outlet modules. Develop wireless as well as centralized/panelized lighting solutions for both US and international markets. Responsible for ensuring product passes all regulatory certifications for US and international markets. Design robust, maintainable, elegant, and lasting solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements and feature sets while working closely with product management, mechanical engineering, firmware engineering, operations and other engineering groups to deliver top-quality products to customers. Perform competitive product analysis and benchmarking Must be able to identify, articulate and mitigating technical risk early in the development process Evaluate supplier capabilities and drive OEM/ODM partners to meet quality, cost and feature requirements

Cazana | Junior Frontend Developer | London | Full-Time | ONSITE

This is an ideal time to join a small but highly talented team where you can have a big impact on the success of the company.

We are looking for someone with a passion for technology and the desire to work in a fast-paced innovative environment.

Ideally, you will have 6-12 months experience building web apps, professionally or even just small side projects.

We are continuously creating new products to introduce to our customers, and we want someone who can envisage applications, get stuck in and be a creative pair of hands from the get-go.

You'll help us design, build and deploy groundbreaking products from the ground up.

You will work across the full stack, but the focus will be on building modern web applications. Our core stack is built on Node & MongoDB, serving a Vue frontend.

To apply: https://cazana.com/uk/about/careers

PSPDFKit | REMOTE | Full-time | JavaScript, React, WebAssembly | https://pspdfkit.com/web

We’re looking to hire frontend engineers to join our team working on PSPDFKit for Web. We are building a modern PDF SDK with technologies like React, Flow, Jest, and WebAssembly. Our customers host the PSPDFKit for Web Docker container themselves or rely on our WebAssembly renderer.

If you’re interested in working for a fully bootstrapped company, with a remote first culture, that iterates quickly using a modern, pragmatic tech stack, check out our job posting: https://pspdfkit.com/jobs/frontend-engineer/

Task Analytics | Fullstack engineer (JavaScript), Product designer / UX Engineer | New York / Norway | REMOTE, FULL TIME

Task Analytics delivers actionable, human insights that help create, shape and impact your customers online experience. Task Analytics captures and analyzes customer intent to establish and align strategies across any organization. The culmination of years of research in top task methodology and user testing, our platform is trusted by leading brands and digital agencies to deliver a non-invasive engagement tool that helps discover the why behind the metrics being measured by traditional web analytics tools.

We are a fully remote team but we also have office space in New York (US) and Oslo (Norway). We offer competitive salary and a highly flexible work arrangement tailored to fit your life.


* Have intermediate (Designer) or expert (Engineer) JavaScript knowledge

* Know your field and have a habit of keeping up to date

* Personally think UX matters and can align with a users perspective

* Will work hands on on product in a tight knit team

* Have a track record of shipping

* Are self-motivated and a proactive team player

Some core parts of our stack includes: NodeJS, React & friends, ArangoDB.

Note that due to timezone overlap constraints we can only hire in Eastern USA and Europe at this stage.

Please read actual job postings for more information:

- https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/task-analytics-full-s...

- https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/task-analytics-produc...

You can apply at https://weworkremotely.com/company/task-analytics or email jobs@taskanalytics.com

Managed by Q | http://managedbyq.com | NYC | Onsite | Full-time | Software Engineers, Product Managers, Product Manager Lead, Engineering Interns (Summer 2019) Managed by Q is the platform for office management. We make it easy to run an office by connecting office managers to vendor who can fulfill orders in a wide array of categories like cleaning, maintenance, staffing and more. We're looking for engineers and engineering managers who are interested in joining our ~24-person team of fast-moving, empathetic, and driven engineers. I'm an engineer at Q - feel free to email me directly at jsilver@<our domain> if you have any questions!


Can you share what technology stack you use? Are you entertaining applications through mail?

Thank you.

Mightier | Senior Software Engineer | Boston | Full-Time | ONSITE

Can video games teach children how to harness their emotions?

We believe they can. Mightier is a biofeedback mobile game platform that teaches kids to identify and control their emotions through play. Kids wear a heart rate band while playing a library of games and must regulate their heart rate to win. The games empower kids to practice self-calming skills that transfer to real-life situations.

We're looking for a senior software engineer to join our lean, fast-paced engineering team as we face a period of rapid growth. We're built with Python/Django, Docker, AWS.

+ More about Mightier: https://mightier.com

+ Join our team: https://mightier.com/careers/

Hi, do you have any Junior or mid-level positions?

BondLink | Junior/Senior Software Engineer | Boston, MA, US | ONSITE | Full Time

We are a small team of Scala engineers who care about rigor and proving our code correct. We use advanced functional tools and techniques to ship reliable, rot-proof software. Presently that includes things like scalaz, generic type-level programming, free monad based programs, and monadic logging among others, and we eagerly embrace new approaches that help us to do our jobs better. If these things are familiar you will feel right at home, if they are interesting to you and you want to learn, you will find a safe and supportive environment to grow on the job (many of us have learned most of these things here at work.)

About the company:

BondLink provides a SaaS platform to bond issuers in the $4 trillion municipal bond industry. We have recently raised a large Series A, we have strong revenue growth, and we are already working with many of the largest issuers in the country.

The company was founded by a former Massachusetts Assistant State Treasurer who raised nearly 25 billion in funding for the state and set the gold standard in the industry for transparency and investor outreach, partnered with a multiple-time startup founder with several successful exits under his belt.

We have deep expertise and credibility in the industry we serve, great product-market fit, a strong footing with a ton of momentum, and a great handle on our software delivery.

If this sounds like something you'd want to be a part of, shoot an email to brian(at)bondlink(dot)com

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE

Sourcegraph is building a better, smarter foundation for software development to help you answer questions about your code. Our code search allows you to instantly search across all of your company's private code using powerful regular expressions, and our browser extension provides go-to-definition and find-references while you are looking at code in your browser on GitHub and other code hosts. Most of the developers at Uber, Lyft, and Yelp use Sourcegraph on a daily basis.

We are a small distributed team of mostly engineers who love to code. If you are passionate about making the world better through software, come join us!

Stack: Go, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker + Kubernetes

Master plan: https://sourcegraph.com/plan Product roadmap: https://docs.sourcegraph.com/dev/roadmap Our code is open source: https://github.com/sourcegraph/sourcegraph Jobs page: https://github.com/sourcegraph/careers/

Are you guys open to Intern positions this summer ?

Unmind are hiring a "Senior Full Stack React Native Developer".

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform – providing clinically-backed tools, training, and assessments that anyone can use to proactively improve their mental health. Our digital platform is beautifully designed, non-stigmatising and globally scalable – helping to create healthier, happier, more human organisations around the world.

Our engineering team fosters an environment of continuous improvement in the quality of our code and in the efficiency of our software development practices. We leverage the latest technologies to help create healthier, happier, more human organisations. The mobile squad are responsible for developing and maintaining our mobile app. You'll be using React Native to develop new features, improve usability and fix bugs to ensure a stable mobile app on all devices.

