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I submitted the WSJ story only 2 minutes before Josu's original The Verge submission. Josu' submission was just above mine on the "new" page, so when I clicked on it and read the Verge article I realised it was a better article than the one I submitted. (and not paywalled)

My first comment on my own submission was for people to look at the other article as well/instead.

Karma sharing sounds nice, but in the end, I just want people to read the better article.

You're right! Yours was earlier. Either I didn't notice that or I saw your comment or I decided the other article was better... can't remember.

Thanks for caring about the quality of HN. That's what matters.

Thanks, I didn't realized. And yeah, I don't feel like people here care that much about karma. Usually when I submit articles it's because I want to read the discussion that it creates on HN.

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