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Ask HN: What are some new technologies to learn for Mobile Engineering in 2019?
2 points by shreyashirday 31 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Agnostic of Android or iOS, what are some important technologies that you would recommend learning from a pure mobile standpoint? To be clear, I'm not looking for "you should learn backend development"..I'm specifically looking for areas of improvement in Mobile Engineering.

Some examples I can think of are frameworks like Flutter, Progressive Web Apps, and Augmented Reality.

Coming from someone who mostly works on web projects, I am not a huge fan of Flutter or React Native. While they are suitable for simple projects, I think the real value in a mobile engineer is extensive knowledge of the features offered by native platforms. Libraries like those I mentioned remind me of Bootstrap, where there was a period where so many websites were so obviously built with it.

That said, I think progressive web apps have a lot of potential if the native platforms continue to embrace them and expose native functionality.


Now, actually on point with your question, one tool that I fell in love with while learning mobile application development was Fastlane: https://fastlane.tools/ I'd recommend any mobile developer check it out, especially if you have a small team and aren't particularly experienced with distributing applications through mobile app stores.

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