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One wonders what direction iOS development and Cocoa would have gone to if Apple had replaced Swift with something less dissimilar to Objective-C.

I would imagine a more polished F-Script[1] or a Ruby with selector syntax. Swift still feels to me like a language designed by people who hate Objective-C.

1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-Script_(programming_language...

> a more polished F-Script[1]

F-Script was one of the many inspirations for Objective-Smalltalk, it is way cool!

In fact, my first plan was to just extend that, but looking at things more specifically, I noticed it didn't really match up with what I wanted, which was always to have a full-fledged programming language that's a peer.

And after a bit ObjST diverged more into an architecturally-oriented programming language.

On the other hand... basically every addition made to ObjC since NeXT adopted it (30 years ago!) has made it less like Smalltalk.

Which features are you thinking of? Blocks, GC, and new syntax for literals and boxing all seem very Smalltalk-y to me.

Static types, protocols, dot syntax, properties… I'll give you blocks, although that was strictly a C feature.

Such as... Java? (Hint, they tried that)

Java is pretty far away from Objective-C and it showed with how badly Cocoa translated to Java's static nature.

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