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I strongly recommend AMD. After a long time of using NVIDIA due to their superior Linux drivers, I got myself a Vega 64 when I built a new desktop computer last year. After so many years of driver woes, it was almost unreal having accelerated 3D graphics work out-of-the-box after installing Fedora. For my personal machines, I don't see myself going back to NVIDIA anytime soon.

I am on the same boat. but instead of a vega you can get the last generation best of the best for under $170! 60+% of performance for under 1/3 of the price.

Yeah, the Vega 64 (like most high end gear) is probably not worth the expense. I had a surplus of money at the time and I do GPU programming research, so I could justify it. I also hear that while it has nice compute performance, it's not as impressive for games.

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