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>"What we’re really talking about is changing the way site identity is presented," Stark told WIRED. "People should know easily what site they’re on, and they shouldn’t be confused into thinking they’re on another site. It shouldn’t take advanced knowledge of how the internet works to figure that out."

> And while URLs may not be going anywhere anytime soon, Stark emphasizes that there is more in the works on how to get users to focus on important parts of URLs and to refine how Chrome presents them.

I read that as "Google is working on decoupling site identity and navigation from URLs."

Because scammers are exploiting the way we use URLs for the detriment of users. URLs are great as a mnemonic point of entry but you can easily scam someone out of a trusted website into your cloned version of it without them even noticing; it's a very slow and very dumb attack where the shady URL itself is the corrupt man-in-the-middle.

I understand the purported rationale for killing URLs. My comment was clarifying where the google spokesperson made a statement I interpret as “we are going to kill URLs.”

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