You will be joining an exceptionally talented core team who, in the last 24-months, have secured incredible investors, partners, clients and advocates. Our future success(es) will rely on the continuation of that momentum – of which our ability to enhance (and leverage) Unmind’s market presence will be paramount. If done right, then the opportunity for this individual (and Unmind generally) is vast, compounded and –perhaps most importantly – will genuinely improve people’s lives.

Location: London, UK. We can review CVs from non-EU candidates.

More details here: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/unmindcom/view/P_AAA...

BounceX (https://www.bouncex.com/careers/) | New York, USA | Full-time

Founded in 2012, BounceX’s People-Based Marketing Cloud is the first new channel with scale in 10 years. We have offices in NYC, San Francisco, and London and were recently named the fastest-growing SaaS company in America by Inc Magazine & Deloitte.

. We're currently hiring:

- Principal DevOps Engineer- https://www.bouncex.com/careers/job-details/?id=813755

- Senior Software Engineer- https://www.bouncex.com/careers/job-details/?id=689128

- Principal Data Engineer- https://www.bouncex.com/careers/job-details/?id=1174606

We are looking for someone that is actively interested in solving the most interesting problems in the industry! Along with that, we are working with some of the most cutting edge tech out there!

If interested feel free to apply or reach out to Michael.mcgovern@bouncex.com

Harness Wealth | Frontend Software Engineer | New York | Full-Time Harness Wealth (https://www.harnesswealth.com) is dedicated to helping clients effectively unlock financial opportunity to achieve their best financial future through a holistic and personalized approach. We provide clients with a unified data platform that enables them to manage their financial picture. We then pair them with a highly curated set of top tax, financial and legal advisers, and power those ongoing relationship with our proprietary technology. About the role: You will work with the product and design team to bring to life the Harness Wealth application. Some examples of projects you would have the opportunity to work on include dynamic web and mobile accessible interactive financial dashboards, multi-user communication tools, matching and relationship support experiences. As a core engineering member in the early days of our company’s history, you’ll be having a direct impact on how future engineers will think about applications at Harness Wealth and empower our customers in having an incredible financial advisory experience.

Skills: - Strong client architecture expertise - JavaScript, React, ES6, Redux, Flow, Webpack - Development tools like Git, Cypress - Translating product and experience wireframes into reality using CSS and javascript - Experiential CSS animation capabilities

Contact lei@harnesswealth.com if you are interested

PolicyFly | Senior VueJS Engineer | Remote (US Only) | Full-Time

PolicyFly is modernizing the ancient world of commercial insurance in both the US + London markets. Profitable, growing & bootstrapped company with a small, talented & ambitious team.

We are looking for a VueJS lead with a proven track record in building modern and maintainable frontends. Working alongside our backend team, you will lead frontend development, project planning and architecture for our flagship product, PolicyFly.

This position is ideal for a seasoned engineer looking to take the next step and take a leadership role in the product.

If interested, please apply here: https://policyfly.workable.com/j/97A6A4B8E3


Pubfront | Android Developer | Copenhagen, Denmark | ONSITE | www.pubfront.com - About Pubfront

At Pubfront, we help publishers and media companies succeed with their online strategy. Our technology is proven, easy to use, and we can set it up quickly.

We are continually improving the capabilities of the white-label eCommerce technology for the publishing industry, as well as looking for new areas where we can make a difference for our customers.

- We are looking for Senior Android Developer

You live and breathe Android, recite the User Interface Guidelines in your sleep and your left eye starts twitching when somebody fails to comply with best practices. You are committed to building reliable and usable apps, and can showcase multiple such apps that you’ve worked on in the past. As part of a team of developers, you are adept at cooperating with others as well as working independently.

Pubfront maintains several Android apps that are branded variations of the same codebase. You will be taking over development of these and take responsibility for keeping them up-to-date, implementing new features and releasing new versions

Full description here: https://thehub.dk/jobs/senior-android-developer-advancement-...

Harness Wealth | Frontend Software Engineer | New York | Full-Time Harness Wealth (https://www.harnesswealth.com) is dedicated to helping clients effectively unlock financial opportunity to achieve their best financial future through a holistic and personalized approach. We provide clients with a unified data platform that enables them to manage their financial picture. We then pair them with a highly curated set of top tax, financial and legal advisers, and power those ongoing relationship with our proprietary technology. About the role: You will work with the product and design team to bring to life the Harness Wealth application. Some examples of projects you would have the opportunity to work on include dynamic web and mobile accessible interactive financial dashboards, multi-user communication tools, matching and relationship support experiences. As a core engineering member in the early days of our company’s history, you’ll be having a direct impact on how future engineers will think about applications at Harness Wealth and empower our customers in having an incredible financial advisory experience.

Skills: - Strong client architecture expertise - JavaScript, React, ES6, Redux, Flow, Webpack - Development tools like Git, Cypress - Translating product and experience wireframes into reality using CSS and javascript - Experiential CSS animation capabilities

Contact lei@harnesswealth.com if you are interested in learning more

Poki — http://jobs.poki.com | Amsterdam | Onsite | Full-Time

Poki is an online playground with 30 million users around the world. With a team of 25 we build a web game platform that helps game developers achieve success, and brings fun games to kids of all ages around the world.

We’re a bootstrapped company where development, data and design come together.

We are looking for:

• Senior Front-end Developer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-front-end-developer-1/en

• Medior/Senior Software Engineer - http://jobs.poki.com/medior-senior-software-engineer/en

• Senior Product Designer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-product-designer/en

#Stack: Go, Node, React, Redux, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, Prometheus, Google Cloud Platform. We believe in giving smart and creative people the freedom and autonomy to do great work.

Apply: http://jobs.poki.com Engineering & Culture: http://blog.poki.com Website: http://poki.com/


The job has been filled and we have no more open position, thanks everybody!

C++ Developer @ Summitto Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full-time | Onsite We are building the largest invoice registration network of the world. The purpose? Helping EU tax authorities to eliminate 50 billion EUR in annual invoicing fraud. If you’re excited to build and design open-source software which will be used by millions of companies, we are looking for you! We're hiring junior ánd senior developers at the moment. Experience with cryptography is a plus, but not required!

Here’s a little taste of your challenge, you will help build:

- a distributed systems consensus algorithm

- fraud identification algorithms

- secure interfaces and integrations

- testing infrastructure

Technologies: C++17, golang, python.

Contact: careers@summitto.com questions are always welcome!

Redis Labs | Course Instruction and Curriculum Engineers | ONSITE in Mountain View, CA (REMOTE possible) | Full Time | https://redislabs.com/company/careers/

The Redis Labs education team is hiring engineers to teach the world about Redis!

Senior Course Instruction Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced software engineer interested in helping us to build out our classroom education program (and teaching it!). This is a fantastic role for a technical person who enjoys sharing their knowledge with others and traveling to do so. As an early member of the Redis Labs education team, you’ll have the chance to make a big impact. Send us a note at redislabs.courseinstructor@applynow.io

Curriculum Software Engineer

Redis University (https://university.redislabs.com) is already off to a great start, and we’re looking for software engineers to help continue it! The curriculum software engineer designs and presents online courses while building out our education platform. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, renaissance-person software engineer who loves teaching, drop us a line at redislabs.curriculum@applynow.io

For both roles, we offer competitive compensation; stock options; medical, dental, vision; unlimited PTO; 401k.

