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Please don't spoil a perfectly fine comment by putting in a swipe at the end.


This is the second comment I've seem where you being a hallway monitor is far more disruptive and annoying than whatever you're responding to. FYI making it clear that I'm being contradictory is better than a passive aggressive declarative statement, which is a position I shouldn't have to explain, but since you're apparently so concerned about how other people communicate, there you go.

I'm sorry it's annoying. Unfortunately, you have a history of incivility on this site. Comments like "what are you talking about" have no purpose other than to add hostility, and other comments of yours have been similar (e.g. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19004244 and below). That's not cool, and if you keep it up we're going to have to ban you again. So please just use HN as intended, and then we won't have to annoy you with moderation.

Among other things, that means posting with respect for fellow users, regardless of how wrong you think they are.


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