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I'm glad AMD has consistently put in work to keep their drivers available to the Linux community, even if sometimes it's been less than perfect. I really hope that Nvidia eventually also open sources it's drivers.

When hell freezes over. Their management seems stuck to agressive anti-FOSS stance forever. Shame to every developer who works for them - it is like working for the evil.

I keep wondering where Oracle and Nvidia come up with their developers. I don't want to work at either because of their complete disregard for FOSS, and most developers I know have the same opinion.

Because not everyone is religious about FOSS and there are lots of interesting things to work on.


Remember, Comcast also has software developers.

also there are a lot of developers globally with looser morals because of different cultural values. in my experience anyone from a -stan country will make whatever you want as long as you give them a decent salary and a visa

Aside from the racism - are you suggesting that working on closed source software is immoral!?

closed source is the default. and where is the racism? you don't even get ethics lectures if you're educated as an engineer in a third world country. anecdotally i was educated from a pretty good private college and even there the ethics professor herself said you don't really get to make any ethics decisions as an engineer in india. your only choice is quitting and that is a really tough choice

Nvidia will properly never do that. Since they don't see themselves as just hardware manufacturers.

They want to bind customers to their hardware and cause them to buy newer hardware versions in high frequency and there seems to be no better way to do that than via software that they can artificially age if need be and lock to prevent alternative solutions.

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