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>Are any of these examples in recent history, in software terms?


Is there a reason why the rest of the parent comment was left unaddressed? The implication was to provide such examples. I'm also curious to hear.

Several such cases are made public every year.

Here's one:


"The vulnerability came to light in mid-September after the Trend Micro Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI) posted details about it on its site. ZDI said Microsoft had failed to patch the flaw in due time and they decided to make the issue public, so users and companies could take actions to protect themselves against any exploitation attempts."

Or how about this?

"Google Admin, one of Android’s system-level apps, may accept URLs from other apps and, as it turned to be, any URLs would be fine, even those starting with ‘file://’. As a result, a simple networking stuff like downloading web pages starts to evolve into a whole file manager kind of thing. Aren’t all Android apps isolated from each other? Heck no, Google Admin enjoys higher privileges, and by luring it into reading some rogue URL, an app can escape sandbox and access private data. How was that patched? First, allow me to brief you on the way independent researched disclosed the vulnerability. It was discovered as far back as March, with a corresponding report submitted to Goggle. Five months later, the researchers once again checked out what was going on only to find the bug remained unpatched. On the 13th of August the information on the bug was publicly disclosed, prompting Google to finally issue the patch."


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