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I'd be happy to move away from Gmail. Unfortunatelty, I happen to hate spam so that's not really an option.

I'd be happy to move away from Gmail. Unfortunatelty, I happen to hate spam so that's not really an option

That was what kept me on GMail for so long. But about a month ago I moved several accounts to FastMail (at the urging of others on HN), and have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

FM seems to have a lot fewer false positives, and the amount of spam that gets through seems only marginally more than with GMail.

FM offers a 30-day free trial, which even includes using your own domain. That I found surprising. Usually trials so restricted you can't really get a sense of what you're getting into.

Did not have the same results regarding spam on Fastmail. I still use them for a mostly private email address that friends have, but it never did a great job with a highly public email address.

It doesn’t look like they’re doing much beyond what I did 10+ years ago when I was running high volume mail servers and it was never enough: https://www.fastmail.com/help/technical/spamchecks.html

The calender/contact function in Fastmail is also worth mentioning, I moved from gmail once it was in place.

I’m on Fastmail. Spam is filtered out perfectly and no false positives in 2 years of service.

Make the move away from Google, don’t be scared and don’t be guided by false excuses.

I hope you like paying per mailbox. That's a non-starter for someone like me who handles mail for 10-20 of my friends on my own domain.

That's $500-$1000 a year on Fastmail's Standard plan, the lowest tier plan that allows you to use your own domain.

Do you know of an email provider that doesn't work this way? Asking because I'm currently using gmail for a little project and make use of aliases and catch alls and then make and remove additional accounts as I need those accounts to be able to send mail in addition to receiving it.

Im not really interested in managing everything that I perceive goes into managing my own email server (ip reputation management and having to keep a box online 24/7)

https://www.migadu.com Lets you use unlimited domains, addresses and has regex based catchalls. The only difference between their plans is the amount of outgoing email you can send. I've been using them for a couple of domains for nearly a year with no issues.

WOW! This is perfect and much cheaper than i thought it would be. Thanks for the recommendation!

MXroute is fantastic.


I fail to see your point here, we're looking at the situation of someone stuck on Gmail. Nobody is suggesting that people should give up their homebrew domain system in favor of fastmail.

Another +1 for Fastmail.

My Gmail account gets more spam in a week than I've gotten in the two years I've had FastMail. And Gmail's spam filter is surprisingly easy to defeat, considering. For months, putting "- -" at the start of the subject line would trick Gmail and put it in your normal inbox. (I just looked, and it looks like they've fixed it, but back in December it was bad.)

This myth that nobody but Gmail can handle spam needs to die. It was true in 2006, but it is not true in 2019.

I've been using Zoho since 2013 and never had issues with spam. It's $25 p.a. and offer's all the bells and whistles I need (multiple domains and unlimited email aliases, DKIM, SPIF, 2FA + application passwords).

Sorry, but another +1 for FM. I've been with them for a couple years now (after 10 years on Gmail) and haven't noticed any increase in spam. And I'm not shy about publishing my email address on the web.

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