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Interactive SICP (xuanji.appspot.com)
458 points by wk_end 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

I really enjoyed the section on symbolic data in SICP https://xuanji.appspot.com/isicp/2-3-symbolic.html - gives lots of good insight to start thinking about how automatic differentiation is implemented in the deep learning libraries.

FWIW, automatic differentiation (as used in popular machine learning frameworks) is not the same thing as the symbolic differentiation described in that section.


This is beautifully done.

The math rendering on that is unfortunately broken in firefox.

previously, with comments from the creator:


For people who are looking for the PDF version of SICP:


Some resources for learning FP:


Or from the source : https://github.com/sarabander/sicp PDF at end of the page

I'll add this resource[1] that helped me enormously set up a modern environment for learning with SICP.

I started with mit-scheme but it was horrible for a vim and ipython user. This helps you configure tmux, vim, and racket for sicp.

[1]: https://crash.net.nz/posts/2014/08/configuring-vim-for-sicp/

This is great, but there's so much white space that the text barely takes up any room if I have a second window on the side.

Is there a version of SICP where the math-heavy exercises have been substituted with less math-heavy ones?

Not precisely, but, HTDP (How To Design Programs) is a gentler intro to computer science in scheme tome: https://www.htdp.org/

Both SICP and HTDP are from MIT.

> Both SICP and HTDP are from MIT.

HtDP is published by the MIT Press, but I'm not sure that's the same as saying it's "from MIT". None of the authors of HtDP are at MIT. One is at Northeastern, one at Northwestern, one at Utah, and one at Brown. Lots of CS books are published by MIT Press regardless of whether MIT actually makes use of the material.

Also, HtDP uses PLAI, a language implemented in Racket, which is not pure Scheme, but that's a pretty minor nitpick that doesn't really detract from your point. HtDP is a pretty good textbook, in my (admittedly limited) experience with it.

One of the authors of HTDP also won a teaching award and it seems they really put a lot of thought into the pedagogy of programming.

Simply Scheme by Brian Harvey is sometimes called a prelude to SICP. Many of its early exercises use text instead of numbers.

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