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Sorry if I don’t know Obj-C well enough, but can you save state like you can with a Smalltalk VM, since this does not have or need a VM?

No, that's not a feature built in to the Objective-C runtime (which as you say is not a VM). There is of course support for serializing/deserializing objects in Objective-C Foundation in the form of NSCoding. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Objective-Smalltalk. I'm speaking only about the (Apple) ObjC runtime itself.

Thanks for explaining this. I have been using Pharo, and it is really easy to pick up where I left off with something when starting up the saved image. I dabbled with Objective-C back in the day (I bought an Amiga instead of a NeXT machine!), but left the C world for other languages (J, python, etc.). Is Objective-C going to be buried in the OS by users adopting Swift?

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