Metabase | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULL-TIME | http://www.metabase.com/

We’re a small team building open source business intelligence tools with a strong focus on user experience.

React frontend, Clojure backend. Most of the work we do is open source. We’re looking to hire strong frontend, backend, or generalist engineers.

If you love open source, building beautiful products, and working with data, apply at http://www.metabase.com/jobs

Harness Wealth | Frontend Software Engineer | New York | Full-Time Harness Wealth (https://www.harnesswealth.com) is dedicated to helping clients effectively unlock financial opportunity to achieve their best financial future through a holistic and personalized approach. We provide clients with a unified data platform that enables them to manage their financial picture. We then pair them with a highly curated set of top tax, financial and legal advisers, and power those ongoing relationship with our proprietary technology.

About the role: You will work with the product and design team to bring to life the Harness Wealth application. Some examples of projects you would have the opportunity to work on include dynamic web and mobile accessible interactive financial dashboards, multi-user communication tools, matching and relationship support experiences. As a core engineering member in the early days of our company’s history, you’ll be having a direct impact on how future engineers will think about applications at Harness Wealth and empower our customers in having an incredible financial advisory experience.

Skills: - Strong client architecture expertise - JavaScript, React, ES6, Redux, Flow, Webpack - Development tools like Git, Cypress - Translating product and experience wireframes into reality using CSS and javascript - Experiential CSS animation capabilities

Contact lei@harnesswealth.com if you are interested

Harness Wealth | Frontend Software Engineer | New York | Full-Time Harness Wealth (https://www.harnesswealth.com) is dedicated to helping clients effectively unlock financial opportunity to achieve their best financial future through a holistic and personalized approach. We provide clients with a unified data platform that enables them to manage their financial picture. We then pair them with a highly curated set of top tax, financial and legal advisers, and power those ongoing relationship with our proprietary technology.

About the role: You will work with the product and design team to bring to life the Harness Wealth application. Some examples of projects you would have the opportunity to work on include dynamic web and mobile accessible interactive financial dashboards, multi-user communication tools, matching and relationship support experiences. As a core engineering member in the early days of our company’s history, you’ll be having a direct impact on how future engineers will think about applications at Harness Wealth and empower our customers in having an incredible financial advisory experience.

Skills: - Strong client architecture expertise - JavaScript, React, ES6, Redux, Flow, Webpack - Development tools like Git, Cypress - Translating product and experience wireframes into reality using CSS and javascript - Experiential CSS animation capabilities

Contact lei@harnesswealth.com if you are interested

Honey | Senior Engineers | Downtown Los Angeles | ONSITE | Full-Time | https://www.joinhoney.com/careers/engineering

Honey is a fast-growing startup based in Los Angeles. Our online shopping platform offers users a smarter way to shop. Through a simple browser extension, we open up instant access to exclusive savings, deals, rewards and discovery, all powered by the collective knowledge of Honey’s community of online shoppers. We are helping millions save when they shop online, and we're hiring! We are actively seeking Senior Engineers to help build out Honey's new generation of product offerings.

The engineering team works on a combination of backend development, databases, microservices, and is constantly developing new features. We all work for each other and have a an emphasis on helping one another. We get to solve complex problems all while using good, modern technology.

If one of our listings seems like a match for you, feel free to apply online or send your resume directly to recruiting@joinhoney.com.

Scale | Backend/Full Stack and Frontend and ML | SF or Remote

We label data for your favorite computer vision teams. Our mission is to accelerate the development of AI applications - we believe building a high quality labelled dataset is the biggest bottleneck to deploying supervised deep learning systems, so that's what we're tackling first.

We've had phenomenal breakout revenue, raised an $18 MM series B, and are looking to grow our team of 55.

We're looking for engineers to work on projects ranging from making labelling more efficient via front-end work/ML work to launching new product lines demanded by our existing customer base.

If you are interested, please apply here: Backend: https://jobs.lever.co/scaleapi/c1443865-f64e-4467-bfdc-89805... Frontend: https://jobs.lever.co/scaleapi/9fe1f405-647b-493c-9728-e2c38...

The provided links are not working.

BigSpring | Software Engineers, Data Science, Designers, Product Managers | US-only REMOTE, Full-time

At BigSpring, we’re obsessively solving a major global challenge - employability. Our mobile learning and productivity solution is empowering people with the skills they need for a higher quality of life while helping enterprises transform productivity and growth through learning. We have traction, revenue, household-name enterprise clients, and are rapidly growing on all fronts.

We're a global company, but the product team is US based and very small. You'll have lots of ownership over your domain and the projects you work on, and should be self driven and product-minded.

For technical roles, our stack includes: React, React Native, AWS (Lambda, RDS, S3), Postgres, GraphQL, Apollo. Existing projects primarily use TypeScript and we are evaluating ReasonML for future projects.

Email me at daniel@bigspring.io for more information and applications.

STORD | Atlanta, GA | Onsite | Full-Time | https://www.stord.com

STORD connects hundreds of warehouses through software to help companies (including some of the top F500 and fastest growing startups) around the globe better distribute their products at scale. We leverage a software-driven network of 3PLs (3rd-Party Warehouses) to drive new flexibility and access to a typically fragmented and slow-moving industry and to provide insights and optimized distribution decisions to our customers. We're in the top 5 of warehouse companies in terms of scale of space we access through our network, and we warehouse more than $220M of product through our warehouses monthly.


- VP of Engineering

- Senior Full-Stack Engineers

- Systems Integration Engineers

- Senior Front-End Engineers

- Senior Product Designers

We offer competitive salaries and great benefits (401k, incredible parental leave, generous vacation allotment & more) as well as exposure to our board and incredible investors (Susa, Dynamo, founders of ISS).

Apply here https://grnh.se/922234f52 or feel free to email our engineering team with any questions: hiring.engineering[at]stord.com

Seatfrog - https://seatfrog.bamboohr.com/jobs/- London, UK - Onsite - Permanent - Full-time. We closed our Series A funding in mid-2018. Why can’t you switch to a later train or grab a last minute upgrade to business class when it suits you? And do it at your fingertips without blowing the budget. At Seatfrog, we have an insatiable curiosity to not just accept how things are done. With offices in London, Sydney and Tokyo, we’re working with innovative partners throughout the travel industry to reinvent what travellers can do when they’re on the go. E-mail me direct at jamesp@seatfrog.com for more information. We are hiring across Product & Engineering. Key roles - Senior Software Engineer -https://seatfrog.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=23 - £75,000 - £85,000 and UI/UX Designers -https://seatfrog.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=34 -https://seatfrog.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=35

Lambda | System Software / GPU Cloud Infrastructure Engineer | San Francisco, CA (Dogpatch) | Onsite | Full Time We're looking for a system software engineer who wants to build a deep learning GPU cloud management system. You will:

* Architect and author GPU cloud management software

* Build reliable, scalable, highly available systems

Required Experience:

* Bachelor's degree in technical field (CS, Physics, EE, Math, Staistics, etc.)

