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Unfortunately, often (and maybe more so because I live in Europe) it's also the other way round:

> raw algorithmic skill

It's been ages that I've been asked anything remotely algorithmic. My interviews are mostly about frameworks, how you fit in a team and whether you know / can be "agile".

Not even a Fizzbuzz, much less so quicksort or more special algorithms.

> and willingness to say “I don’t know”

That never got me anything in any interview/company. To be fair, I found a few smart and cool friends because of this, but they themselves don't look as if they've found a good job either.

Being hired (valued?) as a senior engineer is really hard.

It really depends on your domain. If you're into low level hacking and distributed systems, there is a lot more algorithmic work. There is demand for software that's cheap to scale and/or low latency. Some fields are bottlenecked by hardware (machine learning, realtime rendering, etc.) and so benefit from better software. Some production systems still need a large amount of optimization to satisfy economic and product constraints.

I don't think the number of jobs requiring fairly deep systems or algorithmic knowledge has gone down, but the ratio has.

I’ve had trouble finding those systems or algorithmic jobs too, like the grandparent, where some kind of engineering quality matters, be it performance or correctness or something. Everyone wants to hire a “full-stack engineer” to write application code that a junior dev could write, but they want someone senior anyway.

I once had a FizzBuzz question in an interview, The interviewer started, I interrupted him, "We are not talking about FizzBuzz, are we?". He apologized afterwards by saying that there was actually on applicant some time ago, writing 100 printfs.

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