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I built new media box last year and thought I would try AMD Ryzen 2400G APU. Turns out it was a bad choice. Those graphics drivers are extremely unstable, it keeps crashing frequently, kernel bug reports have many reports from multiple people with info on how to reproduce them but those cases are still in status "NEW" almost 1 year later. And while their Windows benchmarks are decent, anything 3D related on Linux is a glitching disaster with poor performance.

My friend bought latest Intel NUC with AMD Vega graphics and he could not even get Linux to boot with that.

Meanwhile I have Nvidia GTX970 on my desktop PC and everything works fine, even G-Sync works. I have used Nvidia cards with Linux for 10 years now and I have not had any issues like I have with AMD now.

To me it seems like AMD dumping their drivers as open source is a call for help on maintaining them rather than being all friendly to community.

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