* Extremely comfortable in a *NIX shell


We're located in San Francisco 5 minutes away from the 22nd street Caltrain.

Resume to work@lambdalabs.com. https://lambdalabs.com for more info about our company.

Argo AI | Various Engineering Roles | Pittsburgh, PA, Palo Alto, CA or Dearborn, MI | Full-time | Startup | ONSITE

Argo AI was founded to tackle one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence with self-driving vehicles. Argo AI is developing and deploying the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision to help build safe and efficient self-driving vehicles that enable these transformations and more.

Argo began with our co-founders, Pete and Bryan, in late 2016 and has already expanded to over 400 employees across 6 locations.

We’re looking for engineers to join our talented teams in a variety of areas (machine learning, platform, front-end, back-end, computer vision, hardware/firmware, etc.).

Tech stack: React, Typescript, D3.js, Python, Go (Golang), Java, C++, C, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes.

Benefits include: High-quality healthcare, equity ownership, unlimited vacation, daily catered lunch, matching 401(k), free parking or commuter benefits, fitness reimbursement, paid parental leave and more.

See specific jobs and apply here: https://www.argo.ai/join-us/ or contact me directly at lbrady@argo.ai

- Lauren Brady, Technical Recruiter https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenmariebrady/

Asana | New York City, San Francisco, and Vancouver | Onsite | https://asana.com/jobs

Build the future of teamwork.

Asana is a leading work management platform for teams. More than 50,000 organizations and millions of users across 195 countries rely on Asana to focus on the work that matters, including Airbnb, Disney, KLM Air France, NASA, Uber and Vox Media. Our highly recognized culture spurs innovation and business results, and for the last two years, Asana has been named a Top 5 Best Place to Work by FORTUNE and one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

Some open roles:

* Software Engineer, Product, in Vancouver: https://grnh.se/17c436191

* Software Engineer, Android in San Francisco: https://grnh.se/7682b4df1

* Software Engineer, Infrastructure in San Francisco: https://grnh.se/0b5a502b1

* Engineering Generalist in New York: https://grnh.se/4ffea1d61

* All open Engineering positions: https://asana.com/jobs/engineering

Junior to Senior Software Engineers - Developer (PHP) | CHRONEXT | Cologne, Germany | young company with Start-up atmosphere | Full-Time | ONSITE | Visa-Support | German & English | https://chronext-jobs.personio.de/job/52406?language=en#

What we do: CHRONEXT (https://www.chronext.de/) is a global online platform for luxury watches. Our mission is to create the best experience to buy, service and sell luxury watches, bringing together watch enthusiasts from all over the world.

Our team designs and develops a cloud-based microservice-oriented technical solution for the fulfillment of customer orders. We work agile with Scrum using many modern technologies and approaches such as PHP 7.2, Symfony 4, Vue.js, Slim, CI / CD, TDD, AWS-Stack, Docker...

How we work: • Code review policy • Regular Dev Academy sessions to share personal projects • Developers Wiki • Regular Meetups hosted by us: Chance to start Tech Talks • All team members are involved in decision-making on which technology to use to solve a problem

If you want to know more, please drop an email to Raphael (Lead Developer): raphael.syed@chronext.com or a WhatsApp: +49 (0) 152 22693760

Ribbon Health (https://www.ribbonhealth.com/careers/) | New York, USA | Full-time

We are looking for a Software Engineer to help us scale our data product across data collection, normalization, and modeling efforts. A best-in-class ETL pipeline is core to our ability to build a great product and have a meaningful impact on healthcare decisions.

What we’re looking for:

- Passion and drive to simplify healthcare by building products that increase access to care and power every healthcare decision to be high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient

- Commitment to Ribbon Health company values, working on an exceptional team, and building an exceptional company Grit, hustle, desire, and relevant past experience in working with data at scale (e.g., Postgres DB, Apache Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Presto, Hive)

- Familiarity across full stack and a “get it done” attitude; strong comfort with a lean startup environment, where all technical members are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the business, product, sales, etc.

Your day-to-day:

- Scaling out our data collection, normalization and modeling efforts to help build a best in class healthcare data platform

- Build, design, improve, and launch new API features. To learn more, see: https://ribbon.readme.io/docs

- Manage independent work-streams while also working collaboratively with data science (e.g., deploying new models) and business teams (e.g., sales engineering)

If interested, please reach out to team@ribbonhealth.com!

Arbisoft, Pakistan | Designing and engineering robust software using web and cloud technologies | On-Site | https://arbisoft.com/jobs/

Arbisoft is a leading software company of Pakistan. With 400+ talented engineers, we are ranked # 7 among all sectors and #1 in Software Development and Services in the Pakistan100 Fastest Growth companies, by AllWorld Network (allworldlive.com).

If you want to broaden your technical skills, building software that affects users around the world and working in an environment that thrives on creativity and product innovation, then be a part of our team and grow with us. Arbisoft will give you the opportunity to develop further and fulfill your true potential.

Actively recruiting for:

Full-Stack Engineers

Backend Engineers (Python/Django)

Lead Data Scientists

React Developers

Machine Learning Engineers

DevOps Engineers

To Apply: https://arbisoft.com/jobs/ To email: pod@arbisoft.com

Audatic | Berlin, Germany (ONSITE) | Full-time | Visa | Deep Learning, Performance, Mobile and Software Engineer | http://audatic.ai Audatic is building systems to intelligently modify sound using state of the art deep learning technology and unique datasets. Our personalized sound environment allows users to customize sounds to their individual taste. Applications include effortless interactions in noisy places (especially for people with hearing impairments), and realistic audio-environments for augmented reality. We are a young, driven and dynamic team with the vision to change people’s lives. We value each team member and opinion equally and count on everyone’s contribution to make our vision come true. You are encouraged to constructively challenge our ideas and can expect to be involved in the decisions that shape the future of our company. Tech: Python, Tensorflow, C & C++ (Performance Engineer), iOS (CoreML) and Android (Mobile Engineer) We are looking for smart and curious people who are thinking in code and want to make a difference. Apply now at http://audatic.ai/apply-now/

Lilt | Berlin, Germany | Multiple Roles | Full time | ONSITE

We're looking to hire front-end, back-end, and devops engineers for our growing Berlin research & engineering team of 6.

We're an SF-based company focused on adaptive machine translation for enterprise customers, and our strong team of researchers and engineers out of universities such as Stanford, Berkeley, and RWTH Aachen regularly publishes papers in the field (recent example: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1811.01990.pdf).

If you're interested in a hard problems and/or computational linguistics and building software and interfaces around that, come work with us! No experience in the problem domain required.


Let us know why you're interested in applying along with your CV and some mention of Hacker News.

