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Here’s a few more highly sensitive labels that are being attached to web users’ identities and shared with potentially thousands of bidding ad companies — in this case the labels are ones which the IAB uses: Special needs kids, endocrine and metabolic diseases, birth control, infertility, diabetes, Islam, Judaism, disabled sports, bankruptcy.

I'm jealous that at least Europeans can complain legally.

In the U.S., we believe that the free market knows best and that's freedom and such. Meanwhile, we're being profiled by these vile companies (FB, Google) and our data resold. Aside from individual rights being violated (hint, individual rights aren't just rights against government intervention), there's a huge societal threat here: what happens when this data is used to pit us against one another? Are we still free, then?

In the U.S. it will take a cataclysmic event to reach a GDPR-like desire by the population. The sad reality is that the EU has its citizens' interests generally in mind (consumer protections, GDPR), while in the U.S. Big Brother has the interests of large corporations at heart (namely by allowing them to run roughshod over our rights).

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