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I have a 10min attention span for intense activities like reading. I use this to my advantage to do I might otherwise not do.

* Reading: I take my Kindle to the toilet.

* Solve quiz on Brilliant.org during office commute

* Listen to audiobooks before sleep

* When waiting for the next meeting, I read bookmarked articles.

--- My Lessons: ---

* It is very important to stop doing something once I realize I have no more juice.

* My total learning time per day is around 1hr on best days.

* Takes 1hr to reach office. So during cab rides, after a quiz is done (10-15min), I nap.

* When zoned out in and realize I'm doing random wild-wild-internet-reading, I immediately turn tech off. I just talk to people (work or casual chat).

* During times of silence, I observe things around me. I learn new things about stuff that has been around me for a long time. I put these observations to use when I draw (I use Procreate app on iPad). For example: I observed reflections in water and attempted to draw a reflection https://www.instagram.com/p/BrxmF1enz87/

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