We're backed by great institutional investors, including Sequoia Capital. We offer a competitive salary, stock options, a yearly budget for self-education, and relocation if applicable. German skills not required, but always a plus, along with any other languages you know -- we certainly appreciate linguistic diversity.

Forgot to include our tech stack:

Frontend: React.js/Node

Backend: Java & Python

Infra: We run on GCP and AWS and use both GPU and CPUs for running our machine translate nodes. Kubernetes & Helm experience from devops candidates is greatly valued.

Do you consider remote applies? Im from Argentina. Thanks in advance

Hi, Im interested! Only in Berlin? Do you consider remote applies?

Hi, thanks for your interest. At this time we ask that everyone work at the Berlin office since we're a pretty small team and it's important for the social dynamic.

Relayr | Berlin/Munich/Chicago| ONSITE | Full time |https://relayr.io/

We enable The Internet of Things. Relayr is a well-funded and rapidly expanding start-up. We have an extremely international and very friendly team of 200 IoT experts in 8 cities across 4 countries on 2 continents! Our IoT platform development is driven by our engineers and built using recent technologies. We value good working relationships and engineers who stand up for their ideas. Using our tools both internal and external integrators are able to create valuable customer solutions.

We are currently looking for developers to join our teams in Berlin, Munich or Chicago. Your outstanding passion for all things tech, combined with your desire to solve our customer’s biggest challenges with innovative solutions could make this the perfect job for you! We'd love to hear from you! Take a look at our job postings and see what's right for you.

Open Positions:

NodeJS Developer (m/f) - Berlin https://relayr.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=39

Scala Developer (m/g) – Berlin https://relayr.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=38

Linux Software Developer (m/f) – Berlin https://relayr.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=110

Full Stack Solution Engineer (m/f) – Berlin https://relayr.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=71

Python Developer (m/f) – Berlin https://relayr.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=119

Solution Engineer (m/f) – Chicago https://relayr.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=118

Check out our career page for other open positions at https://relayr.io/about/join-us/ Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! julia.rovnik@relayr.io

ARTURO | Software Engineer | Chicago | Full-Time Onsite


Arturo is a deep learning spin-out from a Fortune 500 company focused on delivering highly accurate measurement and predictive data for the Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance, Reinsurance, REIT, and PERE markets.


•Building APIs following a spec •Creative problem solving •Be excellent at communication and collaboration •Distributed Systems and Software Architecture development for SaaS at scale •Handling data at scale

Job Skills & Qualifications:

•Python experience preferred •Familiar with REST •Familiar with Gitflow and GitOps •Familiar with modern software practices including code reviews, version control, feature creation, creating readable code, understanding and improving overarching, and estimating requirements. •Comfortable with Cloud Services in general and CI/CD •Familiarity with product-engineering concepts •Behavior driven development or BDD •Sprints / Agile / SCRUM / Standups / epic vs task / spike / punt / timebox / Kanban •LEAN vs Agile vs Waterfall vs SCRUM •NoSQL, SQL experience •Docker experience

London, UK | Investec (https://www.investec.co.uk) | Fintech | Junior Developer | Full Time | Onsite | Permanent

Join us in creating fin-tech products to help businesses grow.

We're using C# and .NET Core 2.2 on the backend and React, TypeScript and MobX on the frontend.

If you love programming and would like an entertaining job with smart and friendly colleagues, lots to learn and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jamie.mccrindle@investec.co.uk.

We can’t sponsor visas, unfortunately.

Elements Interactive | Senior Python/Django Developer | Almere, The Netherlands | Full-time, ONSITE, VISA

We're a digital agency founded in 1996, building web and mobile applications for a diverse range of known clients in NL. Over 60 professionals from all around the world with passion for tech, learning from each other and having a life outside of work too :) We are no ninjas or rockstars. What we care about is growing our skills, delivering quality work and having fun along the way! And we look for like-minded people.

Check our current tech stack here https://stackshare.io/elements-interactive#technology


* conferences/events/courses budget to stay on top of your skills

* flexible working hours (occasional WFH)

* regular fun events with the team

* travel costs compensated (if commute home<==>office >10km)

* decent pension plan

* free lunch, snacks, unlimited freshly ground coffee every day

More info & our projects https://www.elements.nl

APPLY HERE https://elementsinteractive.workable.com/j/4DCF348701

Pixlee | Toronto, Canada | Onsite, Full-time | https://www.pixlee.com/careers

Today, one in four Americans interact with Pixlee-managed content before making online purchase decisions. Pixlee offers a unique opportunity to thrive and grow rapidly at a global scale in a small-team startup environment. Our customers are some of the largest brands in the world and everything you do here affects millions of consumers.

Hiring for:

- Software engineer with experience with APIs and integrations. https://www.pixlee.com/careers?gh_jid=1267422

- Software engineer in test. https://www.pixlee.com/careers?gh_jid=1267422

Reach out to max@pixleeteam.com if interested.

BioRender (https://biorender.com/) YC W18 | Senior Front-end Software Engineer, Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer | Toronto, Canada | Onsite

About us: BioRender is a fast growing seed stage SaaS startup. We’re creating the standard visual language of biology and the suite of tools to communicate it. We’re a team of passionate engineers, science illustrators, designers and entrepreneurs and are backed by an incredible group of investors including Y Combinator. We nerd out on cool science stuff and solving big problems.

Problem we are solving: Each year, biomedical researchers waste over a billion hours trying to communicate their research by drawing complex biology figures using tools like PowerPoint. At BioRender, our mission is have every visual representation of biology made and communicated with our tools. We reduce the time it takes scientists to create visuals from hours to minutes while drastically improving the quality. BioRender is used around the world by over 500 institutions including Stanford, Harvard, Genentech, Abbvie and many more of the best research institutions in the world.

Stack: Javascript + Typescript (React frontend, Node.js backend, MongoDB), AWS (S3, cloudfront)

Team: 12 people total, 5 developers

Onsite only

Email your resume to katya at biorender.com

More info on the position: https://biorender.com/job/senior-full-stack-developer/

Aviso Diagnostics | Full-stack Engineer | Django + IoT | Onsite (The Netherlands, Utrecht based) | FULL-TIME

Aviso Diagnostics is on a mission to change the way maintenance is done in the shipping industry towards predictive maintenance as the norm. With industry experts we develop innovative software applications, measurement instruments and monitoring systems for some of the largest shipping companies in the world.

We are a data-driven organization, founded with the main objective to provide detailed, technical information on which management and operations departments can base their KPI’s and management decisions.

We are hiring for:

Full-Stack Engineer: You will work on application from the ground up. Starting from the IoT client, which collects data and send the results to API's written in DRF. Processing engine data to find the latest state and deciding whether the engine is healthy or needs maintenance. Finally displaying graphs and reports.

Tech Stack: Django / DRF / PostgreSQL / Python / ML / Google Cloud / PHP / JS / jQuery

Funded startup + flexible working

See more here: https://www.aviso-diagnostics.com/en/vacancies

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange | Software Engineers c Full Time | Remote | https://jobs.lever.co/kraken / www.kraken.com

Kraken was founded in 2011, being a pioneer exchange in the crypto market. The company grew 5-fold in 2018 and is in rapid expansion of its development teams.

