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IQ does correlate with work performance, and SAT tests are IQ tests. Brain teasers are an attempt at seeing how well/quickly your brain works to solve problems, is a rudimentary IQ test.

The problem is that requiring IQ tests for employment introduces liability that employers do not want.

No. None of this is true.

Neither IQ nor SAT scores correlate with job performance. SAT scores were requested at Google for years. Explicit aptitude tests have been used in the past, and continue to be used. They are quite legal, as long as they are used for their intend use.



Allow me to provide a link from the NY Times article your shared.

The TL;DNR: Nuh-uh!


In the future, you really shouldn't link to dueling articles in an opinion section. It makes this all too easy.

One of those opinions is from a professor of psychology, the other sells test prep services for a living.

SATs are IQ tests? A large portion is math, and the other written language, both taught disciplines. You obviously haven't taken a real IQ test, which is more abstract and has a large portion of spatial geometry type questions.

And isn't one large chunk of the SAT a written language test - that's gong to suck for dyslexic / neurodiverse candidates.

At one point, MENSA would accept a high SAT score as a reasonable proxy for a high IQ.

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