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> The reason why some companies cannot figure this out is because they don’t value the problems at hand. They need bodies to put fingers on keyboards

Exactly this.

Too many companies are availability focused instead of ability focused.

The reason? When your processes and engineering are weak, you need people available 24/7 to put out fires.

When I interview for a position, I'm interviewing them as much as they are me.

One of the biggest asymmetries in the whole hiring process, is that of course every company will tell you they have the best development processes, frameworks and code to work on. They may even believe it because they don't know better.

Then you take the job and are stuck fighting fires on a big ball of mud codebase that takes over your life.

If you want to standout as a candidate, try and probe and really find out how good their 'culture is.' Interview them back.

One of the best questions for getting to the real answer is: "What are your expectations for availability?" If they expect availability from you after hours, then their stack is likely unstable because the need availability to keep it running.

If you are lucky enough when you are senior and good at what you do, you don't have to put up with that.

I often tell them about a the third of the way through the interview: "I'm not an availability guy, I'm an ability guy." They often are surprised by the statement. And the discussion that follows it usually tells me whether I want to work for them or not.

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