At Kraken we have a remote global team, allowing our employees to have more freedom in choosing how to organize their routine and balance work and personal life.

We’re looking for professionals with all sorts of skillsets: backend (rust, go, etc.) Frontend API(php/js/react/redux), crypto/payment (node.js, bitcoind, litecoind, etc.), devops (php/python/c++/go, infiniband, hpfs), mobile dev (react native), between others.

Here are the highlighted roles for February | Software Engineer Trading Technology | Software Engineer, Backend Cryptowatch | Frontend API | Data Engineer | Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Feel free to send me an email with your contact information (phone, Github, LI, resume, or other) to ryanz@kraken.com if you wish to talk about one of the vacancies or apply directly via our Lever website - https://jobs.lever.co/kraken

Senior Software Developer - LONDON - ONSITE, Up to £70k Reorg: https://jobs.lever.co/reorgresearch/2ec0c675-4088-4f85-b7da-...

FinTech start up, NY based, now 40 in London, recently acquired Debt Explained and growing the team. Python/Django 3yrs+ required. Rest API exp a bonus.

Platform that provides real time financial information on high risk businesses to subscribers.

Best to e-mail me: jmorrison@reorg.com or apply through the link - first point of call would be an initial phone chat

UnifyID | Redwood City, CA | Full-time | Onsite | Competitive |https://unify.id/

UnifyID is building a revolutionary identity platform based on implicit authentication. Our solution allows people to identify themselves in a unique way that is extremely difficult to forge or crack. Best of all, we are doing it in a way that respects user privacy.

Latest Announcements - https://unify.id/press.html - SXSW Security & Privacy 2017 Winner - RSA Innovation Sandbox Unanimous 2017 Winner - TechCrunch Disrupt SF Battlefield 2016 Runner-Up - Stanford StartX S15

Roles: - Full Stack Engineer: https://goo.gl/iQJKmt - Machine Learner: https://goo.gl/N5ffVd - Front End Developer: https://goo.gl/YPY1zo - iOS Lead Engineer: https://goo.gl/nDJaHz - Android Lead Engineer: https://goo.gl/TyF7YL - Lead DevOps Engineer: https://goo.gl/N59nWX - Lead QA Engineer: https://goo.gl/KHVixZ - Junior Mobile Engineer: https://goo.gl/JvrvpK - Director of Product: https://goo.gl/9khDDc

Excellent team, comprehensive benefits, great light-filled office, visa sponsorship, exciting growth, and meaningful impact at this early-stage VC funded startup.

Email: careers@unify.id

Software Engineering- Mentor | Bangalore, India (ONSITE) | Both contract & employment | 75 paid vacations days | INR100K learning & travel allowance | Competitive compensation | Apply here- https://bit.ly/2S9PNVw

If you've ever thought of sharing your programming skills, we want you. MountBlue Technologies (https://www.mountblue.io) is looking for great software engineers to mentor the next generation of coders. Come, contribute towards making India a nation of coders.

Design, plan and implement a 9-12 weeks intensive programming bootcamp in one of the various streams such as Full-Stack Web development, Android, iOS, front-end intensive, backend intensive etc. Be a coach and a cheer leader. Continuously push, nudge and encourage, trainees to produce their best work.

We are currently looking for a developer experienced in Java ecosystem - Java, J2EE, Spring MVC / Spring Boot, Hibernate, REST, TDD, message brokers, Elasticsearch, microservices, caching, authentication etc.

MountBlue's vision is to be an alternative to traditional college education. Currently, our business is running coding bootcamps for entry-level programmers on the most in-demand web and mobile technologies, with a view of finding them rewarding development careers in startups. Our developers are in some of the most well-known startups in India- from bootstrapped software shops to unicorns. If successful, MountBlue will rewrite the technology education paradigm in the country

RolePoint | Software Engineer | London | Full-Time | https://www.rolepoint.com/

At Rolepoint we help companies hire and retain talent with our SaaS product. We're looking for experienced engineers that will work with mostly python codebase within a distributed company. We love open-source and care deeply about code quality. A bonus having experience working with Applicant Tracking Systems ;)

We work on flexible hours, offer unlimited vacation days, go out for weekly team activities and once a year bring the whole company together on an international gathering to reconnect outside of our work. We attend local/international conferences.

Apply: https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/rolepointcom/view/P_...

Contact me directly: carl@rolepoint.com

More info https://www.rolepoint.com/careers-engineering.html


Picterra | Full stack Engineer | Lausanne or Berlin | Onsite | Full-Time | https://picterra.ch/

Looking for a Full-stack Software Engineer to join the Picterra team ! We build a web platform which allow our users to train custom object detectors for satellite/drone/aerial imagery. Our core idea is to use machine learning to make earth observation easier & more accessible.

We are still a small company (6), so now is the good time to join if you want to have an impact and be involved in product and engineering decisions.

We are working on quite cool stuff, with a highly interactive geospatial frontend (vue + leaflet + webgl). Our backend (python + django) ingests geospatial data and runs machine learning jobs on it and we deploy all of this to AWS with some scaling challenges ahead of us.

Apply through our website : https://picterra.ch/about/ or send me a mail at julien.rebetez [at] picterra.ch

Omnistream | Singapore | Full-time | ONSITE preferred * About us *

Omnistream is a Singapore-based company working in the field of retail data in South East Asia. We "turn data into profit" by wielding technology, notably to optimize assortment and logistic (machine learning, operational research, time series analysis) on one end, and optimize marketing (machine learning, recommendations, ...) on the other.

* Our team *

We are a very lean team with a decent work-life balance and a good spirit. We cherish personal accountability and autonomy, and a nerdy sense of humour.

* Open positions *

- Data Engineer: to collect, process, clean, verify various amount of various quality data from various source. Technology used: Python, Postgres, AWS. - Data Scientist: to develop clever, pragmatic models to improve the baseline. Our motto is that _all models are wrong, some are useful_. Tech used: R, Python, SQL. We actually build cool stuff, we don't suck too much and we are looking for strong individual contributors.

* Apply *

The application process is designed to be less painful (feedbacks are welcome) and starts with a short treasure hunt.

Take a look here to know more and how to apply: http://omnistream.co/job-opportunities/. Happy to answer any questions here.

Eaze | SF | Full-Time | https://eaze.com Eaze's mission is to improve lives by providing safe, secure access to the highest quality cannabis products. We are seeking passionate, talented and innovative leaders to join our world-class team and help shape history.

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Backend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/eaze/b3f8d324-afb9-4e06-9ac8-24e1c1bb7...

- Senior Frontend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/eaze/82e5d883-70fa-412f-b743-f7f63e4e7...

- Senior Infrastructure Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/eaze/b98a0286-6dfa-45f6-9212-826b532c3...

Tech stack: Frontend: React / Redux. Backend: Node/.NET/C#. Infra: AWS, Terraform.

More at https://eaze.com/careers

Fueled | NYC, UK, & IN | Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs

-- Who We Are --

An award winning mobile app dev agency.

