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I thought it was interesting how they began forcing Windows users through a login page to associate identity, and a continuous background telemetry service, but not Linux users. The telemetry service needs to be running just to check for updates to the gaming card drivers.

At least, I personally didn't have that experience on Linux with proprietary driver when the Windows gaming rig did. They likely determined it wasn't worth the effort or Linux users would be more likely to lash back at the intrusion. Or it could have been a later target but still on their plan..

Have they changed this and forced their telemetry collection onto the Linux desktop yet?

I doubt they'd prereq it to install drivers for their ML or workstation cards. I'm a little more worried about their gaming/desktop cards.

You need to login for GeForce Experience not for driver. GFE is optional.

Except it's not accessible to 90% of users because it's only delivered as a single package that installs both of them in combination. If you decline their telemetry service, it does not install the driver.

If you want to install just the driver, you have to extract the driver from their executable and manually handle updates, or use a third party package manager like chocolatey.

Most people won't know this is possible. The trade-off to the vast majority is to trade unknown bits of their information for security and stability updates.

Should that really be the default state of things?

I have tried several times do exactly that and have yet to succeed.

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