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Ask them about the challenges which they've faced when using x, y framework.

Ask them why they prefer one framework to another.

Ask them how they view testing

Walk through with them on a simple whiteboard problem and ask them where they would write test cases.

Watch for the amount of detail they give you. That will give you an indication of what kind of a developer and how deeply they go into problems.

It's even simpler, "tell me about a challenging bug you've vanguished, what it was and how you solved it." People in the trenches love to tell war stories. I do.

For me it tells me a lot about how a person goes about solving the problem, how they're going to avoid it later (if the are), context about the conditions that the person worked in, where their interest lies, and what motivates them.

If their answer involves "well I searched around stackoverflow a lot and asked there" that's a no go for me.

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