-- Where You Fit In --

You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles --

Director of Engineering | Shoreditch, UK | https://fueled.com/jobs/director-engineering-london/

Director of Product Management | SoHo, NYC | https://fueled.com/jobs/product-director/

Technical Project Manager | SoHo, NYC | https://fueled.com/jobs/account-manager/

Lead Mobile Engineer | SoHo, NYC | https://fueled.com/jobs/lead-mobile-engineer/

Lead Mobile Engineer | Noida, IN | https://fueled.com/jobs/lead-mobile-engineer-noida/

Altus Assessments | Senior Software Developer | Developer Manager | ON-SITE | TORONTO | FULL-TIME | competitive salary + benefits | https://altusassessments.com/ Altus Assessments helps academic programs find stronger students by delivering robust assessments of professionalism and personal characteristics of applicants. Think of us like an SAT for professionalism. Our main assessment, the CASPer test, is used widely for high stakes admissions for Medicine, Teachers Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Optometry in Canada, the US and as far away as Australia.

We are hiring for:

Senior Software Developer: We are looking for a Senior Software Developer who has experience contributing to various SaaS models as a full stack developer. The ideal candidate has drive, experience, and loves to tackle problems through innovation with team collaboration and leveraging industry best practices and tools. Comfortable with ambiguity, a fast-paced environment, and prefers change over status-quo. We are growing quickly and you'll be involved in fixing/expanding processes that will break! Ideally you have experience launching several products to production. Oversee technical architecture and ensure the development of a highly secure and high reliability application that can be trusted by applicants and programs alike.

Tech stack: JavaScript / NodeJS / Meteor / MongoDB / Express / AWS + Heroku

What we offer: competitive salary + generous vacation policy + comprehensive health, dental and life insurance coverage + flexible working

Contact: afowler@altusassessments.com

Old Reliable | Software Engineer | Full-time | REMOTE (UK)

Old Reliable is a remote-first software consultancy & development house based in the UK. We’re a young, ambitious company but we’re focussed more on having a sustainable work-life balance than on slaving away until midnight 6 (or 7!) days a week.

We offer flexible working in a laid-back environment. You’ll manage yourself and be responsible for the delivery of a project from start to finish. You’ll need to be open to learning & applying new technologies. You’ll probably be working on a new project every few months.

At this point we’re not asking for a specific skillset. The projects we’ll be able to take on in the future will depend on your abilities and interests. To date we’ve worked on C/C++ and build systems (cmake, assorted CI systems, conda-forge) so if you have experience in the area, that would be a plus.

We are strongly against the idea that remote workers should earn more or less money depending on where they live. The value you add to a company doesn’t depend on your cost of living. If you want to earn a London salary without having to live in London, let’s talk.

For more info: hn-feb2019@oldreliable.tech

NFI Industries | Software Developer | Chicago | Full Time | ONSITE The NFI Logistics' Brokerage division is building a new web-based Transportation Management System from the ground up. We're a small development team with extensive experience writing software for the logistics industry and we're looking for a few more developers based in the Chicago area to help round out our team.

Our team has established a strong culture where high code quality and test coverage are the status quo. At the same time, we're also focused on minimizing the friction involved in taking an idea, and realizing it in production code.



* 2+ years of professional software development experience

* Elixir or functional programming experience strongly preferred

* Familiarity with DDD principles is a huge plus

* Comfortable using a Mac and working in a Linux environment

If you're interested in learning more, contact me at andrew.sheehan@nfiindustries.com

Blickfeld | Senior Embedded Software Engineer | Munich, Germany | ONSITE | Full-time

Founded in 2017 and based in Munich, Germany, Blickfeld is a provider of cutting-edge LiDAR technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications. We give autonomous systems the eyes to see the world by developing revolutionary scanning LiDAR systems and detection software for environment perception. Our proprietary solution enables countless scenarios like autonomous transportation, mapping, robotics, and smart cities.

We are looking for a senior embedded software engineer to help us develop the firmware for our LiDAR device.

Our embedded software tech stack includes: C, C++14, FPGA/VHDL, Python, Node.js.

You are familiar with Linux, not afraid to patch u-boot and know C++14 by heart? We would love to hear from you!

Apply here: https://www.blickfeld.com/job/sen-embedded-software-engineer...

Or get in touch via email: career-at-blickfeld.com

Bluebeam Atlas | Front-End & Back-end | Dallas, TX | Onsite | Full-time

The construction industry is adopting technology at a feverish pace. These days you won't just see people carrying large rolls of blueprints on a job site, but also laser scanners, mobile apps and wearables. It's not just people either, drones and robots are making to their way to the job site in ever greater numbers.

What you won't see is how all of these new technologies work together.

Bluebeam is on a mission to make the construction site of the future safe, efficient, and connected. We believe the products we're building will improve the way the architectural, engineering, and construction industries work, and we need your help to build them.

Front-end: https://boards.greenhouse.io/bluebeam/jobs/1495594 - For front-end, React and/or Angular experience a plus, experience with hybrid and native a big plus.

Back-end: https://boards.greenhouse.io/bluebeam/jobs/1528230 - For back-end, experience with RPC frameworks (gRPC, Thrift, Avro) and experience with Go a plus.

I'm the hiring manager for these positions. Please apply at those links and send me a note at zwentz@bluebeam.com. If you have questions please comment or email me at the same address.

Sompani UG | Software Developer & Ops, Engineering and Data Science positions | Berlin

With us, you'll build something people love, from scratch. We have to be truly Agile and deliver in quick, little iterations. We also can't afford unstable code or unreliable systems. We take Software Crafting and Site Reliability Engineering very seriously. You will plan and grow software and systems as if it’s you own company. Your time at an early-stage startup like us will be a unique opportunity to grow Engineering/Ops skills and have fun at the same time.

What you bring to the battlefield:

You know your way around PHP and/or Python and/or JAVA and/or JavaScript and/or (Postgre)SQL. You have some exposure to JS/CSS/HTML5 doing modern frontend work, possible wit a Frontend Framework like Vue, Angular or React. You’ve used your favourite browser's Developer Tools You have installed Linux somewhere once or twice.

Your responsibilities:

Help us design and implement new features and grow infrastructure. Improve our CI/CD pipeline (GitLab). Deploying on a Friday night and actually enjoying the weekend is our end-game. You'll research and implement algorithms from the Machine Learning, Statistics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) domains to improve critical parts of our product. Plan and grow Cloud infrastructure (AWS).

Write me, I'll reply to all messages: artjom@sompani.com

Rheidiant | Senior Backend Engineer | Houston | REMOTE or ONSITE | https://www.rheidiant.com

Rheidiant is a venture-backed startup deploying industrial internet of things (IIoT) and machine learning technologies that help power and energy companies mitigate risk and increase productivity.

