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I purchased an AMD laptop precisely because I got tired of having to deal with NVidia, ether their glitchy proprietary driver breaking GNOME every so often, or Optimus being a pain via Bumblebee.

Since switching to the AMD laptop, my experience has been smooth. My only worry is the upgrade path, there aren't that many high-performance AMD laptops out there and my next purchase is definitely AMD.

If the new 3rd generation Ryzen stuff ends up being as good as it looks, then I'd say we're in for a good year as far as mobile AMD hardware's concerned. There's a good chance that you have nothing to worry about as far as upgrade paths are considered.

I hope so, but my current laptop has a desktop-class Ryzen 7 1700 in it and their mobile offerings usually come with half as many cores, but I guess we'll see what Ryzen 3 has to offer.

Which laptop is this?


Well Nvidia is better with closed source drivers than AMD with open source, having open source driver means nothing in term of driver quality, what matters is how many people are working on it and for Nvidia there are much much more people working on it because Nvidia is very popular outside of gaming on Linux.

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