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I did have an AMD card many (~10?) years ago, but I ended up replacing it with an nVidia because A) it was very noisy and B) Linux support was bad => I always used nVidia since then and never had problems with many types of setups and hardware, therefore I never switched back.

I will reevaluate both brands for the next switch. I would like to use AMD because of its friendliness/efforts towards open-source, but it has to perform (not "top" but at least "good") & be stable & be silent.

Loudness has more to do with each individual card and how the manufacturer built/designed it than it does with AMD/Nvidia. Read GPU reviews online and you will see that, even within the same model (e.g. RX 580), some cards are known for being unreasonably loud while others are near silent.

You're fuzzy/vague and you assume that I did not perform a selection of what I decided to buy at that time and you state about huge differences of loudness between brands of the same chip without posting proof.

I didn't assume anything, I just wanted to point this out to clarify that fan noise isn't just about the card itself. As for proof, there are lots of sites (Tom's Hardware, Anandtech, etc) that compare different brands of cards by noise level—search for reviews of whatever card you're looking at and you're likely to find a chart comparing them. I've also personally experienced some rather large differences by switching brands of the same card, with both AMD and Nvidia.

>>I just wanted to point this out...

"this" what?

>>As for proof, there are lots of sites..

Pls. post the direct links to the specific pages that allow us to see such a direct comparison or to at least see data which can be compared.

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