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If facebook can really deliver a rock solid web mail client, I think they will really be a company to watch in the rest of 1996 and 1997. If they play their cards right they may get snapped up by an industry powerhouse like yahoo or excite@home for eight figures.

You have lots of upvotes, so what you are saying must be interesting. But I can't seem to get it! Can anyone explain what's this about?

back in that era all of the successful players - you know, the REALLY successful players like Yahoo, Microsoft and Excite (!) had web-mail clients that were basically startups they acquired.

It was only Google that really built a killer web-mail client from scratch in-house.

and the Google client was made mostly by @paul Buchheit, who just left Facebook for YC.

Trotsky has lots of upvotes because he or she managed rev the Hacker News Facebook Hate Machine with a bit of humor.

Can we get a trademark on the HNFHM?

We would need to establish a bona fide intent to use it for commerce, although it does seem like there's a strong market for facebook hating...

On a semi-related note, the reasoning for that is actually quite interesting - the justification stems from the congressional power to regulate commerce between states.

Business 2.0 speak, perhaps with a hint that web email at this point is OLD NEWS?

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