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Nvidia refuses to support GBM for Wayland and instead came out with a completely different buffer API, EGLStreams. This is pretty arrogant. As I use sway, and it doesn't support Nvidia, I chose an AMD Vega 64, which works great.


How do you like sway? I'm still on an Nvidia GPU, but I might upgrade this year to an AMD GPU, and I've been hesitant to get back into tiling window managers untill I can use one on Wayland.

Love it. That said, the 3rd party application support for wayland is pretty poor. Chrom(ium|e) can’t even do accelerated video under XWayland (so everything is choppy, even on my threadripper system). Firefox is better, but still uses XWayland. Wayland support is available in Firefox nightlies, but it _really_ isn’t ready for daily use yet. For the most part everything works fine, but I’m anxious for native wayland support from many apps (Electron apps in particular).

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