Responsibilities - Lead the development and support of backend deployments of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform - Develop software to run on company, client and cloud servers - Deploy and maintain cloud resources on AWS Required skills and experience - 5-10 years of relevant industrial experience with backend software development - Experience with functional programming in a production environment - Experience with or willingness to learn OCaml and ReasonML - Proficiency with various Javascript frameworks and libraries in Node.js - Python and its math-based packages SciPy, NumPy. - Expertise in managing cloud infrastructure on AWS or other providers - Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB - System administration of Linux environments. Data security, TLS, encryption, hashing Bonus experience - Experience with implementing machine learning algorithms in production environment - Machine learning libraries TensorFlow, Theano and/or PyTorch - Experience in frontend development and familiarity with React - Experience in mobile development and/or React Native - Embedded systems programming in C/C++

Apply at careers@rheidiant.com

McKinsey & Company | NY, CHI, ATL, SF, DC, TOR, PHL | Full Time, Onsite

Digital @ McKinsey brings together the best of the firm's capabilities to help our clients use digital technology to transform their businesses. You'll join a global team working on everything from IT modernization & strategy to agile, cloud, cyber security, and digital transformation. You'll typically work on projects across all industries and functions and will be fully integrated with the rest of our global firm. You'll also work with colleagues from across McKinsey to help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses both on technical and non-technical topics.

Product Engineering @ McKinsey: https://mck.co/2VG9Id3 Tech Lead: https://mck.co/2VNeSUp Software Architect: https://mck.co/2UD1P6A Travel: 80% (Mon-Thurs)

Thanks for looking!

Hello, do you have an email address to contact you for more information?

Also do you have junior or mid-level openings?

Nomis Solutions | San Francisco | Toronto | Data Scientist | Data Engineer | Software Engineer | VISA | ONSITE

Nomis is a small (~120) and mature (est. 2002) fin-tech in the business of banking software. We do price optimization for banks i.e. using big data analytics, determine how customers will respond to different prices and hence maximize/optimize a business objective for the bank.

Data Scientist (SF): https://www.nomissolutions.com/about/job-postings?gh_jid=146...

Data Engineer (Toronto): https://www.nomissolutions.com/about/job-postings?gh_jid=151...

Senior Backend Enginner(Toronto): https://www.nomissolutions.com/about/job-postings?gh_jid=148...

Senior Frontend Engineer (Toronto): https://www.nomissolutions.com/about/job-postings?gh_jid=152...

Senior Full-stack Engineer (Toronto): https://www.nomissolutions.com/about/job-postings?gh_jid=148...

All open positions: https://www.nomissolutions.com/about/job-postings

Reach out at: nomisrec [at] gmail dot com

Presto| DevOps Engineer | Addison, TX | ONSITE | Full-Time https://jobs.lever.co/presto/f6c63732-5a5f-4764-b9a8-85a0cef...

Presto brings smart dining to restaurants with its completely customizable guest-facing tablet. Presto Terminals enhance the guest dining experience, streamlines restaurant operations and increases a restaurant’s brand value. Restaurant guests can order food, play games and pay their bill from their seats without having to wait.

The Presto is both a specialized hardware and software solution designed and custom-built to fit the specific needs of restaurants. The company was founded out of MIT in 2008 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley’s Redwood City.

See the Presto in action here: http://ow.ly/wlxvD

Auto Accident Claims | Laravel Front/Back End Developer | Essex, UK | ONSITE | Full Time

As an accident management company for vehicle insurers and fleets we recognise we must adapt to meet the high demands of the industry. We are building a new claims management system with a PHP backend (Laravel framework), HTML/CSS frontend with Vue.js components and will be integrating into various third party systems via SOAP/REST in the future.

Your skillset should include PHP 5.6/7 (frameworks are a bonus), javascript and an eye for design. We provide a range of resources for on the job learning to help you progress.

If available, please provide your GitHub / Stack Overflow / JSFiddle / personal website / etc along with your CV.

We are based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. You will need to be onsite for this role.

If interested, send me an email at <My HN Username> @ aaconline DOT co DOT uk

Samsara | San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA and Atlanta, GA | Onsite | https://www.samsara.com

Samsara builds sensor systems that combine wireless sensors with easy-to-use software to help businesses of all sizes bring their physical operations online. We aim to make sensors easy to deploy and their data easy to consume, so our customers can deploy them by the millions and in places they've never been used before. To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/samsara

Some of our open positions: | Director of Fullstack | Engineering Manager | Software Engineer, Backend Infrastructure | Software Engineer, Embedded Systems | Software Engineer, Frontend | Software Engineer, Full-Stack | Software Engineer, Full-Stack Infrastructure | Software Engineer, Mobile Infrastructure | Software Engineer, Reliability | Software Engineer, Web Application Security

Tech Stack: We use Golang for our backend, Typescript and React for our web client, GraphQL to fetch data from our backend, and React Native for our mobile app. Direct experience with these technologies is not required.

To see our full list, visit: https://www.samsara.com/jobs

ArangoDB | Multiple Positions |Full-Time| Cologne, Germany and REMOTE

ArangoDB is the leading native multi-model NoSQL database, with more than 5 million downloads. It combines the power of graphs, with JSON documents and a key-value store. ArangoDB makes all of your data models accessible with a single declarative query language. Developers can build high-performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions. Oh, and did we mention it is open source?

- Senior C/C++ Engineer | Europe, remote| http://bit.ly/2UH5Qaq

- Java Developer, to maintain and develop the ArangoDB Spring Data Integration | Europe, remote | http://bit.ly/2RB2Vhq

- JavaScript Fullstack Developer, to maintain and develop the ArangoDB JavaScript framework Foxx | Europe, remote

Any questions? Website: https://www.arangodb.com/ Contact: gudrun@arangodb.com or https://careers.arangodb.com/

HeadSpin | Palo Alto, CA | Software Engineer | ONSITE | Full-Time

We are a 40-person startup building a global platform for testing mobile applications, and gaining insights into their inefficiencies. Companies test their applications on real devices distributed around the globe on our network, and are able to measure a wealth of information about the application's behavior.

Tech stack: python, go, swift, C, nodejs, angular, appium.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/headspin

SAIL | London, UK | Onsite, full-time.

Sail is a fast-growing digital marketing agency from Oslo, Norway, which is now setting up a second office in London (London Fields). We’re already working with some of Scandinavia’s biggest brands on improving their customers’ experience online through a combination of creative flair and in-depth data analysis, and hope to grow quickly internationally. Website: www.sail.no (not translated yet, apologies).

We are hiring: 1 Performance Marketing Expert (Search Specialist) and 1 software/web developer (JS, React, Wordpress).

As a Search Specialist, you’ll be working with online marketing through various channels, as well as marketing strategy for clients. You need to have either education or experience within digital marketing, SEO, Google Ads and Google Analytics. Additionally, experience with Facebook Ads and/or CRO (conversion rate optimisation) are great additions.

As part of Sail you’re encouraged to spend 30% of your time on your own projects which we will help support and build with you. We’ll also provide insurance, required hardware, and a competitive salary.

If you have an questions, or would like to chat about details over coffee, reach out to chris@sail.no

Applications are open for YC Summer 2019

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