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I have recently gone through interviews in few companies, and in almost all of them I've been skipped the first small technical test. I have a strong online profile [0][1][2] so I was very glad not to have to spend several hours doing some simple fizzbuzz. Don't get me wrong, you could say that I even enjoy doing these small puzzles, but with a fulltime job and trying to select several companies I just didn't want to spend a lot of time on that now and I'm glad they all skipped it.

However, later in the process they all had a more technical test with people. If there was no technical test at all I'd feel the companies didn't know what they were doing and hiring people who didn't know how to code, but if there was too much BS initially I'd feel that they also didn't know that they were doing in the way that they were missing senior devs with many options because they were making it difficult. This just seemed the perfect balance.

[0] https://francisco.io/

[1] https://github.com/franciscop/

[2] https://stackoverflow.com/users/938236

> spend several hours doing some simple fizzbuzz

When I see people mentioning fizzbuzz, it's always to filter out people who really can't program. If you just give me ten minutes to solve a fizzbuzz-like problem, that should be plenty of time for me to solve it given that I do know how to program, and just that single test would be enough to filter out those who don't. I don't see why it would have to take several hours.

Fizzbuzz is an example, I've never seen it on its own. A company doing a pre-screen test would normally put 2-3 small tests, the easiest one fizzbuzz-like, for a total of 1-1.5h.

Multiply that by the number of companies you are interviewing and that can easily be 8-15h in total. I'm glad I didn't have to do that.

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