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I've been happily using Thunderbird for 10+ years. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux natively.


In my experience it crashes a few times a week and have abandoned feel. Is there any modern fork?

Mozilla is starting to throw resources at Thunderbird again, so it will hopefully get better this year. https://blog.mozilla.org/thunderbird/

Strange. I can't remember that last time it crashed on me, and I have it running almost all the time on my work and personal machines (both Win10, talking to gmail and fastmail respectively via imap).

A while back Mozilla announced that they were migrating development to an independent team. I don't know much about that, but my impression as a user is that quality hasn't been affected and it might even be getting more love. I was happy to donate some money to the project last time they did a fundraiser.

I recently encountered a bug, where the global search has stopped working (Ctrl+K). I have tried most of the remedies suggested and have it semi-working i.e. partial results. This has somewhat stolen a bit of thunder from an otherwise flawless client for my use-case.


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