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so, a google users googles

"cheap smartwatches"

sees a SERP with

"The Best Cheap Smartwatches For Sale on Amazon in 2019 - Good, Cheap and Fast"


comes to a page like https://www.goodcheapandfast.com/articles/best-smartwatches

which is really slow for the first time mobile user according to PSI https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=e...

where the headline is "The Best Cheap Smartwatches For Sale on Amazon in 2019"

and then a text blob that nobody reads (when was the last time you googled something and really really read the paragraphs of text? i mean stuff you googled and not hacker news comments. and don't tell me your read the paragraphs of text on stack overflow answers)

knows nothing else what this site is (search users dont know your story, and dont reach your startpage (i.e.v what does the startpage of stack overflow lookn like?)).

then two list items with again textblobs, where the headlines link to amazon. giving the users no incentive to use your site more or google your brand in the future again.

if it looks like spam, uses words like spam and offers content nobody reads on a first user slow page, it probably is not a good search user experience.

please stop doing SEO, start thinking about the search user.

note: i wrote a book about it


reviews on amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Understanding-SEO-Systematic-Approach-...

and .com https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-SEO-Systematic-Approach...

disclaimer: i don't know how googles algorithms work, and i so do not care

It's true that the JS bundle is a bottleneck on mobile page speed.

I didn't set out to do SEO for this site. Rather, I'm building something that I would use. (I like to read the full text of a page, so I suppose I'm an outlier.)

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