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It's somehow never the tech companies' fault for willfully designing inept feedback channels or even null-routed feedback channels in Google's case to impede customers communicating with them. I think many companies, especially given $200b in savings, could have handled this report better. Many companies without $200b can receive information from a customer without it passing through journalists first.

What's especially pathetic is it doesn't matter what you're reporting - a grave security bug, a widespread hardware flaw, a longing for better functionality - Apple doesn't want to know. In fact they warned iOS developers against trying to get their attention.

     If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.

That Medium article presents the quotation as though it's literally something that Apple wrote. It doesn't actually appear to on the page it supposedly came from, nor anything like it, as far as I can see.


[EDIT: Apple indeed literally write that in a previous version of the page. Wow.]

It's visible verbatim in an archived version of the page. See:


Clearly it does matter what you're reporting - that quote is specifically about the app store review process.

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